Sociology Dissertation Topics: 60+ Examples and Ideas

May 9, 2023

Sociology Dissertation Topics

Singling out the best sociology topic to explore in your dissertation assignment can be quite a challenge at first. So some ideas can go a long way to give you the inspiration you need to get started the right way.

While there are many ideas you can think of from off the top of your head, there’s a high chance some won’t be a good fit. Ideally, you need to choose a topic that allows you to explore existing studies and add current value in the field of psychology. 

There’s often the temptation to choose a psychology topic on the grounds that it’s a hot debate, but that’s a bad approach that can make the project difficult to complete. The right approach is to pick topic that matches your research aptitude and interest.

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Sociology Dissertation Topics

Here are some of the top dissertation topics related to sociology:

Cultural Sociology Dissertation Topics

Cultural sociology is a discipline that analyzes a society’s micro and macro cultures and often focuses on non-material and material culture, values, norms, and beliefs. You’ll have to study ideas and theories of well-known sociologists to understand this area even better. Here are some topics you can explore:

  • Recognizing the good and negative elements of inter subcultural social contact
  • What are the effects of immigrant cultural invasion on indigenous values, customs, and beliefs in the United Kingdom?
  • What are the many subcultures that exist in UK society geographically?
  • Analyzing the cultural gaps in British society.
  • Considering how Max Weber’s methodological approaches might be used to express notions and principles pertinent to current cultural changes.
  • Can Durkheim’s and subsequently the Durkheim school’s views on complete groups in society be utilized to develop a perspective of modern culture?
  • Following the evolving components of counterculture in the United Kingdom.
  • Analyzing the evolving tendencies in UK high culture throughout time.

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Topics in Sociology of Education 

  • Analyzing the structure of the education system in public schools as it relates to socially marginalized youth.
  • Analyzing the national curriculum’s emphasis on sociological results for pupils as opposed to economic outcomes?
  • Do youngsters fail school because of “individual difficulties” or “public issues”: The applicability of C Wright Mills’ theories in today’s UK education system.
  • Should Neoliberalism theory be utilized as a guiding paradigm for UK education?
  • The organization and impact of social advising and counselling in primary schools are being investigated.
  • Examining and determining the methods and changes that a school system may use to close the educational achievement gap for disadvantaged populations.
  • Investigating Marx’s Conflict Theory in Education: Is the UK’s public school system upholding the social status quo?
  • Examining the relationship between a teacher’s motivation and class performance in a public school.
  • The impact of the school environment on children’s perceptions of society at large.
  • Examine the public school environment’s readiness to foster interfaith harmony and understanding among youngsters.
  • Analyzing higher education fee/scholarship policies in relation to class inequality in UK society.

Topics on the Sociology of Religion

  • How have print and electronic media in the United Kingdom shaped public attitudes of various religions?
  • Analyzing the shared religious bases for promoting interfaith cooperation in the United Kingdom.
  • In the United Kingdom, cross-religious views and ideals are compared.
  • Religious ideals and religious standards are binding for members of UK society today in what ways?
  • How has religious spread been influenced by social interaction between persons of diverse religious backgrounds?
  • Identifying the influence of religion on weddings in the United Kingdom.
  • A critical examination of religious organizations in the United Kingdom and their influence on societal structure.
  • Investigating the connection between religion and education as a social institution.
  • Is there a connection between religion and social change?
  • Identifying the relationship between religion and political behavior in the United Kingdom.
  • Should the public realm be kept distinct from the private world, especially when the private sphere is religious for some?
  • Analyzing the relationship between gender and sexual issues as they pertain to various faiths.

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Topics on the Sociology of Marriage and Family

  • Investigating the nature and consequences of residence patterns in UK society.
  • Investigating the intra-household dynamics of child-parent interactions in a typical British home.
  • Marriages in distinct subcultures of the United Kingdom are compared.
  • Historical examination of variations in divorce rates and their underlying factors in UK society.
  • Identifying the societal causes of familial domestic violence.
  • Investigating the effects of familial violence on children.
  • Family variety and stratification: the link to societal inequality
  • Examining the effects of periodic societal change on family structure in the United Kingdom.
  • Analyzing the trend of fertility rates in the United Kingdom and the causes of any changes.

