Management Dissertation Topics: 30+ Ideas To Get You Started

July 11, 2022

management dissertation topics

Every Ph.D. student taking a management course wants to write the best dissertation in the subject, but only few ever manage to complete the project on time. For many students, the most difficult part of the process is choosing the best management dissertation topics.

Fortunately, there are topic ideas that you can either explore or use as inspiration. In this guide, we give you 40+ suggestions from which you can single out a topic to cover in your dissertation assignment.

The most important thing to keep in mind when going through this list is to single out a topic you believe is relevant, interesting, and current in management. Notably, once you single out a topic that falls into these three criteria, you’ll have a solid foundation for your research.

30+ Management Dissertation Topics

The following is a list of management dissertation topics based on the different areas of management:

1. Organizational Behavior Dissertation Topics

  • The significance of people management, work-life balance, and retention methods in the hotel business.
  • A case study of RBS’s organizational tactics for increasing competitive strategy in the UK market.
  • How can businesses encourage ethical and corporate citizenship behaviors?
  • How can Sainsbury’s compete successfully with Tesco in its product portfolio’s food and non-food categories?
  • How might big data’s present evolution be used to influence organizational behavior in the retail sector?
  • How have recent technological improvements changed organizational behavior in the banking industry?
  • The global financial services industry: assessing the organizational reforms necessary to increase profitability.
  • What organizational elements influence favorable organizational reviews in the retail sector?
  • Can Tesco build on the success of its Fresh & Easy brand in the United States?
  • How can easyJet retain its profitability and market dominance in the low-cost airline industry?

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2. Management Information Systems Dissertation Topics

  • Evaluating the Information System management approach and its relevance in improving business operations.
  • How can businesses leverage management information systems to gain a competitive advantage in its reward card offering?
  • What are the most important prerequisites for creating a commercially advantageous management information system?
  • Evaluating the ramifications of social media use in online travel information search.
  • How does the installation of management information systems fit into the firm’s resource-based perspective?
  • The use of management information systems in optimizing Rentokil Initial’s operations.
  • How does British Airways’ usage of management information systems compare to competitors?
  • Management information systems may be most effectively used in which organizational activities and systems by financial services firms?
  • How can RBS utilize management information systems to better manage the integration of ABN Amro and expand its retail client base?
  • Using management information systems to boost customer relationships.
  • How can British Airways improve its use of management information systems to overcome organizational flaws?
  • The influence of organizational culture on management information system adoption.
  • How can Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy utilize management information systems to govern their joint venture and gain market dominance in Europe?

3. Leadership Dissertation Topics

  • How can Huawei Technologies’ management boost employee engagement as a motivator?
  • How can businesses handle leadership transitions while yet ensuring continual performance improvement? Morrison’s Case Study following Sir Ken Morrison’s retirement.
  • Organizational leadership theory and its application in organizational performance.
  • Do the leadership models used by organizations have an impact on their market performance?
  • How can leaders persuade employees to improve their organizational performance in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the market?
  • A thorough examination of transformative leadership approaches aimed at overcoming organizational issues.
  • Considering the prerequisites for the incoming UBS leadership in restoring the firm’s performance?
  • Evaluate Tesco’s US format leadership and those of its competitors in the US. A method of comparison.
  • An empirical research on how RBS and ABN Amro may capitalize on their present leadership?
  • How might leadership affect a company’s competitiveness in the twenty-first century? Rentokil Case Study
  • British Airways (BA) Case study on how to create future leaders in order to fulfill organizational goals and ensure long-term sustainability.

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4. Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics

  • What are the primary advantages that knowledge management capacity may provide to organizations?
  • How does Sainsbury’s match Tesco’s knowledge management competency and develop its competence?
  • An assessment of how an organization may implement a knowledge management approach throughout its operations. Rentokil Case Study is an example of a case study.
  • An examination of Tesco’s knowledge management skills in comparison to its peer group.
  • A case study of British Airways demonstrates how organizations may learn from their missteps in resolving consumer complaints.
  • How will Sainsbury’s use the data gleaned from their Nectar rewards program?
  • Through knowledge management, organizations can maintain their performance in an age of technological innovation.
  • A case study of Huawei on the implementation of knowledge management in technology enterprises.
  • An investigation on the influence of knowledge management on business integration. A case study of the merging of ABN Amro and RBS.
  • A review of the primary areas in which the Barclays Group may use knowledge management.
  • The importance of managerial expertise in fostering organizational performance in the UK retail industry.
  • A study of how an organization might use knowledge management to become a market leader. Tesco as a Case Study
  • A comparison of British Airways’ and its peer group’s knowledge management capacity.
  • Challenges of building an organizational knowledge management framework in the context of organizational management.

5. Organizational Culture Dissertation Topics

  • How can Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy combine their organizational cultures while retaining the best of both?
  • A comparison between Tesco’s organizational culture with that of its competitors. (Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s)
  • Rentokil’s methods for developing a new organizational culture.
  • An assessment on how to manage organizational culture following a joint venture: Carphone Warehouse Best Buy is a case study.
  • Conflicts originating from differences between Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy’s organizational cultures?
  • The link between new management and organizational cultural transformation. Rentokil is a case study.
  • Organizational culture has an impact on the leadership techniques used in organizational management.
  • Evaluating the changes in Northern Rock’s corporate culture in reaction to the firm’s share price swings.
  • The effect of organizational culture on Tesco-UK performance.
  • Which components of ABN Amro’s culture should be preserved and incorporated into the RBS organizational culture?
  • An inquiry of how organizations may use organizational culture to their advantage: (Case Study: Tesco)
  • How can Sainsbury’s create an organizational culture that rivals Tesco’s?
  • A method for developing a strong organizational culture in organizations. (A Sainsbury’s case study)
  • The impact of organizational culture on the new management team’s implementation. (Rentokil).

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