Pay For An Essay Online: What You Need To Know Before Buying

November 4, 2021

Why Pay For An Essay Online

Why would you, as a student, pay for an essay online? Is it even possible? If so, is it safe, reliable, and effective?

These are some of the questions that run the minds of many students when faced with the prospect of paying expert to write their assignments for them.

Students today are the most misunderstood lot ever. That is because of how fast society is changing and how the life of a modern student has become.

It’s not uncommon to find college and even high school students working two jobs or more to make do.

For many others, the school experience of crammed schedules, conflicting social life, and alternative life goals make it almost impossible to align themselves with common expectations.

What we’re saying in so many words, is that we understand it’s tough being a student. 

We're Here to Help!

At Help for Assessment, we are a large team of academic writing experts who deal with high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate level assignments and projects of all kinds. 

Why Students Are Paying For Education Essays

Are you looking for someone who will write your essay for you Thousands of students all over the world are in a similar predicament.

There are many reasons why students, especially in the most developed countries, are looking for top essay writers to do their essay assignments or check how good their essay is.

1. They Don't Have Time To Write

The most common problem is that students have too much coursework and assignments to do that they end up getting overwhelmed.

There is only so much you can do within 24 hours, even after you completely sacrifice your social life.

Many valedictorians end up regretting losing an important part of their lives to school because that’s a part that is gone forever.

2. School/Work/Social Life Balance

School has become so expensive that even with student loans, grants, and scholarships, many students still need to work their way through school.

It’s unfortunate that something as basic as food and shelter would compromise on the school experience, but that’s the way it is.

If you have to work one, two, or even three jobs to get by, it’s a no-brainer that you will either be too exhausted or won’t find the time for school work.

For many others, it’s a conflict with social life while in college. We get it that you want to live life to the full - who doesn’t? It’s OK to attend concerts, go for nights out, travel, hang out with friends, game with friends, and all other kinds of fun.

What’s not cool, though, is letting your academics suffer for it. We at Help for Assessment will help you reach a sweet compromise by handling your grades for you while you work and have fun.

3. Tough Assignments And Projects

This is another very common problem with top schools and curriculums, such as the IB Diploma courses. The assignments, projects, and essays given are so technical, tough, or complex that you simply can’t do it, no matter how much you try. 

Many times, the fault lies squarely with the instructor. They give unclear instructions or even assign something that is beyond your level.

In other cases, it is because the student skipped the lesson or texted, slept, and browsed all through it. In either case, the problem is the same: you simply can’t do the assignment.

Luckily for you, top companies like Help for Assessment will write any essay for you. When you need a complex project such as a thesis, capstone project, dissertation, IB extended essay, theory of knowledge essay (TOK), and many others that are known to make students shiver in fear.

Our writers are professors, Masters and Ph.D. holders, and honorary students skilled and experienced in handling all levels of assignments and projects.

4. Non-Native English Speakers

Some of the students we work with are actually top-grade students, just not very good in English.

This happens a lot with non-native English speakers who have to write college applications, do international curriculums such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), or who are in English-speaking schools.

For such students, it doesn't really matter how expert they are at their subjects if they can’t express themselves clearly. There are two options for such:

  • Write the essay assignments themselves and let native English experts like us correct and countercheck - those with a good grasp of English often write essays and then request us to review their essay. We then fact-check, correct, and rewrite their essay for them to ensure top quality.
  • Write an essay from scratch - We develop your assignment from scratch, research, cite, and revise, all done organically. 

5. High Stakes

The world is still obsessed with top academic achievers. It seems they get a “get out of jail free” card into and out of many circumstances. Got an A? Your dream life just got so much easier!

  • You get to pursue the career of your choice and your passions e.g, technology, science, etc.
  • You work with Fortune-500 companies earning fat salaries.
    You gain respect and deference in community, even from the law.
  • Beautiful women love you.
  • The opportunity to experience the world at a whole different level - travel, retire early, shape government policy, name it.

This makes school a high-stakes game that you simply cannot afford to lose.

