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Are you struggling to come up with a complete argumentative essay, you know that persuasive copy that will shock even your college professor? Well, you're not alone. Every day we receive hundreds of requests from students who ask us to help come up with the right approach to piece together the perfect copy.

Of course, we do because we know how stressful a paper of that magnitude can be, it's not your typical essay. The research, composure, and structure consumes most of your time. Simply put, you'll have to sacrifice a huge chunk of your free time just to sit down and come up with a good copy. So ask yourself, at what cost?Before you answer that, let us show you how we will set you up with an essay that fits your description.

Welcome to Help for Assessment

We are a company whose primary focus is to help students, researchers, and professionals with their writing needs. We've been doing this for several years, and we are proud to tell you that we focus on producing consistent results. As such, we've become a leading choice for most people, and you too can hop in and enjoy the rest of the journey with us.

At Help for Assessment, our efforts couldn't be complete without the pair of hands who do the work. Why do we say so? It's because we only hire the best, here you'll find experts with degrees, masters, and even talented writers who have a way with words. An idea is only as good as its presentation. Our writers help you put together the words and bring out the message.

Our services are online, and in that regard, we have a team of dedicated staff who work round the clock to help you get your desired result. From our customer support team to our editors, this group of people work behind the scenes make the magic happen. They are professional and open to any questions you might have. So don’t be afraid to get in touch.

How we Approach your Argumentative Essay

For the best result, we have a unique way that we use to tackle individual pieces. In an argumentative essay, there are three main areas we address. They include:

An introductory Paragraph

Here, we focus on introducing your readers to your topic. We make it attractive and short to capture their attention. It includes a structured thesis explaining your points of argument.

Supporting Paragraphs

We develop distinct yet unified support of your thesis. We analyze both sides of the story because there should always be a positive and a negative side. However, the real gem is our transitional phrases. The objective is to help you glide through the paragraphs with ease. Transitional phrases also make your content long and interactive.

Persuasive Conclusion

Just like an intro that hooks your reader, the closing remark has to be equally good. We create the best scenario to bring your argument to a close, but we do not introduce any new information. We explain how your evidence supports your arguments through the paper; as such, you'll leave a lasting impression.

Reasons to Work With Us

Timely Submissions

A good number of our clients give us enough time to work on their essays, and that's good. However, we understand that it is not always the case, and some of our best clients to date are people who'd like their work done in a few hours.

So if you'd like your essay done in a couple of hours, then we've got you. Our writers are fast, accurate, and reliable.

We Honor Our Privacy Policies

Are you worried that your work, details, or identity might leak online? Don't be; we have the best policy when it comes to your privacy. Our writers are anonymous, and our website is solid proof.

So there's no chance of any private information you share leaks to the public domain. It includes your payment details.

We promise the best grades, or that you'll be the top of your class. We do guarantee top quality work that positions you as a command in your area of expertise.

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Plagiarism Checks

The custom essays we produce undergo a robust process which makes sure that the content is original. Plagiarism is something we take seriously because we know that a simple mistake might ruin your reputation.

Our writers also understand the consequences of copied work, and with our strict guidelines, you'll never have to worry about plagiarism in your work.

Our Revision Policy

In any case, if you might have a couple of ideas that you'd still like us to incorporate in your paper, that's completely fine. All you have to do is order a simple revision, clearly stating the changes you'd like us to make.

A typical revision order takes a few hours or even minutes if the issue is considerably less. So feel free to raise any concerns you might have.

We Have the Best Rates in the Market

In terms of price, we believe we offer the best in our industry. It is because we value you and your well-being is a priority to us. We know that life is demanding, and everything requires some material input.

So to help you save up for some of these costs, we've recently revised our prices and introduced a couple of offers that we're sure you'll love. If it's your first time to order, then you're in for a 25% discount, so take this chance while it still lasts.

Zero Plagiarism Tolerance

We are very strict about copying work, and your assignment goes through a series of checks and tests before we submit it to you. We do this to make sure that the content is 100% original and has no grammatical errors.

We promise the best grades, or that you'll be the top of your class. We do guarantee top quality work that positions you as a command in your area of expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with the best writers in the subject?

So how do you know you have the best writer for your project? Well, we pick the best writer, depending on the information you provide. In any case, you are sure that you have the best candidate; all our writers are the best in their respective fields.

Does Help for Assessment Have Bonus Services?

On top of what you've paid for, the package includes, a free outline, free reference page, free formatting, free advice, and user-friendly website.

Our website design is easy to navigate and organized. There's a section for everything you need. Therefore you don't have to worry about getting lost in all the clutter. Still, on the topic of ease, our order process is the best you'll find.

What if I have Trouble Logging In?

Our online platform is fast and relatively easy to access. So if you find that you have a challenge logging in, here are a few things you should do;

Try clear your cookies- check your cookie settings in your browser and reset

Restart your computer- in some cases; your computer just needs a reboot and your set.

Contact our support staff- If you still have a problem logging in, get in touch with our customer care. You may find that we are probably updating our site for ease of use, and if that's the case, then they'll direct you on how to place your order.


Coming up with an excellent argumentative essay is challenging, and a lot is involved in the details. You probably know that already because you've spent a considerable amount of time staring at that blank page. Don't stress yourself too much, it happens, but to an expert, the ideas flow like clockwork.

So if you've been searching the web for a professional argumentative essay writing service, we're glad to inform you that your search is over. All you have to do is place your order and leave the rest to us. So why not do it now, because time is of the essence.

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