25+ Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics to Get You Started

May 31, 2023

controversial argumentative essay topics

Controversial topics are usually so sensitive that very few people would ever develop the courage to talk about them.

If you think about it, though, issues such as racism, gender orientation, political divides, and abortion touch on the very foundation of our humanity. As such, writing an argumentative essay on a controversial topic can be worth it – as long as the material you produce is educational rather than provocative.

Let’s look at some of the topics that would be suitable for your next essay.

Key Takeaways

  • Controversial argumentative essays tend to be so sensitive, but they can also raise curiosity, communicate a new message, and teach important lessons.
  • It’s important to use an all-inclusive approach when writing this type of an essay.
  • Your language should be neutral. You can talk about issues such as sex, race, politics, and abortion without annoying your readers.

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50 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

The following are 20+ controversial argumentative essay topics that you might find worth exploring in your next assignment:

Ethics and Morality

  1. Is animal testing ethical or necessary for scientific progress?
  2. Is the death penalty an effective and just punishment for serious crimes?
  3. Is religion a cause of violence or should we uphold it as a force for peace and harmony?
  4. Should we fight for the legalization of euthanasia or is it morally wrong to end a life prematurely?
  5. Is human cloning ethical or does it pose a threat to human dignity and morality?
  6. Are animals entitled to rights, and if so, to what extent?
  7. Is assisted suicide morally justifiable, or is it a violation of the sanctity of life?

Politics and Government

  1. Should the government have a role in regulating personal freedoms? 
  2. Individuals should not expect 100% digital privacy because the government doesn’t have protective measures in place.
  3. Should gun ownership be restricted or expanded, and what impact does it have on public safety?
  4. The government should impose censorship to protect social and moral values.
  5. Should the government provide healthcare to all citizens, or is it the responsibility of individuals and the private sector?
  6. Hate speech should not have protection under the First Amendment and therefore banned as a way to protect marginalized communities?
  7. Should prisoners have the right to vote or should they forfeit their rights as punishment for their crimes?
  8. Is income tax fair and necessary to support government services? 
  9. Is net neutrality necessary to ensure a fair and open internet or does it infringe the rights of internet service providers?

Technology and Society

  1. Do violent video games cause real-life violence, or are they just a form of entertainment?
  2. Do social media have a positive or negative impact on mental health?
  3. Is artificial intelligence a threat to human autonomy, or does it offer opportunities for progress and innovation?
  4. How does fast food affect health, and what policies should we implement to promote healthy eating habits?
  5. How does automation affect the job market, and what steps should be taken to address the impact on employment?
  6. How does social media affect relationships, and what steps can be taken to promote healthy and meaningful connections?

Environment and Sustainability

  1. How does climate change affect the planet, and what actions should we take to mitigate its impact?
  2. How does plastic pollution affect the environment, and what measures should be taken to reduce it?
  3. How does overpopulation affect the environment, and what strategies can we used to prevent or mitigate its negative effects?
  4. How does colonialism affect indigenous cultures and what should we do to address the legacy of colonialism?

Education Controversial Essay Topics

  1. Is homeschooling a viable alternative to traditional schooling, or does it hinder socialization and academic growth?
  2. How has the internet transformed education?
  3. Should college education be free or is college a privilege that we should earn through hard work and merit?
  4. Is standardized testing an accurate measure of student learning, or does it create undue stress and pressure on students and teachers?
  5. Should we segregate schools by gender or is coeducation the better option?
  6. Is affirmative action necessary to promote diversity and address past discrimination, or does it perpetuate a system of reverse discrimination?
  7. Should we campaign for the abolishment of zoos? Or do they serve an important role in conservation and education?
  8. Should college athletes make money from their services or is a scholarship sufficient compensation for their contributions to their schools?

Controversial Essay Topics on Health and Wellness

  1. Should we legalize marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational purposes or should it remain an illegal drug?
  2. Should vaccines be mandatory for all children or should parents have the right to choose whether to vaccinate their children?  
  3. Does income inequality affect society?
  4. Should there be such thing as universal healthcare? Or is it too costly and impractical?
  5. Is obesity a personal responsibility or is being fat a societal issue that requires government intervention?
  6. Should alternative medicine be legal, or is it potentially harmful and misleading?
  7. How does mental illness stigma affect society, and what steps can we take to reduce it?
  8. 50. Is there a link between diet and mental health, and if so, what can be done to promote a healthy diet and reduce the risk of mental illness?

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