Dissertation Topics in Marketing: The Complete List

July 7, 2022

Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Marketing is an art and a science in a proportionate mix, an area that combines a variety of subjects such as business, psychology, and sociology.

Given that marketing is a dynamic filed often subject to numerous changes, there will always be gaps in marketing studies that you have to identify and fill.

And it all starts with choosing the right dissertation topics in marketing.

Unfortunately, thinking of a topic to explore from off the top of your head is often a wrong approach that yields poor results. More often than not, you have to do some research and brainstorming, but that also takes a lot of time.

We’re to help you save time that you would have otherwise have to spend researching your topics by giving you some ideas that you can base your research on right now.

Whether you’re into direct marketing, branding, relationship marketing, consumer psychology, marketing mix, social networks, or online marketing, here are 50+ dissertation topics that you can explore.

20+ Dissertation Topics in Marketing

The following is a list of 50+ marketing dissertation topics that you can start exploring right away:

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding is a body of literature, which examines the approach or strategies that brands can use to pursue competitive advantages.

The primary focus of branding is a business’ promise to its consumer base through effective management, equity, and brand extensions. Some of the topics worth exploring in your dissertation are as follows:

  • How does the relevance of physical and intangible brand values differ across product types?
  • How can social media marketing be used to maintain businesses via innovation?
  • What impact does unethical behavior have on brand image? Shell, Nike, and Starbucks are three examples.
  • Targeting ethnic markets: The instance of Indian food clients in the UK grocery industry
  • A case study approach to using digital tools to promote brand salience.
  • How can businesses utilize smartphone applications to boost brand equity?
  • Do customers truly comprehend a company’s brand values?
  • Using social media marketing to attract clients to small business brands.
  • An investigation into the link between perceived risk and brand equity: A comparison of supermarkets in the United Kingdom.
  • Do leading brands need to offer items that appeal to a diverse range of client segments?
  • What effect does innovation have on customer brand resonance? A case study of hospitality firms having to innovate because to COVID-19.
  • For SMEs, how does product availability effect brand image?

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Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

The primary focus of relationship marketing is to ascertain long-term customer engagement with a business.

Instead of depending on transactional means, businesses invest in means that build customer relationship and loyalty, making this an important area to focus on. Some dissertation topics in this area include:

  • What are the motives and expectations for firms to use loyalty programs to acquire customers in the end?
  • How does Waterstone’s use its online shop and smartphone apps to increase client loyalty?
  • When compared to clients of Amazon.com, how does customer loyalty at Waterstone’s vary when they shop online rather than in-store?
  • In today’s competitive business climate, what are the obstacles for Tesco’s loyalty card scheme?
  • How does the quality of a product effect consumer loyalty in high and low touch products?
  • How does Amazon.com justify charging a premium for its varied assortment of services and products?
  • In the airline sector, are switching fees significant impediments to client retention?
  • How do merchants deal with polygamous behavior among their customers?
  • Can luxury goods companies keep clients from switching by offering a one-of-a-kind collection of services and products?
  • Relationship marketing can be used to attract new customers via social media, but how and why?
  • How much does Café Nero’s app encourage client loyalty?
  • Analyzing the value of personalization and customization in digital relationship marketing in the age of COVID-19.
  • How can businesses use social media to establish customer relationship marketing?

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Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

Direct marketing is all about bringing products and services directly to a wide range of consumers through advertising.

Marketers depend on media such as magazines, newspapers, TV, and radios to create awareness and acquire new customers.

Some direct marketing topics that can fit in a marketing dissertation include:

  • How does the relevance of variables influencing online selling differ by product category in the UK services industry?
  • Do customers understand how to defend themselves from dubious direct marketing practices employed by social media marketing firms?
  • Connecting with clients via SMS and email: Direct marketing has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • Evaluating the efficiency of direct marketing by cosmetics businesses on YouTube.
  • Using social media to minimize the expense of direct marketing: A case study of small businesses in the United States.
  • What are the differences between online and offline prospecting methods?
  • What effect does message length have on the effectiveness of direct marketing messages? A contrast between internet and traditional media.
  • What effects do free online chat rooms have on customers’ reactions to direct sales pitches in social media environments?
  • Is it possible for online marketing to be as effective as a group-oriented instrument as it is as an individual-oriented one?
  • How do Tesco and Body Shop use loyalty programs to market directly to customers?
  • Is it possible to utilize direct internet and social media marketing to establish customer connections, or is it merely a transactional medium for acquiring new consumers in the short term?
  • In an increasingly diversified international selling environment, how does telemarketers’ country (accent) impact client response?
  • Social media marketing as a strategy for targeting premium customers: advantages and disadvantages for small businesses

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Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

In our guide to choosing dissertation topics, we recommend that you focus on the topics that you find interesting to explore. That way, it becomes easier for you to start, focus on, and complete your dissertation project on time.

Here are some interesting topic ideas to explore:

  • What are brand values in digital marketing, and how may they influence customer decisions?
  • Increasing sales by combining online and offline marketing strategies.
  • What are the most essential factors that customers consider before making a purchase?
  • Is family orientation a factor in purchasing decisions?
  • The function of standardization in global marketing.
  • Does innovation have an impact on client retention?
  • How does customization effect sales?
  • How have political marketing tendencies changed over the previous decade?
  • SMS marketing has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • How does market segmentation effect sales channels?

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