August 6, 2021

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The TOK Presentation has for a long time been the assignment completed alongside a comprehensive Theory of Knowledge essay. While the assessment guidelines for the essay remain the same, IB students will shift focus from the presentation and start doing exhibitions instead.

In this guide, we’ll look at more than just the word count for the TOK exhibition and give you some useful insights to help you prepare yourself to score the full marks for the assignments.

What is a TOK Exhibition?

The TOK Exhibition is a new assessment task introduced to the IB program. As from 2022, the IB TOK Exhibition will replace the TOK Presentation, which has been in the IB program since 2015.

The purpose of the TOK Exhibition is to examine how students can apply the Theory of Knowledge Concepts that they learn in class to the real world around them. Assessed internally and moderated externally, this task is worth 33% of the final marks.

While the TOK Exhibition task requires you to do a live presentation of the Exhibition Objects, you don’t earn any marks for the presentation itself. Rather, it’s the exhibition file that your teacher will assess after the live presentation. That’s why it’s important to do your best to pass the Exhibition Commentary.

Is TOK Exhibition the Same a Presentation?

No, the TOK Exhibition is not the same as the TOK presentation. It’s a completely different assessment task whose aim is to evaluate how IB students can demonstrate the manifestation of Theory of Knowledge outside their classrooms. Unlike the TOK Presentation, the TOK Exhibition has a distinct assessment instrument, a different task, and a unique moderation process.

The core theme of the TOK Exhibition assignment is knowledge and the knower. As an IB student, you have to think of yourself as the knower and link to your IB leaner’s profile. Also, the new task introduces two optional themes, which are “knowledge and politics” and “knowledge and technology”.  

What is the Word Count for a TOK Exhibition?

The TOK Exhibition commentary is a 950 words task for the entire Internal Assessment. According to the IB Guide, examiners don’t consider word count past the set limit. Rather, the assessment criteria require them to base their assessment only on the first 950 words.

So even if you have a lot to say about your TOK exhibition objects, it’s important to keep the word limit in mind. A reasonable approach to keep your assignment within the expected word count would be to have an equal distribution of words among the three objects.

The word count in the TOK Exhibition Commentary doesn’t include the references used in the assignment. Also, you should not include appendices and/or extended footnotes in your TOK exhibition.

How Do I Structure the Exhibition?

It helps a great deal to have a format you can use for your exhibition commentary. You can come up with your own structure, but here’s one you can use if you want to maintain a fair distribution of word count among the three exhibition objects.

  • Title: Copy and paste the prompt in the title section. It should appear exactly as it appears on the IA prompt.
  • Introduction (30 words): While not necessarily required, it can help to give your reader a clear picture of your exploration.
  • Object 1 (290 words): This section explains your first object. Define the object and remember to give its real-world context.
  • Object 2 (290 words): This section explains your second object. In addition to defining the objective, you must explain its real-world context in your life.
  • Object 3 (290 words): Show the image of your third object and develop its explanation. Make sure to explain its real-world context.
  • Conclusion (50 words): Give a summary of the objects you used to answer the IA prompt.

Your explanation for each object should link to the main concept of the prompt. Also, the points you make for each object should be independent of each other.

The conclusion of your commentary should not only comment on the question, but should also demonstrate how TOK manifests itself in the real world based on these objects (or images of objects).

Feel to vary the word counts for each object if there’s a need to do so. Only make sure that your task doesn’t exceed the expected word count.

How Long Does It Take to Write the Exhibition?

It’s up to you to decide how long you want to spend on doing your TOK Exhibition. Look at how much time you have left to do your submission and then plan your schedule accordingly. Provided you know what you’re doing, you can complete the exhibition assignment in a day.

Can I Discuss My Exhibition With Other Students?

No. The TOK Exhibition is an individual project, which means you have to do it on your own. Not even your best friend in the classroom has the right to assist you. Also, your objects have to be 100% independent of what other students have. In other words, no one else in your class should be exploring the same objects or image of objects that you’ve considered for your live presentation and commentary.

You’re free to choose real objects or digital objects from the internet, provided they have a real-world context. Also, make sure you stick to the topic picked from the prompt so that you don’t score a 0.

Where Can I Get Help With TOK Exhibition?

You can get advice on your TOK exhibition from your TOK teacher. They can give you more insight to point you in the right lead so that you can score the 33% marks of the total grades.

Can I Order TOK Exhibition Online?

Yes, you can buy TOK exhibition here if you don’t have enough time to complete the work or if you’re having hard time getting the task done. Our TOK writers will help you get the commentary done and the necessary exhibition files prepared within 24 hours.

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