Whether you feel your academic prowess to be sub-par or not, you cannot take chances with some of the most significant essays, projects, and assignments.

Discerning students recognize when it is time to let experts handle some of their important assignments.

With experience and skill, we have the cheat sheet to top grades and can guarantee you the academic success you have always wished for.

6. Deadlines

Imagine this:

You finish a big 10-page essay, and get another one handed right back. At the same time, you have Math waiting, literature books to read, lessons to watch, and so much more.

Deadlines creep up and you’re helpless to do anything.

Sometimes, you were just so occupied with something that you suddenly realize that an essay is due in 48 hours!

Don’t despair in such times as this: when you want an urgent essay written for you, we’re the guys to do it.

Help for Assessment has expert writers round the clock waiting to meet your deadline, or you get your money back. You essentially go from chasing deadlines to setting them.

How Does Pay For An Essay Writing Service Work? 

What we have just explored is the demand part of the business relationship between students and companies that get essays done for you.

The supply - that’s us - meets this need in various ways. It’s all very simple, really.

1. Look For An Essay Writing Service

One lady tells of how, after a particularly grueling night trying to complete an assignment with the deadline coming closer, she tweeted her frustration and got a massive response.

That’s how a kind soul offered to do it for her at a fee, and she got that breath of fresh air that she needed so much.

Now that you’re already here and reading this, you are in a much better position because you have the entire team at Help for Assessment at your disposal.

At any one time, you can give us your order, set a deadline and have it delivered well before your submission deadline, all without losing any sleep or social event.

2. Choose The Right Essay Writing Website

use consistent essay company

Determine if the service is right for you. Needless to say, you need to make sure that the service you choose is the right one for you.

The writers need to be top-notch, responsive, and friendly. The company needs to assure you 100% confidentiality, and the pricing needs to be student-friendly.

There are many more factors that go into this part, depending on the essay writing service you want. We’ll review them a little later.

3. Give Your Order Details

The most important part is placing your order and making sure to give as many details as you can. That means any specific instructions by your instructor.

If possible, we always recommend uploading images or documents as given to let us exactly what the assignment requires.

4. Make Your Payment

Once you have your order details down, you will get a custom quotation. You will be prompted to pay for an essay either through cards or other popular online payments.

Like most other teams that help you write your essay, we cost our work per page of work.

It depends on the deadline, the type of essay desired, the formatting requested, the level of writer requested, and many other factors.

5. Your Assignment Is Ready For Download

All reliable and trustworthy websites that write essays will work hard to make sure that your essay is submitted to you well before the deadline so that you have time to review it and submit to the instructor.

The essay is usually sent in the form of a document just like most schools request.

And, unlike those essay mills you're used to, we take care of even the document metadata to ensure nothing in it gives you away to modern scanning tools your school may use. 

How to Choose the Best Write for Me Essay Services

There are several ways to find someone to do an essay assignment for you.

1. One on one writers

Like the student mentioned above, this involves contacting someone directly and having them write your essay. It offers a greater level of control, however, it’s the most risky.

The person will have your personal details and can expose you at any moment. Some even go as far as blackmailing their clients far into the future, at the risk of having entire careers destroyed.

A reliable, trustworthy company like Help for Assessment uses the latest security software and protocols to ensure 100% anonymity and security.

From your personal information, payment, and submission, we keep everything under lock and key and make sure it’s unsearchable online.

2. Cheap Essay Writing Services 

Third-rate essay writing companies claim the ability to help you with your assignment only to send you gibberish.

Sometimes the work is so poor it is unintelligible, or otherwise outright plagiarized. When you start demanding for revisions or to have your money returned, they even start blackmailing and threatening you.

Despite how cheap they are, it’s a no-win situation, one which can discourage most students and leave them in an even worse position.

As you can imagine, those who offer to write your essay for free are scammers not even worth risking.

3. Established, Expensive Writing Services 

At the other end of the spectrum lies the true giants of professional academic writing. These companies are so well-known that they even make a physical presence in schools and send out flyers on campuses.

