September 10, 2021

Extended Essay

Freaking out because you've just been assigned your first extended essay due in 12 hours but have no idea where to start?

You are not alone!

Even pro essay writers who boast excellent command in language and structure find EE essay writing a grueling task, and one they could forego if that option was viable.

But this doesn't always have to be the case.

If you are wondering what advice is there for writing a top-grade extended essay, you've come to the right place.

We'll guide you on how to write my extended essay and give you sample EE topics so you can walk away ready to take on that beast.

What is an Extended Essay and Why is it Significant?

Wondering how start an Extended Essay or what Advice is there for writing a top-grade extended essay?

Then you need to know what an extended essay is and why it is significant.

That said, an IB EE is a type of essay that's longer than the standard essay, but is usually shorter than a dissertation.

In most cases, the EE essay is usually about 4000 words and is a super important part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma

You must learn how to write an extended essay because it is meant to prepare you for the multiple research projects you will handle as an undergraduate. It does that by improving your skills in: 

  • Framing appropriate research questions
  • Expressing your ideas in writing
  • Formulating arguments
  • Exploring topics from a personal perspective.

Extended Essay Advice 

Now that you know what an EE is, how many words it should be, and why it's critically important, here are some tips on doing an EE. 

1. Master the EE Structure 

A significant part of learning how to write my extended essay is understanding its structure. With that said, every EE essay usually adheres to the following standard format;

  • The title page
  • The contents page
  • Introduction
  • Essay body
  • Conclusion
  • References and bibliography

2. Choose a Topic

Want to write an excellent EE? Then it would help if you chose a good topic.

The research question you select is the thin line between success and failure.

Select a topic you like, and you are on the path to success. Select the wrong research question, and you'll be setting yourself up for failure.

The best EE topics are answerable in 4000 words. This means your topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow, so you can have enough relevant content to come up with 4000 words.

It should be easy for you to determine the concepts or the tools you will use from the word go, and at the same time, it should have enough research material.

Extended Essay Topics: The Complete List on Different Subjects 

To help you further, here is a range of excellent extended essay topics for different subjects;

History Extended Essay: Word War II Topics 

History is a fun subject for most students, but most of them often ask us how to start.

If you are one of them, here are some extended essay topics in history and world war II topics to make things easier for you: 

  • What was the impact of World War II on the rights of African Americans?
  • What medical developments happened during and after the 2nd world war?
  • To what extent was the 2nd world war a catalyst for Britain's decolonization?
  • How many prisoners of war were there, and how many of them made it home safely?
  • Describe how the radio influenced key events during world war II
  • Did the war impact family life? If so, how?
  • Why was the phrase "Kilroy was here" of the essence of World War II soldiers?
  • What was the impact of World War II on prisoners of war?
  • Describe how advertisements changed during the 2nd world war
  • Did the war have any impact on technology?
  • Discuss Spain's contribution to World War II
  • What role did Churchill Winston play in the Second World War?
  • Did the weather impact the war in any way?
  • How essential was rocket technology in World War II?
  • What was the role of women during the Second World War?
  • Do you have any personal stories related to the Holocaust? Discuss
  • Why was America's entry into World War II significant?
  • Did World War II create any new job opportunities?
  • Were there any notable women in the Second World War?
  • What technology was used in the war, and what happened to it after the war?
  • Who was more racist? Churchill, Winston, or Hitler? Explain
  • What do some of the letters sent during the Second World War tell us about relationships?
  • Discuss the impact of World War II on fashion
  • Describe the role of animals in the war
  • How did Churchill Winston's background prepare him for his role in the war?

English Extended Essay Topics 

We have a complete guide on English Extended Essay herePlease read that first before you explore the following topics. 

  • Describe the role of slangs in the English language
  • Why is it essential for one to learn English lit?
  • Discuss the English learning curve in comparison to other languages
  • How does the language and symbolism of Nick in the Great Gatsby affect the main character?
  • Do English rules influence our way of thinking? Explain
  • How is British English different from American English?
  • What was the role of globalization in the development and spread of the English language?
  • Describe the impact of French on the revolution of the English language
  • Explain why poetry was considered text for the upper classes in society during the renaissance and classical ages
  • Between American and British English, which is superior?
  • List and discuss the most popular English words assimilated by other cultures across the world during the era of British colonialism
  • Discuss the difference between heroic couples in the neoclassical era and romantic eras
  • English vs. Spanish; explain how the semantics differ
  • What are some of the foreign languages from which English borrowed words?
  • Does colonialism impact contemporary poetry? Explain
  • How euphemism impacts the vocabulary and structure of the English language
  • What English words trace their origin to the Sanskrit language?
  • Why is post-war literature considered modernism literature
  • Describe the black period in English literature
  • What are neologisms?

Psychology Extended Essay Topics 

We've put together a complete guide to Psychology Extended Essay that you might want to check out. Check out the following topic ideas if you already know about Psychology EE. 

