40+ Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism Worth Exploring

April 21, 2023

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism

The first step to write an essay on racism is to select the right topic to explore.

You then have to take a stance based on your research and use evidence to defend your position.

Even in a sensitive issue of racial discrimination, you have to consider the counterarguments highly likely to arise and address them accordingly. 

The goal of this list post is to give you some topic ideas that you can consider and explore. We’ve put together 30+ topic ideas, so it should be easy to find an interesting issue to explore.

What is Racism? 

Racism is the conviction that we can credit capacities and qualities to individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, or national origin. It can take the form of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination, and it can happen in any place and at any time.

Racism goes beyond the act of harassment and abuse. It stretches further to violence, intimidation, and exclusion from important group activities.

This act of judgment, prejudice, and discrimination easily reveal itself in the way we interact with people and our attitude towards them.

Some forms of racism, like looking at a person’s place of origin through a list of job applications, may not be obvious, but they play a part in preventing people or particular group from enjoying the dignity and equality of the benefits of life simply because they are different.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism 

  1. Is racism a type of mental illness in the modern society?
  2. Barrack Obama’s legacy hasn’t helped to improve the situation of racism in the United States of America
  3. The women’s movement of the 1960s did NOT unite black and white women
  4. Will racism eventually disappear on its own?
  5. Is there a cure for racism?
  6. There’s no sufficient evidence to prove that Mexicans are racists
  7. Is the difference in skin color the cause of racism in the western world?
  8. Racism isn’t in everyone’s heart
  9. Racism is a toxic global disease
  10. Will the human race ever overcome racial prejudice and discrimination?
  11. Can a racist be equally cruel?
  12. Should racism be a criminal offense punishable by death without the possibility of parole?
  13. Are racists more principled than those who are not?
  14. Can poor upbringing cause a person to become a racist?
  15. Is it a crime if you’re a racist?
  16. Can racism lead to another World War?
  17. The government can’t stop people from being racists
  18. Cultural diversity can cure racism
  19. All racists in the world have psychological problems and therefore need medical attention
  20. Can the government put effective measures in place to stop its citizens from promoting racism?
  21. Can a racist president rule a country better than a president who is not a racist?
  22. Should white and black people have equal rights?
  23. Can cultural diversity breed racism?
  24. Is racism a bigger threat to the human race?
  25. Racism is common among adults than it is among children
  26. Should white people enjoy more human rights than black people should?
  27. Is the disparity in the healthcare system a form of racial discrimination?
  28. Racial discrimination is a common thing in the United States of America
  29. Film industries should be regulated to help mitigate racism
  30. Disney movies should be banned for promoting racism
  31. Should schools teach students to stand against racism?
  32. Should parents punish their children for manifesting racist traits?
  33. Is racism the root of all evil?
  34. Can dialogue resolve the issue of racism?
  35. Is the seed of racism sown in our children during childhood?
  36. Do anti-racist movements help to unite people of different colors and race to fight racism?
  37. Do religious doctrines promote racism?
  38. There are no psychological health risks associated with racism
  39. Can movements such as Black Lives Matter stop racism in America?
  40. Do anti-racist movements help people to improve their self-esteem?
  41. Racism is against religious beliefs
  42. Can teaching children to treat each other equally help to promote an anti-racist world?

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Is it Easy to Write an Argumentative Essay on Racism?

Racism is traumatic and a bad idea, and there must never be an excuse for it.

As controversial as the issue is, you can write an essay that explores this aspect and bring out a clear picture on why racism is such a bad idea altogether.

With that said, here’s a list of some argumentative essay topics on racism that you might want to consider for your next essay assignment.

How to Make Your Argumentative Essay on Racism Great 

The following are some useful writing tips that you can use to make your argumentative essay on racism stand out:

Examine the Historical Causes of Racism 

Try to dig deeper into the topic of racism by looking at historical causes of racial discrimination and prejudices.

Look at a number of credible sources to explore the connection between racism and salve trade, social developments, and politics.

Include these highlights in your essay to demonstrate that you researched widely on the topic before making your conclusion.

Demonstrate Critical Thinking 

Go the extra mile and talk about the things you believe people often leave out when writing argumentative essays on racism.

Consider why racial discrimination and prejudices are common in the society, their negative effects, and who benefits the most from racial policies.

Adding such information not only shows your instructor that you did your research but also understand the topic better.

Show the Relationship between Racism and Social Issues 

There’s no denying that racism has a strong connection with many types of social issues, including homophobia, slavery, and sexism.

Including these links, where necessary, and explaining them in details can make your essay more comprehensive and therefore worth reading.

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