Is Help for Assessment a Scam? What You Need To Know Right Now

October 6, 2021

is help for assessment a scam

You’ve searched for an academic writing service on Google, landed on Help for Assessment, read more about us, and looked at the list of services we provide. 

Everything looks good so far.

However, you know that we are not the only service providers in the industry. So you immediately begin to question our authenticity because you aren’t sure if we can give you the value for your money.


You’ve probably tried many writing services than you ever thought you would, and maybe you’ve never found a service you can fully trust with your research paper, dissertation, case studies, or essay writing assignments. 

With many services promising to deliver high quality papers, at affordable price and on time, how is Help for Assessment any different? Are we the reliable academic writing service that we claim to be? Or is Help for Assessment a scam? 

Is Help for Assessment a Scam or Legit? 

online scam

Help for Assessment is not a fraud business. We’re a legitimate and reliable academic writing service established to help students, like yourself, to not only understand their assignments but also get their papers submitted in time. 

Instead of promising you what we can’t deliver, we tell you upfront what to expect from our academic writing service.

Rather than putting forward the claim that we stick to deadlines better than other academic writing services do, we work around the clock to deliver your paper before your deadline expires so that you can submit it to your instructor on time.

We love to walk the talk, and that makes us a service you can trust.

About Help for Assessment 


It’s Tony here.

About 5 years ago, my team and I came together to start an academic writing service with one simple goal.

We wanted to help students who are struggling with their assignments to grasp concepts taught in their schools, develop the confidence to handle tough assignments, write their papers using the right tone, and submit the assignments to their instructors on time.

From the time we built the foundation of our agency to this moment, we’ve helped hundreds of students from all over the world do two things perfectly:

  • Search for relevant and up-to-date writing materials and develop a content plan that meets academic writing standards
  • Complete all kinds of papers, deliver them within the deadline, and submit to instructors on time.

Help for Assessment is by far the most affordable academic writing service on the internet that promises high quality work and delivers based on that guarantee.

Is Help for Assessment a Scam or Is It Different from Other Companies?

At Help for Assessment, our writing process is thorough and precise, and our mission is to see you succeed in your academics.

And if you’re looking for one reason not to trust us, how about we give you seven to engage and get you working with us?

1. We’re a Real Company, with Real People 

Help for Assessment is well established writing agency with real people behind it.

Our programmers develop the system to ensure it’s up to code.

Our in-house writers update our blog to give you tips you can use to write killer essays. Our academic writing team is always alert to work on your paper and deliver it to you on time.

2. We Have a Professional Editorial Team 

We have one of the well-trained editorial team that works hard to ensure we never miss deadline.

The team ensures the information included in your assignment is up to date and the quality of the paper is up to the expected standards.

Plus, if you have an issue with a paper that we send to you, all you have to do is to talk to our support team. They’ll forward your request to the editorial group and we’ll get your paper fixed in the shortest time possible.

3. We Have a Well-Built Platform, Secured by SSL Certificate 

I’ll be honest with you on this one:

Help for Assessment took hours of work and thousands of dollars in investment to make it what it is today.

We’ve spent a lot of time testing and comparing hundreds of systems in the same niche. In the end, our technical team came up with an easy to use, secure, and user-friendly platform that you can start using right now.

How it works is simple. In fact, we’ve made the ordering steps as short as possible so you don’t have to go through so many unnecessary steps to complete the ordering process. 

4. We Have the Most Competitive Pricing Plan 

I stated earlier that we’re the most affordable service on the internet right now. We want to make sure that every student profits from our experience, even if they’re under a very tight budget.

Plus, it doesn’t matter whether your topic is simple or difficult, you will get the help you need to understand the assignment, which is by using the paper we submit to you either as draft or reference material.

5. We Ensure Timely Deliveries 

Time is always a big factor when it comes to academic writing, and it’s something my team and I take seriously.

We know that getting quality content is one thing, but if you receive your paper late, then it’s all good for nothing. 

At Help for Assessment, we submit your paper at least 5 hours before the deadline you set expires. This ensures you have enough time to review the piece

6. Free Formatting, Unlimited Amendments, and a Fair Revision Policy 

Our editorial team works hard to make sure you get the highest quality paper possible.

For what it’s worth, our research, writing, and proofreading effort ensure you get the best paper the first time. That, though, doesn’t evade the fact that you may need revisions. Changes are always necessary when you feel like they are.

As such, we make sure that we revise your work and send it back to you on time. However, the devil is in the detail as far as revision is concerned.

To set the record straight, our team takes up to 12 hours to revise your paper. This ensures we have enough time to look into your issue and revise your document.

Second and this is very important, we only accept to do free revisions for the ones requested within 2 weeks. To protect you and us, any revision requested after 14 days will attract a fee of the discussed amount. 

7. We Provide Free Samples 

In the spirit of ensuring uniqueness and provision of a service that stands out, Help for Assessment provides its custom-written samples that you can read to determine if we’re fit to work with.

Help for Assessment is not a scam because we’ll never ask you to place an order against your will. 

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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