Persuasive Essay Topics: 30+ Interesting Ideas to Explore

December 8, 2023

persuasive essay topics

You can come up with a list of tens, if not hundreds, of persuasive essay topics in under 60 minutes, but you can only make your paper stand out if you focus on something interesting. So if you’re looking at a blank paper right now, the ideas below can get you started with brainstorming.

To be clear, a persuasive essay is NOT an argumentative paper. This assignment doesn’t require you to choose a position and equally discuss an alternative view. Instead, your goal is to convince your reader or audience that your position and arguments are more believable.

In other words, you have to choose one side of an issue and use evidence and reason to defend it. It’s as simple as that.

Key Takeaways

  • Conduct preliminary research to ensure your topic has primary, secondary, and even tertiary sources for reference.
  • The topic should not only be interesting but also something you understand, so you can write well and fast.
  • Keep your readers in mind. If you feel like a topic won’t raise eyebrows and spark curiosity, go for something else.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics

The following is a list of topics and ideas for your next persuasive essay:

History Topics

  1. How modern society can address and actively combat the resurgence of child labor in various regions worldwide
  2. How we can reassess and acknowledge the profound impact of colonialism on the cultures and identities of indigenous communities
  3. Exploring marginalized perspectives is imperative in understanding the full scope of historical events and their impact on societies
  4. Specific lessons from World War II that today’s global community should prioritize in order to shape a more peaceful future
  5. Why the preservation of historical sites is crucial for educating and inspiring future generations
  6. How we can amplify and celebrate the underrepresented contributions of women throughout history
  7. How society can challenge traditional historical narratives to create a more accurate and inclusive representation of the past
  8. Strategies to implement to effectively safeguard and promote the preservation of cultural heritage in an increasingly interconnected world
  9. How promoting historical literacy contribute to a deeper comprehension of present-day societal complexities and dynamics
  10. The effects of historical events on shaping and influencing global societies in today’s interconnected world

Society Topics

  1. How immigrants contribute positively to American society and its economy
  2. The current state of gun violence in the US and measures to address it effectively
  3. Promoting and integrating kindness and empathy into the fabric of modern society
  4. Strategies that encourage greater volunteerism and active community engagement among citizens
  5. Advancing gender equality and empowering women in various facets of life
  6. How society can collectively combat the challenges of climate change for a sustainable future
  7. Can we embrace diversity and inclusion more effectively in all spheres of society?
  8. What are the key initiatives needed to advocate for animal rights and ensure ethical treatment across industries?
  9. How policymakers can ensure affordable housing for everyone regardless of socio-economic status
  10. Should we create a safer digital society to protect individuals’ privacy and security online?

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Education Topics

  1. How education influence the psychological development of individuals across different stages of life
  2. Attending college still holds values in a rapidly evolving world
  3. Early childhood education is important in shaping a person’s future
  4. Arts education wield transformative impact on students’ creativity and overall development
  5. Are there tangible benefits of bilingual education in a globalized society?
  6. How can we support students with disabilities to ensure they thrive in educational settings?
  7. Can educators employ critical thinking skills among students?
  8. We can move away from an overemphasis on standardized testing in education
  9. Is financial education essential as a life skill, and if so, how early should students start to learn it?
  10. Advocating for the importance of physical education crucial in today’s sedentary lifestyle

Politics Topics

  1. Factors that hinder the realization of Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again
  2. What are the arguments against constructing a wall along the United States’ border?
  3. Can we deem border wall critical for reducing crime along the nation’s borders?
  4. How society can encourage and facilitate active participation in democratic processes among citizens
  5. Measures essential to ensuring and upholding ethical standards within the realm of politics
  6. How dialogue and collaboration across partisan lines contributes to a more effective and inclusive governance system
  7. Initiatives crucial to empowering and nurturing the next generation of leaders in the country
  8. Advocating for accessible and fair elections for a thriving democratic society
  9. How we can defend the integrity of information and public discourse in an era of misinformation and polarization.
  10. Strategies the United States should adopt to build alliances to tackle global challenges and problem solving on a worldwide scale.

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. How stereotype of blondes being best in science affect perceptions in the academic and scientific communities
  2. Ways humor can positively affect workplace productivity and overall work results
  3. Is there substantial data supporting the claim that men are more likely to engage in cheating behaviors compared to women?
  4. What scientific evidence supports or contradicts the idea that daily wine consumption contributes to better health?
  5. What arguments exist for the idea of banning homework as a practice in education?
  6. Is maintaining boundaries, such as unfriending parents on social media, important for personal privacy and individual expression?
  7. Can mothers’ skills translate to excelling in traditionally male-dominated sports like football?
  8. Should controversial essays require input or endorsement from influential public speakers or figures?
  9. To what extent can media like “Family Guy” serve as positive or negative role models for children’s development?
  10. What societal factors contribute to the perception that certain colors, like pink, are associated more with one gender than another is?

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Final Thoughts

This is by no means an exhaustive list of persuasive essay topics. However, it makes a great starting point if you want to have an easy time with brainstorming.

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