The question is, can you meet their cost? They often charge top-dollar and recruit thousands of writers from all over the world, which makes quality control, anonymity, and security almost non-existent.

However, they are the first suspects when hackers and blackmail threats are involved.

Then, there’s us - what makes Help for Assessment so unique is that we’re a lean but powerful team of individually vetted and approved writers with the best academic credentials.

Even better, all our writers are conversant with English as their first language, which means you get exactly what your instructor expects.

Above all, we take our clients very seriously. Everything from communications to payments and essay submission are completely anonymized, and we make sure to check every assignment for quality. Our marketing model is “tell your friend to tell a friend” which means that we are always under an obligation to take good care of you and protect our reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will I pay for my essay?

The price of an essay ranges between $15 per page to over $40 per page, depending on various factors such as the type of essay, the level of writer you want, the formatting, and many other factors.

Multiply that by the number of pages and you know how much to pay for your essay. Different companies will write an essay for you at different rates, so you should make sure to get the best deal and quality services.

At Help for Assessment, we get you the best deals in the industry.

2. Is your service trustworthy?

Yes! At Help for Assessment, we understand that our business relationship is built primarily on trust, and we are keen to maintain it and make sure that you’re happy and can tell your friends about us.

We assure you of quality, timely, original work and will refund your money if we at all breach our service agreement.

3. Is it plagiarism if I pay someone to write my essay?

No. When we write an essay for you, it is meant to serve as a guideline to help you become better at your own writing, not to be passed off as your own.

This means that our work is not plagiarism at all, but professional academic help with your essay.

4. How long does it take to write an essay?

It can take anywhere from 5 hours to more than 40 hours to write a good 5-page essay.

Longer essays take more time, and vice versa. It also depends on many factors such as how complex the essay is, availability of research material, the level of writing required, and many more.

We will usually tell you how long it will take our expert writers to do your essay. If you have super tight deadlines, you can request for an expedited service at a little extra cost. In either case, Help for Assessment always delivers your essay before the deadline.

5. How safe is it to pay someone to write my essay?

It is safe to trust an established online essay writing website like Help for Assessment because we’re a formal, professional business bound by our policy, guidelines, and terms of service.

Our security and confidentiality protocols are top notch, which means that you can always trust us to keep your details safe and we're trustworthy and reliable enough or you to trust us. 

However, you should tread very carefully with other online essay writing services as their efficacy and security cannot be vouched for. This is especially true with one-on-one services, where some writers have been known to blackmail clients.

6. Is it illegal to buy an essay online?

No. It is not illegal to buy an essay or contract online help with your assignment or essay, so long as you don’t pass off the work as your own in school.

These services are meant to help you get better in your school work and free you to excel in various other things. Thus, buying an essay online is perfectly legal and a good solution for students who are overwhelmed with their work.

7. Can you write an essay for me free?

You can get an essay written for you free if you look hard enough. However, any cheap and free essay writing services will ultimately prove more expensive in terms of security, confidentiality, and quality.

We strongly advise that you opt for our very affordable and student friendly essay writing services offered here at Help for Assessment.

8. Where can I pay for someone to write my essay?

Help for Assessment is the top website that will write your essay for you at very affordable prices.

Our services are impeccable with a commitment to quality, authenticity, timeliness, and thoroughness. All you need to do is leave us your order for an essay and we will start working on it immediately!

9. How do I pay for an essay online?

You pay for your essay using a credit card, debit card, or other online payment services such as Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill, among others. Here at Help for Assessment, we accept all forms of verifiable online payments.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of every transaction so that you are safe whenever you pay for your essay.

10. Which is the best company to write an essay for me?

Help for Assessment is without doubt the best company to write your essay for you.

Our services are top notch with free orders, free outlines, free revisions, and direct interaction with your writer so that you can keep in touch about the progress of your essay.

We are the only online essay writing website you can trust to deliver quality work, on time, securely, every time.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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