Summary on how to make our ideas clear (Essay)

Ideas are either clear, obscure or distinct. A clear idea is precise to understand and cannot be mistaken. Any idea that fails the test of clarity is considered obscure. Logicians take clarity to mean familiarity with a given idea and distinctness as the extent to which the quality of a particular approach can be supplemented by the other. Distinct ideas refer to those that lack unclear elements. According to Descartes, skepticism is a means to eradicate authority as the sole source of truth. Self-consciousness aid individuals in furnishing fundamental truths. Distinct notions give a specific apprehension of all the terms contained in a particular definition.  First, books make familiarity while the definition of concepts come second thus emulating a philosophy that was discovered long ago. Men cherish vague ideas and life for their sake just to discover that the ideas were vanity stealing the essence of their lives.

Thought is excited when doubt is irritated and stops on attainment of a belief that is the primary work of thought. Therefore, belief is something that an individual is aware of, institutes a particular nature of a rule of action and settles the irritation of doubt. Belief is a habit that involves further thought and doubt but though in essence is an action. It is deceptive to attach a distinction to ideas expressed by two words that have a difference in their grammatical construction. Thought yields habits of actions. Practices dictate when and how individuals act. When actions happen is derived from perceptions and how actions happen focuses on producing a logical result.

The reality is a conception that concerns logic that should be distinguished from fiction. Real is viewed to own independent characters that anybody may think them to be. Truth allows nobody to modify or escape the predestine opinion. Individual perversity leads to postponing of the human judgment that results in arbitrary propositions that are universally accepted by the human race. Even though ideas should be clear, it is equally important to ensure that they are true.


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