Engineering Dissertation Topics: 30+ Topic Ideas For Inspiration

July 11, 2022

engineering dissertation topics

Are you looking for some engineering dissertation topics but feeling stuck on which ideas to consider? You might find the topic examples shared in this guide helpful.

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30+ Engineering Dissertation Topics

The following is a list of dissertation topics to explore depending on the field of study:

1. Dissertation Topics in Electronics and Communications

There are many topics to explore in electronics and communications, and that’s because of the evolution in electronic communication. Here are some topic ideas to consider: 

  • Frontier science and technology for chemical, biological, and radiological defense, as well as spectral sensing research for water monitoring applications.
  • Nanostructured membranes for biopharmaceutical preparative purification.
  • Creating an embedded communication system for the national grid in order to optimize energy use.
  • High-speed communication circuit design that successfully reduces signal noise.
  • Radiation emitted by integrated circuits and electrical devices
  • An investigation of the many types of mistakes and the creation of an equalization approach to minimize data error rates.
  • Realizing RFID’s potential for supply chain optimization.

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2. Sensors Technology Topics for Dissertation

Sensor technology is getting better by the day, and there’s still need for more research to supplement existing research on the evolution of this technology. Some topics you can explore in this area are as follows:

  • An examination of wind speed and direction sensors in order to optimize wind turbine operations.
  • Micro sensor development for measuring oil flow rate in tanks.
  • Sensors for measuring heat generated by solar panels are being developed.
  • Profiling airflow around big building structures with MEMS.
  • Micro sensor development and deployment for studying blood pressure.
  • LEDs are capable of sensing and adjusting the intensity of light.
  • A pressure sensor for a solar thermal panel was designed and developed.
  • A natural olfactory biosensor is being researched and computationally simulated.
  • Nanotechnology is being used to develop glucose biosensors.

3. Dissertation Topics on Environmental Engineering

Big companies like Google are working around the clock to enhance sustainability. The goal is to improve the overall health of the planet, and to create a sustainable future for everyone by 2030.

Many countries are coming together for this common course and are working to reduce carbon emission. Here are some dissertation topics that could be interesting to look at in this category:

  • In the automobile sector, process improvement strategies are used to detect and eliminate waste.
  • How might voltage reduction devices help businesses save money on electricity?
  • Determine how efficient control methods based on information systems may be implemented to evaluate energy utilization in a machining industry.
  • What are carbon credits, and how can businesses obtain them?
  • Techniques for identifying bottlenecks in the supply chain sector using process mapping.
  • Creating a little gadget to measure a household’s energy use.
  • How may altering burners within furnaces help organizations achieve energy efficiency in the forging industry?
  • Design and development of a method for assessing an energy-intensive company’s carbon index.
  • How may water conductivity probes aid in water quality determination, and how can water be reused?
  • The environmental cost of ‘wind energy,’ often known as green energy.
  • Improving procedures to minimize kWh use and inefficiencies.
  • An examination of compressor operations on a forging site, as well as mapping processes to detect and eliminate energy waste.

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4. Dissertation Topics in Supply Chain Management

The manufacturing business sector can’t get any better without support from supply chain management. That’s why it’s important that it has sufficient support through relevant processes an efficient methods. Here are some topics to consider in this regard:

  • The influence of culture on supply chain industries is being studied, with the goal of identifying characteristics that cause inefficiencies in the supply chain.
  • The supplier connection is critical to the success of just-in-time manufacturing. How can businesses guarantee that transactions go smoothly?
  • Is just-in-time delivery truly valid? Loss measurement as part of the deployment of a just-in-time procedure.
  • How can organizations achieve success by decreasing supply chain bottlenecks?
  • Investigate ways to improve the efficiency of information systems and enable the timely movement of knowledge and information.
  • How can process efficiency be implemented into the production process to decrease waste?
  • The impact of globalization on supply chain engineering and management for major multinational corporations.
  • Analyzing the major aspects in process planning and supply chain optimization for a manufacturing organization.

5. Computer Science Engineering Dissertation Topics

This area of engineering focuses on the elements of networking and programming to understand the knowledge behind the design, management, and implementation of information systems.

Not only doe information system plays a significant role in the operation of companies and organization, but also its management forms a pivotal element for organizations. Here are some dissertation topics that could be a great fit here:

How can organizations guarantee that their information systems are being used successfully in order to preserve process efficiency?

  • The current state of affairs and study on e-waste in the United Kingdom.
  • Conduct research to identify and minimize e-waste through the use of information technology techniques and systems.
  • A comprehensive examination of the role of information technology in increasing productivity and reshaping organizations.
  • A high-level analysis and extensive review of best practices for information technology adoption in modern-day organizations.
  • How can learning organizations affect information system development?
  • The function of risk management in organizational information technology systems.
  • A study of the use of information technology as a tool for long-term competitive advantage.

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6. Electrical Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Investigate, design, and implement techniques to guarantee that electrical machines consume as little energy as possible.
  • Investigate transformer losses in order to decrease energy loss.
  • Integration of smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks for real-time data access.
  • Installation of a control system to monitor compressor process consumption.
  • A thorough examination and exploration of the major difficulties and challenges confronting rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Investigate metering strategies for control and efficiency.
  • Investigate the application of smart metering ideas to ensure the effective usage of power.
  • Creating efficient techniques and systems for pay-as-you-go charging for electric automobiles.
  • Development of a method to investigate motor efficiency in order to minimize kWh consumption

7. Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Creating a waste reduction plan in order to reach sustainable principles
  • Investigate the development of remote sensing applications to aid in the development of sustainable building approaches.
  • A high-level examination of the challenges to and drivers of sustainable building in underdeveloped nations
  • The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of sustainability ideas on organizational growth and development.
  • High-level strategies, best-practice recommendations, and approaches for sustainable building.

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