Topics on Economic Sociology

  • Is it possible to apply the communist paradigm to British society? A critical examination.
  • Identifying a UK family’s intra-household economic links.
  • The ‘Deliveroo effect’: What are the societal consequences of the expanding ‘gig economy’?
  • What societal changes resulted from the UK’s economy’s shift from the industrial revolution (capitalism) to the recent informational revolution?
  • Can the informal economy help to drive local socioeconomic development?
  • A comparison of communism and capitalism as economic paradigms, as well as their effects on social hierarchy.
  • An examination of the UK economy in relation to Marx’s criticism of capitalism.
  • A comparison of households with one working parent vs families with both working parents. What are the social consequences of dual employment?
  • What are the societal consequences of growing international labor migration in the United Kingdom?
  • Is there still a social barrier between blue collar and white collar workers in the modern UK economy?
  • What are the most important social elements of consumer spending in the United Kingdom?
  • Are you thinking about the future? Comparing young people’s spending and saving habits to those of their parents and grandparents.
  • What are the consequences of economic downturns on the social standing of secondary labor market members?

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Sociology of Criminology Topics

  • What are the primary socioeconomic causes driving the rise in knife crime in the United Kingdom?
  • Historical examination of the sociological reasons of street and gang violence in the United Kingdom.
  • Is drinking the primary social and behavioral cause of street crime in the United Kingdom?
  • Offenses ‘known’ and documented in police files: The problems with UK crime statistics.
  • Is there evidence of abuse in crime reporting?
  • How does positivism account for the criminal’s control?
  • The state’s intervention and the societal formation of individual criminal behavior
  • Is punishment the only way to deter crime? Investigating social approaches to crime prevention.
  • What are the primary aspects of deviance in contemporary British society?

Dissertation Topics in Industrial Sociology

  • Is there a connection between culturally responsive organizational policy and employee happiness and productivity?
  • What is the normal social structure of a large-scale UK organization?
  • Has a British firm’s social organization influenced macro-level cultural conventions, values, and social status?
  • What are the social dimensions of organizational communication?
  • What distinguishes industrial societies such as the United Kingdom?
  • What are the evolving trends in trade unions’ role in the social well-being of employees in the United Kingdom?
  • What is the relationship between a worker’s motivation and productivity?
  • Workplace motivation and the advantages of employee-selected reward packages

Dissertation Topics in Political Sociology

  • What kinds of democratic dangers develop in society, and how does the state respond to such threats?
  • Is democracy a viable political system in a capitalist society?
  • What are the interconnections between religion and politics as significant social institutions?
  • Is charismatic leadership or the rational-legal paradigm more appropriate in British society?
  • What role and significance do ethnic minorities have in mainstream British power politics?
  • In the British political system, what are the gender dimensions of voting?
  • Political ideology and political principles are learned through culture in what ways and in what ways?
  • How can individuals influence societal social and political events?
  • To what degree do social forces shape power politics in the United Kingdom?

Comparative Sociology Topics

  • A comparative examination of citizens’ well-being. The United Kingdom as a welfare state against Japan’s State Capitalism?
  • Taking care of elderly relatives – Western and Eastern civilizations’ views and approaches compared.
  • Marriage is a social institution in the United Kingdom and India.
  • A study of family structure in the United Kingdom and Russia.
  • Comparative analysis of labor markets and labor market trends in the United Kingdom and China.
  • Comparing the educational systems in the United Kingdom and North America as a social institute for establishing cultural norms
  • Is the United Kingdom preserving its ‘traditional’ culture? Comparing the diffusion of various civilizations inside modern British society.
  • Capitalism vs. Communism: A Comparative Study of Social Inequality
  • Gender issues in the UK and the Middle East are studied in comparison.
  • Comparing sexual equality concerns in religious and non-religious countries
  • A comparison of family units — nations that favor joint paternity/maternity leave vs maternity leave exclusively.


There you have it, a list of 50+ sociology dissertation topics from which you can choose a relevant idea to explore. As always, make sure you get in touch with your instructor for further advice if you ever get stuck.

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