Politics Dissertation Topics: 25+ Great Examples to Explore

December 6, 2022

politics dissertation topics

There are many potential political dissertation topics to explore. You just have to determine what a good fit for your assignment is and you’re good to get started. Our guide for choosing dissertation topics for any field remains unchanged. With this respect, it’s important to consider a topic that gives you an opportunity to explore an area you love or find interesting to study so you can easily score the highest grades.

Politics has always been an interesting subject from the very beginning. Issues such as Brexit, the Covid-19 global pandemic, Russia-Ukraine invasion, the rise of China, and tensions in the Eastern Europe raises political concerns to explore.

There seems to be no limit to the topic you can explore in this division. But while there’s a lot you can talk about, we strongly suggest that you pick a topic that will allow you to offer critical analysis of the existing literature and offer original insight to the subject.

Politic Dissertation Topics

We understand how frustrating it can be to think of topic ideas from off of the top of your head and not be able to find good examples to explore. To make your work easy, here are some ideas that you can start to investigate right now:

Russia and Eastern Europe Dissertation Topics

  • How has the disintegration of the Soviet Union affected international ties between Eastern Europe and the West?
  • What are the most serious issues for the EU as a result of the accession of Eastern European countries?
  • How much influence does Russia have on an increasingly divided European Union?
  • How much influence does Russia have on an increasingly divided European Union?
  • How well have the nations of Eastern Europe been incorporated into the EU?
  • Why were the countries of Eastern Europe so vulnerable to Soviet rule?
  • How did Russia’s annexation of Crimea and assistance for Ukrainian rebel groups produce a schism in ties with the West?
  • Why, based on prior interactions, does Russia continue to seek to isolate itself from the West?

Political Dissertation Topics on U.S. Foreign Policy

  • The United States has frequently been referred to be the “global policeman,” but might such nomenclature be interpreted as a cover for simple bullying?
  • What does Russia’s growing geopolitical strength and influence signify for the future course of US foreign policy?
  • To what degree will future administrations maintain or alter Trump’s agenda of economic separation from China?
  • How is the United States likely to treat Brexit, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union?
  • Will the ongoing construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border have a negative impact on the global economy?
  • What is the most serious possible external danger to the United States? How will this affect US foreign policy in the future?

The 911 Politics Dissertation Topics

  • Was enough done in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 to avoid additional terrorist atrocities in the West?
  • Were the United States’ actions in the aftermath of 9/11 justified and proportionate?
  • How has international trade evolved in the shadowy environment of the ongoing war on terror?
  • How have countries utilized the ongoing war on terror, which began on September 11, 2001, to justify their own security measures?
  • Does the current proliferation of terror incidents in numerous nations imply that the war on terror has failed?
  • Is Western security strategy shifting away from the post-9/11 terrorist danger and learning towards traditional state-based adversaries such as Russia and China?

British Foreign Policy Research Topics

  • To what degree was free movement of people a factor in the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union?
  • Is Britain only a “pet” of the United States based on its foreign policy?
  • What would a Labor administration mean for British foreign policy in the Middle East?
  • What strategic security methods should the United Kingdom employ to reduce the possibility of post-Brexit insecurity in Northern Ireland?
  • How might the United Kingdom’s foreign policy be revitalized by integrating trade and economic interests to diplomacy and security?
  • What impact will Brexit have on security cooperation between the UK and Europe, particularly in terms of data sharing on criminal and terrorist suspects?

Africa Dissertation Topics

  • What are the root reasons of conflict among African states, and how do they influence their interactions with the West?
  • How are African nations’ ties likely to grow in the future?
  • How has the international community politically ignored Africa, and how far can this be remedied?
  • To what degree may ancient tribal customs and religious beliefs be blamed for issues between African nations?
  • To what degree did colonial authority influence political disputes between communities and ethnic groupings in Africa today?
  • In what ways is the emergence of an African middle class altering the country’s politics?

Chinese Politics Dissertation Topics

  • Why did China choose to ‘open’ what was previously a very restricted economy?
  • How can China’s fast economic expansion be deemed beneficial to the West?
  • Can we regard China with distrust since the West is primarily responsible for its expansion? Discuss.
  • What are China’s probable rewards and drawbacks from attempting to annex Taiwan militarily?
  • What effect does Xi Jinping’s appointment to govern “indefinitely” have on China’s democratic potential?
  • To what degree does China’s record on human rights complicate relations with the West?
  • Does the Chinese model of state capitalism question the Western belief that capitalism and democracy “go hand in hand”?

Israel & Middle East Political Dissertation Topics

  • How have ties between Arabs and Israelis influenced their relations with Western states?
  • How effective have Western efforts been in settling the Arab-Israeli conflict?
  • Contrast the recognition sought for a Palestinian state with that sought for Tibet.
  • To what degree can the Palestinian Authority be regarded as a self-governing state?
  • What effect will the Israeli-Russian connection have on Syria and the Middle East as a whole?
  • In what ways will the ongoing Arab-Iranian conflict affect the Middle East?
  • How has former President Trump’s decision to relocate the US Israeli embassy to Jerusalem affected Israeli-Palestinian relations?
  • Is the idea of a two-state solution gone with the development of Israeli settlements?

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