Refund Policy

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Help for assessment aims at being the leading provider of assignment related services. But as human is to error, incases of mistakes or below expectation services, a refund policy is formulated to ensure smooth operations between client and company. In case of a failure to deliver a paper according to delivery policy warrants a refund. Instances where papers are eligible for refund are highlighted below.


When a client receives a failing grade from the paper sent from our end or the paper is plagiarized more than the allowed limit. In cases of plagiarism or dissatisfaction by the client, the client can ask for a rewrite in a given time frame, specifically citing the mistakes for us to work on correcting the mistakes highlighted.

How to claim a refund

Time frame exists for claiming refunds on an order, preferably not later than 7 days after delivery. To claim a refund the client must provide proof of his argument by contacting us through phone or email. Our customer support will review and give feedback on the issue. If the client is not satisfied with a rewrite the money will be refunded back to them after 4-5 business days due to bank procedures.


However, not all papers are eligible for refunds. Note that orders with deadlines of less than 48 hours are not refundable. After a refund, the client is not entitled to use the customized paper as it becomes personal articles of Help for assessment.

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