Analytical Essay Topics: 50+ Ideas and Examples to Consider

December 16, 2023

analytical essay topics

Every analytical essay assignment starts with topic selection. Following this, you have to conduct research to find relevant materials for reference, and then structure, write, and edit the essay before handing it over for review and grading.

Unfortunately, you can’t come by the best topics fast. Sometimes you have to look at pre-written ideas to speed up the brainstorming process.

So in this post, we give you 50+ topic ideas that you may find interesting enough to explore in an analytical essay. Whether you’re in high school or pursing a course in college, you just might find a good topic from this list to research and write about.

Key Takeaways

  • In an analytical essay, you identify an argument and then use relevant claims and evidence to do an in-depth analysis.
  • Place more focus on the theme of an author’s work, particularly on how use they use literary devicesto communicate their message.
  • Remember that analysis isn’t similar to arguing. Your goal isn’t to present which side of an issue is right. Rather, you should focus on presenting analysis with examples that strengthen your argument based on a written piece of work.

50+ Best Analytical Essay Topics

The following is a list of at least 50 topics that may be a good fit for your analysis essay if your teacher hasn’t given you one yet: 

Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze how social media platforms have shaped communication, relationships, information dissemination, and societal norms.
  2. Examine the trajectory of a specific celebrity’s career, exploring the factors contributing to their rise to fame and subsequent decline.
  3. How technological advancements over the past decade have transformed various aspects of our lives.
  4. Assess how religious beliefs and institutions shape human values and moral frameworks.
  5. Analyze the systemic and societal impacts of racial discrimination in the United States of America.
  6. The multifaceted effects of climate change on the environment, ecosystems, communities, and global sustainability efforts.
  7. How media censorship, intentional or unintentional, shapes public perceptions, influences narratives, and impacts access to information and freedom of expression.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. How an author’s choice of language, including diction and syntax, influences and shapes their argument or narrative.
  2. The effect of different tones, such as solemn, humorous, or nostalgic, on the overall impact and emotional resonance of a story or poem
  3. How you can employ humor as a tool to effectively convey messages, provoke thought, or analyze societal norms.
  4. Assess the strategies, messaging, and visual elements utilized in a political ad campaign and their impact on audience perception and behavior.
  5. How filmmakers manipulate sound, visuals, and cinematic techniques to convey specific messages or evoke emotions in their audiences.
  6. Examine how cultural assumptions and biases influence an author’s argument or viewpoint and how they convey these within a text.
  7. Evaluate the effects of irony, including situational, verbal, or dramatic, in classic literature.

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High School Analytical Essay Topics

  1. What are the secondary effects of living with phobias?
  2. The recommended amount of sleep for students to maintain academic performance
  3. How do phobias develop and manifest psychologically and what are the associated physiological responses?
  4. Strategies and interventions that one can implement to prevent and mitigate the development of gambling addiction
  5. How technological advancements have influenced the creation, distribution, and reception of art and literature in contemporary society
  6. Reasons behind the prevalence of music as a form of expression, identification, and emotional connection among teenagers
  7. The role of education in shaping individuals to become more informed, empathetic, and engaged global citizens
  8. How do various forms of entertainment perpetuate stereotypes about women and minorities?

Analytical Essay Topics on Education

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of enforcing school uniforms to students of all academic levels.
  2. Discuss strategies and policies that college student unions can implement to address and prevent bullying in schools.
  3. Investigate the reasons behind disparities in school funding.
  4. Discuss whether acquiring knowledge is synonymous with receiving an education.
  5. Analyze approaches and reforms that could elevate the quality and effectiveness of education.
  6. The role and impact of examinations in students’ academic careers

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Persuasive Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Investigate the therapeutic effects of music on mental health. 
  2. Challenge the boundaries of freedom of expression versus offensive language in music.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness and potential consequences of imposing more tariffs as a solution to the financial issues faced by the United States.
  4. Discuss the feasibility and ethical implications of abandoning nuclear power by all states.
  5. Compare and contrast the feasibility, efficiency, and environmental impact of solar energy as a substitute for hydroelectric energy.
  6. Discuss various strategies and their ethical implications for addressing illegal immigration.
  7. Investigate the correlation between hobbies and personality development and show how one’s interests and pursuits can shape character and traits.

Sports Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Analyze how Title IX legislation has shaped and transformed the landscape of college sports.
  2. Examine how gender norms and stereotypes influence behavior, perception, and opportunities within professional sports.
  3. Discuss how media coverage shapes public perception of athletes.
  4. Investigate the factors contributing to certain countries excelling in particular sports.
  5. Assess the elements that contribute to some athletes’ popularity over others, considering factors like skill, personality, marketability, and media presence.
  6. Analyze how advancements in technology have changed sports over time.
  7. Evaluate the effects of financial considerations, sponsorships, and revenue on college sports programs.

Science Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the diverse effects of climate change on ecosystems worldwide
  2. Examine how technological innovations, such as AI, big data, and advanced instruments, have revolutionized and accelerated scientific research across disciplines.
  3. Discuss the socio-economic, environmental, and healthcare factors contributing to the prevalence of certain diseases in developing nations compared to developed ones.
  4. Investigate the implications of genetic engineering techniques in agriculture.
  5. Assess the potential implications of recent advancements in medical technology on healthcare delivery and outcomes.
  6. Evaluate the efficiency, scalability, and environmental impact of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy in mitigating reliance on fossil fuels.

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