How to Write a Business Strategy Proposal: The Complete Guide

January 8, 2023

how to write a business strategy proposal

Are you struggling with your business homework assignment? So are hundreds of students from around the world who are at this time wishing they had professional academic help to get the work done.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to write a business strategy proposal step-by-step. Whether you’ve written the first few words but you already feel stuck or you haven’t written anything at all, you’ll find this post helpful.

Key Takeaways

  • In normal circumstances, a 500-word business strategy proposal should be easy to write. You only need a few hours and minimal research to complete it.
  • It becomes a challenge if you have to write a long-form strategy proposal. You have to think of the format for the assignment, the concepts to include, and the information to leave out.

Fortunately, this guide has all you need to write the perfect business strategy proposal.

What Is the Typical Word Count of a Business Strategy Proposal?

A business strategy proposal is generally a long-form type of essay with several heading and sub-headings. It also needs several elements like tables, graphs, and charts. Most of the proposals are over 1000 words, while some can be as long as 2500 words.

The proposal can also be 500 words long. Such a business strategy proposal focuses on direct solutions. Since you don’t have as much space here, you need to make word count.

How to Write a Business Strategy Proposal

Here’s how you write a business strategy proposal:

1. Use the right format.

We give the same advice for business proposals as we do for IB extended essays: stick to the outline.

The length of the proposal does not alter the format of a business strategy proposal.

Whether you are writing a 2500, 1000, or 500 words business strategy proposal, the format must remain the same. Without the right format, you will be writing a different document altogether.

2. Start With the Executive Summary.

For a longer business strategy proposal, you would include information on the current strategy’s performance and the challenges. You should also include information on the market positioning and explain how the proposed strategy seeks to help the business achieve its visions.

For a 500-word business strategy proposal, you need to keep the executive summary short. For example, an executive summary about a strategy proposal for ensuring consistency in a company would read, “Building and incorporating consistency in the company’s growth strategies.”

3. Discuss the Current Strategy

You only need a business strategy proposal if the current one is failing or if it is past its usefulness. There is no better way to this by first discussing the current strategy. You might want to look into some of its failures and explain how the proposal seeks to enhance them.

The reason behind this is to get the company executives to back your proposal, so make it clear and direct to the point.

For example, “The company employees would like to see a consistent company growth strategy. The company has had a regular change in leadership over the years, each team coming with a new growth template. This proposal looks into the possibility of having a company growth strategy that every new leadership joins in.”

4. Write an Overview

An overview allows you an in-depth look into the subject.

Provide historical background and identify the main players in the context.

For example, you can provide information on the leadership changes in the company in recent years. Show the kind of growth strategies they took upon getting to the office.

5. Describe Performance Indicators

A business strategy proposal is only as functional as you can back it with evidence.

For a company, evidence relies on meeting the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs are the targets the company expects the employees to achieve at any given time.

While the 500 words business strategy makes it hard to describe the KPIs in detail, you have to mention them. For example, for measuring growth, look into the different new markets reached over the years.

6. Analyze Methodology

This is the point to indicate the metrics used to reach conclusions on the subject matter. In the above example of consistency in growth strategies, you might involve information from the marketing department and the changes incorporated over the few years in scope.

The methodology works to ascertain the accuracy of your findings. It is what supports your business strategy proposal.

7. Conclude the Report

This is the point where you vouch for your strategy proposal. Summarize all the information you have used in the text to help you support the proposal. You can, in the process, reject or suggest ways to improve the current strategy.

As a short form of business strategy proposal, the 500 words still allows you to use a few elements like graphs and tables. One or two is enough for this proposal. You can also opt to use number lists or text summaries for other industries.

Business Strategy Proposal Writing Help

Looking at the above information you need to fit in a business strategy proposal, you might wonder how to fit them in 500 words. They are a lot of work, and you will need thorough revision to hit the word count.

The other concern is the risks of leaving out important information. When you edit too much, you might end up with an unconvincing report that no one would support. Such reports would mean fewer grades as the teacher needs you to have all the important information.

This might be a lot of work for any other student. That is where the business proposal help comes in. Help for Assessment has a team of experts who can handle your 500 words business strategy proposal writing project.

At Help for Assessment, we have invested in systems to ensure we deliver the outstanding business strategy proposal irrespective of the work count.

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