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Here's the hard, cold truth about many essay-writing services: most of them don't offer the quality they promise on their sales pages. And that sucks, big time. You pay for an essay, wait for days for delivery, but what you get is a paper that below par. Not to mention it's the kind that won' earn you the marks that you need.

But isn't HELP FOR ASSESSMENT an essay writing agency, too?

We are. But we're an academic assistance business with a difference. We put your academic requirements and personal interests first. And we make sure that the essay you get from us exceeds your expectations.

Why You Should Trust Us

We're Transparent

We take your assignment very serious. We understand that in the wrong hands, your reputation is on the line, not to mention ours. For each assignment, we have different professionals who handle it anonymously.

We Have a Reputation

Over the years, we've built a solid online reputation as one of the leading writing service providers for term papers. We offer real-time solutions and have strict guidelines for the timely submission of your work.

We're Professionals

What you'll enjoy most about working with us is we treat you more like a partner than a client but still maintain a high level of professional conduct. Our team of writers offers quality service that'll keep you coming back.

The Benefit of Hiring Us to Write Your Essay for You

First off, HELP FOR ASSESSMENT is an academic writing service that you can trust. Our customers say the content we deliver is epic, and that our professional approach to handling assignments keeps them coming back. In fact, we’ve built a platform that’s easy to use, and delivering quality work is, at the very least, our main policy.

Our customer testimonials alone speak for us. If anything, their four and five-star reviews are enough to give you the confidence that when you click the write my essay for me button, you’ll get the best value for your money.

Talking of value for your money, here’s how you benefit if you decide to work with us:

Original Content

We’ve trained our writers to focus on creating unique content for our customers. We’ll write your essay from scratch. When we must, we use unique writing technologies, like Turnitin, to make sure the essay we write for you is unique. In short, we hate plagiarism as much as you and your instructor do.

Outstanding Quality

What’s really is original content if its quality is missing? Well, you guessed. It’s a waste of your time and money. HELP FOR ASSESSMENT works around the clock to ensure your essay is unique, easy to read, and completely relevant to the topic in question.

Our team includes professional essay writers who have years of experience in writing difefrent types of essays including argumetative essays, extended essays, and IB TOK essays .
So let us do the work for you

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Timely Delivery

They say time is money. We believe time is precious. That makes your deadline our number one priority. When it comes to writing your essay on time, without compromising the quality of the paper, HELP FOR ASSESSMENT is the right service to hire for the job.

24/7 Customer Support

Do you have a question about your essay that you’d like us to discuss? Or maybe you want to know more about HELP FOR ASSESSMENT as an essay writing service? Feel free to send us an email at info@helpforassessment.com. Our customer support team typically replies within two hours.

Free Revisions

Our writing team works so hard to make sure your final essay is epic. The assignment pass on to our editors, who make sure the essay is up to the standard. This means we aren’t leaving room for revision whatsoever. However, if you still feel like you need to make some changes to the assignment, you can contact us for up to 3 revisions at no cost.

100% Confidentiality

We have a privacy policy to protect our customers. We make sure we keep your order information and private information confidential. Unless with your consent, details related to your essay are strictly confidential and kept between you and HELP FOR ASSESSMENT. Check our privacy policy here for more information.

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If you need a different kind of paper, but it doesn’t appear on this list, feel free to contact our support team at info@helpforassessment.com and we’ll get back you within two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my essay completed in time if I choose you to do it for me?

We’re very keen on deadlines. It’s the first thing we look at each time we receive orders from our clients. Depending on when your essay is due, our team of writers will work around the clock to make sure you get your paper in time. We never ask our clients to extend their deadline, as that would be a breach of trust and lack of transparency.

Who exactly writes my essay?

Paying someone to write your essay is one thing. Getting a high-quality essay back is another piece of the puzzle. At HELP FOR ASSESSMENT, we ensure that only experienced writers, who have knowledge in essay writing and the topic in question, write your essay for you. So if you pay our team to write for you, you can be sure to get the best results delivered.

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