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Help for Assessment Refund Policy

Help for Assessment has a money back guarantee for every customer who meets the conditions that warrant the guarantee. It’s important to read this refund policy to understand how our agency operates in this area.

Our Priority as an Academic Writing Service

The safety of your transaction, including deposits and refund request is of utmost significance to us. Therefore, we’ve developed a secure refund system and friendly policies that allow you to request for partial or full refund.

Help for Assessment’s refund policy and process is clear, easy to understand, and transparent. Continue reading to understand the instances in which you’re eligible for a refund from our academic writing company.

Refunds for Canceling an Order

Please contact the Help for Assessment’s support team by email or live chat if you would like to cancel an order. Additionally, confirm your intention to cancel an order by sending us a message via the customer dashboard.

We process refunds for cancelling an order based on the following Terms and Conditions:

We do not accept cancelation orders we’ve written and delivered on time. In this case, you’re not liable for a refund, even if the circumstances for making such a request are beyond your control.

You’re eligible for 100% refund if the paper we write and deliver fall below your expectations. However, we reserve the right to invest this such claim should they arise subject to the assignment brief you provide when placing an order. A client cannot ask for refund for a paper written according to their assignment brief based on higher expectations otherwise not stated in the brief.

Refunds for Identical Orders

Please cancel any unnecessary orders as soon as you can so that Help for Assessment doesn’t process them as two or multiple regular orders.

Refunds for Double Payments

Has our system charged you twice for the same order? You can contact us at info@helpforassessment.com for a refund. Your email should include a copy of the two receipts to help facilitate a smooth and swift refund process.

Refunds for Late Deliveries

Contact our support team if you wish to ask for a refund because the writer assigned your order has delayed your paper. Or, you can submit a note on a specific order in your customer account if the deadline has past and you haven’t received your paper yet.

You do not qualify for a refund if the writer works on and delivers the initial version of your paper before the original deadline.

Upon issuing a full refund, the Help for Assessment agency reserves the right to publish the paper on its online platform for commercial purposes. Consequently, the paper may appear on search engines, such as Google and Bing, and link back to our website if someone searches for it online. Furthermore, we’ll ensure the paper is accessible to plagiarism detector such as CopyScape, Grammarly, and Turnitin.

It’s against our policy for a client to request for a refund because of his or her own delay in uploading materials relevant to the assignment they want written.

Refunds for Incomplete Order

Help for Assessment makes every effort to assign your order to a suitable writer. However, there may be instances where doing so is not possible.

Should we fail to find a suitable writer for your subject and topic, we’ll reach out and ask you if there is sufficient time before the deadline to continue searching for a writer. If it’s not so, we guarantee a 100% refund of your money.

Moreover, our dispute resolution specialist will look at your claim in the case where you need a revision by a different writer but we’re unable to find an appropriate expert for your subject or topic.

You have a maximum of 3 days from the delivery of the final version of your paper to request a full refund. Additionally, you have a 3-day window from the date of approval of the initial version of your paper to request a partial refund.

Can I Get a Refund if My Revision Delays?

No, Help for Assessment does not issue refunds for delayed revisions because a revision request is not part of an original order. When filling out the order form, ensure you select the appropriate deadline for your paper. We strongly advise that you leave a 30% gap between your teacher’s deadline and your paper’s due date.

For registered users, personal data is secure by a password. We strongly advise that you do not to share your password with anyone. If using a shared computer, avoid saving login information. Remember to sign out and close your browser after each session.

Such a precautionary measure allows enough time to find flaws in your paper, if any, and fix them before your instructor’s deadline elapses.

Can Help for Assessment Refund Me If I Forget to Approve My Order?

You have a 3-day window to approve your order once the writer has uploaded the completed paper to your customer dashboard. The system automatically approves the order if you fail to review it within the 3-day period.

Once approved, you won’t have access to a cancellation button. You cannot request for revision. Plus, you don’t qualify for a refund for automatically approved papers.

When Will I Receive My Refund?

Give Help for Assessment 3 to 5 business days to process refund requests related to payment issues or order cancellations. For refund request based on the quality of the work, it can take up to a week for your funds to appear in your bank account or credit card.

Please note that certain banks may require additional time to complete the refund. Therefore, there may be delays, particularly due to currency conversions.

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