  • What are the short and long-term effects of exposure to violence?
  • Discuss the differences between male and female schizophrenia
  • How do focused and diffuse thinking modes differ?
  • How do relationships, both romantic and non-romantic, change towards the end?
  • Is abuse suffered during childhood cause oppressive behavior in adulthood?
  • Describe the different types of suicidal behaviors and how they develop
  • Discuss the impact of mindfulness on people with General Anxiety disorder
  • Is there a link between television and obesity? Explain
  • How does a narcissist parent influence their child?
  • Discuss the impact of the X hormone on human behavior
  • Describe the impact of violent video games on children
  • Discuss your thoughts on the concept of love
  • The impact of divorce on children
  • What are some of the causes of depression?
  • What is the difference between love and infatuation?
  • What impact do autistic children have on their non-autistic siblings?
  • How do exercise and yoga affect our mental wellbeing?
  • To what extent is anorexia a result of our culture?
  • How does psychology explain altruistic behavior?
  • Describe how workaholism affects the psychological and emotional wellbeing of employees
  • How effective is drug therapy for patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder?
  • What is the relationship between psychological illnesses and stress?
  • Why are people so obsessed with fast foods?
  • How does the media influence public opinions?
  • How effective is exercise in the treatment of clinical depression?

Anthropology Extended Essay Topics 

  • What is ethnozoology and how is it applied in medicine
  • The positive vs. negative consequences of marijuana legalization in the US
  • Discuss the origin and manifestation of anti-Semitism in the modern world
  • Explore the mummification process of ancient Egypt
  • Describe advances in modern crime forensics
  • Outline reasons behind widespread societal stigma towards HIV/AIDS patients in the contemporary world
  • The role of religion in early and forced marriages in Central Asia
  • Is there a link between the environment and skin color
  • Explore the impact of radioactivity on flora and fauna after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
  • Discuss racism in America  

Literature Extended Essay Topics

We recommend reading our post on English Extended Essay before you look at the following topics. 

  • Outline reasons behind the failure of the American dream in Ernest Hemmingway's like The Old Man and the Sea
  • How is women empowerment depicted in the Lord of Rings?
  • What is the essence of dance in Jane Austen's Emma?
  • Why is English literature a vital part of the curriculum?
  • The evolution of the ideal woman as portrayed in English literature
  • How is the American dream proven to be a complete failure throughout English literature?
  • Describe the political rhetoric used in the inaugural speeches of presidents Barrack Obama and Donald Trump
  • How is resistance to slavery portrayed in literary texts
  • How does James Baldwin illustrate racism
  • Why is Jane Austen the legend of English literary writing
  • What's your view on Sylvia Path's The Bell Jar?
  • How are life, will, and passion portrayed in American literary works?
  • Discuss racial conflict throughout the 20th century
  • The impact of artificial languages on literature
  • What are the most notable depictions of women in the 20th-century literary works?
  • Why are the writings of Ancient Greece still a relevant part of modern literature?
  • What is the role of inanimate objects in Sylvia Path's The Bell Jar?
  • How is racism depicted in Joseph's Conrad, A Heart of Darkness?
  • Discuss the features, limitations, and examples of artificial languages in literature
  • What are the innovations brought by Nobel winners in literature

Economics Extended Essay Topics 

  • Outline some of the world's largest corporations and their impact on the economy
  • Describe industrial policy
  • Why is South Korea considered a reason for an economic miracle
  • The recessionary gap; what is it, and why does it occur?
  • What are the implications of an aging population on a country's economy
  • Discuss the difference in trade policies between the USA and China
  • The impact of offshore financial centers on the global economy
  • Strategies used by China to grow its economy
  • Describe expansionary fiscal policies
  • What economic impact should we expect from the discovery of Japan's rare metal deposits?

Business Extended Essay Topics 

Check out this complete guide to Business Management Extended Essay and the following topics. 

  • Discuss the decision to merge Qantas and British Airways
  • Explain the positive and negative implications of Covid-19 on the business landscape
  • Outsourcing IT is ineffective, discuss
  • Why is revamping company policies for a new product is critical
  • The impact of free and international trade on the local business landscape
  • Discuss the impact of Brexit on global trade
  • To maximize return on revenue, businesses need to exploit labor
  • An inclusive company culture improves employee productivity
  • Is it possible for a business to be completely green?
  • Discuss the age discrimination act

Get Yourself in Order

An EE essay is critically vital to your IB diploma.

It's essential you take on it as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute to start running around, asking who will do my extended essay or where to buy my extended essay. 

Time management is critical to your success, so once you choose the topic, the next step should be to create a schedule.

Determine how much time to allocate to your research process, break the task down into small sections, and assign yourself realistic deadlines.

Research! Research! Research! And Outline

Use our extended essay topic samples based on your assigned subject, brainstorm with your friends or study buddies, and identify the one you like most.

Next, perform comprehensive research on using resources from your school's library, a local library, or reputable web sources like Google Scholar.

Remember, even with a good topic, your extended essay may not be appealing if you don't research comprehensively.

Make sure you take notes while researching so you don't forget the critical staff. The best way to do it is to outline.

Consult Your Supervisor

One of the advantages of being in an IB program is that you can always choose someone to guide you through the Extended Essay reflection process.

It could be a teacher you're comfortable with or a fellow student.

Ensure you make good use of them by consulting them with your research so they can tell you whether you're on the right path.

Write Your First Draft and then Your Official EE

Once you're comfortable that you've done comprehensive research, use your outline to write your first draft.

Don't worry about grammar or punctuation.

Just give life to your outline; then afterward, you can use this first draft to write the official extended essay you will submit.

Edit and Proofread

When your final extended essay is ready, edit and proofread for grammatical errors or any other errors you may not have noticed while rewriting it from your first draft. If possible, have your supervisor go through it as well before submission.

Let Our IB Experts Help You 

Even with the guide above, writing an EE when you've never done so before can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be.

Help for Assessment boasts a team of highly experienced writers who are always ready to write my extended essay. Whether you need help choosing a topic, researching, or the entire process, you can trust them to come through for you.

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