Social Media Research Paper Topics: 15+ Ideas to Get You Started

November 26, 2023

social media research paper topics

Has your professor asked you to write a research paper on social media but hasn’t given you a title to explore? This is your opportunity to choose a research topic that fascinates you.

Social media is a wide field that’s constantly evolving, and, as such, there’s no limit to what you can write. Just remember that you can only choose one topic, and you want to make sure you give title selection the first best shot.

Don’t worry if you have no topic idea surrounding the social media theme. We’ve put together a list of 50+ Social Media research paper topics to make the ideation stage easier for you.

Key Takeaways

  • A research paper topic that explores knowledge gaps in social media can earn you top grades. Such an approach allows you identify opportunities for future research. 
  • You can choose a theme that focuses on the current trends in social media, so you can cover issues that emerge in the field.
  • Ensure the topic is interesting enough to cover. It’s easier to write about something you love that something you don’t. 

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Social Media Research Paper Topics

The following is a list of social media research topic that may be worth investigating:

Political Campaign Topics

If you have logged on to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn lately, it’s likely that you’ve seen and felt the political at atmosphere on these platforms. From media houses posting political issues on social to politicians actively participating on the platforms themselves, we can see a strong link between the government and social platforms.

Here are some interesting topics to cover if you wish to write a research paper in this area:

  1. What transformations have occurred in political campaigns in the past two decades?
  2. Is a transition to online voting a possibility in the near future?”
  3. What are the adverse effects of political media campaigns?
  4. Exploring the link between media campaigns and the propagation of stereotypes
  5. Analyzing PR missteps in the promotion of political media campaigns
  6. Effectiveness of online PR strategies during political campaigns
  7. The pivotal role of social networks in shaping political landscapes
  8. Examining political marketing research on politicians’ web platforms
  9. Public discourse on the American political landscape through Twitter
  10. Contrasting the impact of politics on social networks versus television

Social Media Topics Related to Mental Health

Spending too much time on social media can affect how we relate with people in real time. Such a phenomenon does have an effect on our social well-being, as well as mental health. Since mental health as it relates to social media is such an important issue, you can’t run out of topic ideas for your research project.

Here are some examples: 

  1. Understanding the influence of social media on mental well-being
  2. Examining social media addiction to understand why people become hooked
  3. Analyzing the relationship between loneliness and social networks
  4. Addressing mental health disorder caused by social media
  5. Online support communities for individuals with mental illness
  6. Exploring the association between depression, anxiety, and Instagram/Facebook
  7. Navigating the disconnection from reality caused by social media

Sociology Research Topics

Social media platforms contribute to the creation and development of the context of the present day culture. In fact, the internet has made it easy to find information about people and their relationships, all thanks to social media.

Here are some research topics to cover in this division:

  1. Discovering strategies to reach diverse age groups
  2. Evaluating the efficacy and skepticism surrounding learning networks
  3. Unraveling the loneliness phenomenon in online networks
  4. The growing dependency on social networks
  5. Examining the impact of romantic narratives on relationship expectations
  6. The feasibility of conducting web-based sample surveys

Social Media Research Topics on Teens

We’re living in strange times when teens want to act and feel like adults. They don’t want their access to social media restricted and they tend to feel somewhat intimidated if parents try to control their exposure to social networks.

The link between social media and teenagers, as well as how it affects parent-children social life are interesting enough to investigate.

Here are some topics worth exploring:

  1. The impact of social networks on adolescent rebellion
  2. Online networks and their influence on youth development
  3. Examining Instagram, TikTok, and social media addiction
  4. Media’s influence on the moral development of teens
  5. Pros and cons of early engagement with online networks
  6. Comparing social networks to academic resources for teenagers

Interesting Topics on Narcissism

Narcissism is a sensitive and equally controversial subject. The excessive interest admiration and interest in oneself has created a social media buzz. Anyone with this kind of virtue is chasing the numbers, and of course, there are psychological effects linked to this.

Undoubtedly, narcissism in relation to social media is such an interesting area to research. So here are some topic ideas to get you started:

  1. Why do online platforms encourage individuals to seek approval from their followers?
  2. How does concealing the count of likes impact users on Instagram?
  3. Nurturing a positive self-image during a digital detox
  4. Is it possible to succeed as a blogger without narcissism?
  5. Adolescents on the internet: Balancing narcissism and self-doubt

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