Cancellation Policy

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Help for assessment is a professional academic writing company which aims at being the leading provider of all writing related services. Our writers are experienced scholars with a vast knowledge of various fields of study. Cancellation happens when an order seems impossible to be fulfilled due to time, personnel or technical constraints. There is minimal possibility where an assignment is cancelled no matter how difficult the assignment may seem. However we hold the right to cancel an order due to uncontrollable circumstances. There exists specific measures to ensure the least amount of cancellations per order and compensation for cancelled orders.

Reasons for Order Cancellation

Violation Of Terms & Conditions

The client does not abide by terms and conditions set by Help for assessment, such as following the laid down procedures and payment methods of certain percentages beforehand.

Unanticipated Situatons

An order can be cancelled if any unforeseen situation arises rendering it impossible for delivering on the order. However, we assure our clients that occurence of such case is unlikely.

Tight Deadlines and Writers' Unavailability

Also cancellation happens if we fail to assign an order to suitable writers or unable to meet the time deadline provided in the order (which is very scarce). All writers may be occupied by already-placed orders.

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