Religion Essay Topics: 40+ Interesting Ideas to Explore

December 8, 2023

religion essay topics

There nothing more complicated under the sun than religion. It’s a system of belief packed with controversies, differing opinions, and thousands of questions about human origin and the meaning of life. Let’s not even get started on the fact that religion has been and continues to be a driver of ethnic disputes and endless wars between nations.

As confusing and sensitive as it is, religion opens up an opportunity to explore different topics, even in your essay assignment. From the existence of God and proof of a deity to the concepts of love and harmony in human existence, there’s no limit to what you can write about religion. You just have to find a topic that fascinates you and start working on it.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a topic that you can explore objectively without a stint of bias or emotional attachment.
  • Remember, religion is a controversial subject that requires the use of appropriate language that sounds fair and respectful.

Best Religion Essay Topics

The following is a list of 50+ topic ideas that you may find interesting to explore in your religion essay assignments:

Christianity Essay Topics

  1. How Christian perspectives on same-sex relationships has evolved over time
  2. The concept of salvation, as well as how it differs among various Christian denominations
  3. Progress made regarding the role of women in leadership positions within Christian communities
  4. Ways Christian traditions have influenced and shaped Western literature throughout history
  5. How globalization has affected the formation and maintenance of Christian identity worldwide
  6. How does Christianity intersect with and contribute to various social justice movements?
  7. What were the lasting effects of the Protestant Reformation on the diversity and structure of Christianity?
  8. The theological perspectives on suffering within Christian traditions
  9. How the historical relationship between Christianity and science has evolved
  10. What aspects of Christian values remain relevant and essential in addressing modern societal challenges?
  11. Has the Bible served as the cornerstone for shaping and informing Christian theology throughout history?

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Society and Religion Topics

  1. How religion has historically influenced and shaped cultural norms across different societies
  2. What transformations have occurred within religious institutions due to the rise of secularism?
  3. How religion has played a role in various social justice movements throughout history and in contemporary times
  4. The dynamics and consequences of the intersection between religion and politics in today’s society
  5. How globalization has affected the diversity of religions and belief systems worldwide
  6. In what ways has technology affected religious practices and rituals in the modern era?
  7. Does religion generally promote or hinder efforts toward achieving gender equality, and why?
  8. How does religion affect educational systems and curriculum development?
  9. What are the challenges and opportunities posed by religious pluralism for fostering interfaith dialogue?
  10. What societal impacts emerge from religious fundamentalism in various parts of the world?
  11. How does religion influence mental health perceptions and treatments within different cultures?
  12. To what extent do religious beliefs shape attitudes and actions towards environmental sustainability?
  13. How have religious traditions influenced healthcare practices and medical ethics across different societies?

World Religion Essay Topics

  1. How do various world religions conceptualize the afterlife?
  2. Roles that prayer and meditation play across different world religions
  3. How religion has entangled with or contributed to instances of violence throughout history
  4. The ways in which globalization has affected the diversity and interactions of different religious beliefs and practices
  5. The portrayals of women within the narratives and teachings of various world religions
  6. How Eastern religions have influenced and contributed to the development of spiritual thought in Western societies?
  7. The significance of prophets and messengers within different world religions
  8. How does the concept of karma manifest differently in Hinduism and Buddhism
  9. Tracing the evolution and changes in religious beliefs and practices across different historical periods
  10. How monotheistic and polytheistic religions differ in their approaches to spirituality and understanding of the divine
  11. What impacts did colonization have on the indigenous religious traditions of different cultures?
  12. How world religions inspired or influenced artistic and architectural expressions throughout history

Islamic Religion Topics

  1. How has the rich history of Islamic civilizations contributed to global culture and knowledge?
  2. What fundamental changes might we anticipate in the world if Islam had not existed throughout history?
  3. How the West shaped and created an image of Islam
  4. The nature and extent of Islam’s influence on political structures and governance in various regions
  5. How we can redefine and perceive a woman’s role within Islamic teachings and practices
  6. Challenges that arise in integrating Islamic legal principles into modern legal systems
  7. Prevalent prejudices and misunderstandings exist about Islam and the way they affect societal perceptions
  8. Is there an inherent connection between Islam and traditionalism?

Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does doctrinal competency influence religious practice and belief systems within various faiths?
  2. Should we consider abortion as permissible or is it an evil practice from a religions and legal perspective?
  3. Are there core beliefs and practices in the world’s major faiths?
  4. Is situation ethics necessary to uphold a moral code in modern society, and what implications does it have?
  5. Does the concept of rebirth resonate and evolve within contemporary societies?
  6. Are there any reliable religious perspectives on the moral and ethical considerations surrounding abortion?
  7. Is there evidence that Martin Luther really leave the Catholic Church?
  8. Is adversity and pain across religious teachings and cultures?
  9. Women should not hold any role within religious congregations.
  10. What societal, cultural, and individual factors contribute to the emergence and spread of new religions?
  11. How relevant is Zoroastrianism in addressing contemporary environmental issues?
  12. Explore and analyze non-theistic world faiths and their core principles.
  13. How do various world religions reconcile their beliefs with scientific advancements in the modern era?
  14. What perspectives do different religions hold regarding LGBTQ individuals, and how do these views vary globally?

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