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February 19, 2022

dissertation topics in law

This is the complete list of dissertation topics in law. So if you’re stuck at the topic selection stage and you have no idea what would be suitable for your research project, you’ll find this guide extremely helpful.

While our guide on choosing dissertation topics remains unchanged, we strongly suggest that you check the law scholarly literature first. Go through the guide to understand exactly what your professor expects to see in your dissertation, and then use those guidelines to pick a dissertation law topic that you find interesting to explore.

Our primary goal in this guide is to give you some insightful topic ideas that you can start exploring right away or use as inspiration to come up with your own.

30+ Law Dissertation Topic Examples

We’ve divided these topic ideas and examples into different categories based on the area of study. Keep in mind that these topic examples are ideal for inspiration, not to mention that they can point you in the right direction. Some are good to explore as is and you may have to make improvement to others to make them more readable and suitable for your area of interest and exploration. 

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

  • An examination of the extent to which a wrongful dismissal claim provides more effective relief than an unfair dismissal claim.
  • How will Brexit affect employment law in England and Wales?
  • In the context of the job relationship, critically examine the function of indirect discrimination in discrimination law.
  • An examination of the major legal elements of the employee-employer relationship.
  • A critical examination of the approach to discrimination in English and Welsh law.
  • How should the referral of conflicts to Employment Tribunals be improved to benefit both employees and employers?
  • How does the legal status of casual and agency employees in England and Wales compare to that of the rest of the European Union?

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

Studies into criminal law examine a number of areas because it takes on regional, national, and international vents. To be clear, choosing a topic in any area can be quite a challenge, in part because some principles and subjects are somewhat difficult to explore. So you need to be very careful when determining the topic to explore. Some ideas worth looking at are as follows:

  • The impact of the War on Terror on criminal law around the world.
  • Is there a difference in the burden of proof in quarantine?
  • An examination of the conditions for causation in various situations.
  • A review of the literature on the law of omissions liability and its evolution.
  • Creating a link between criminal law and domestic violence.
  • A review of the need for and importance of international law and procedure.
  • The legal ramifications of British colonial rule on colonial administration.
  • The significance of the burden of proof in a court of law
  • A critical examination of how criminal gangs’ operations affect public order and state interests in England and Wales.
  • A critical examination of how complaints about the completion of investigations and the appraisal of evidence are handled in England and Wales’ criminal justice system.
  • A critical evaluation of the necessity for homicide reform in England and Wales in light of the Law Commission’s suggestions.
  • An inquiry into the influence of the “war on terror” on the development and enforcement of international criminal law.
  • An examination of the Sexual Offences Act of 2003’s capacity to assess consent in the case of rape.
  • For the layperson, the language of causation and its implications.
  • What impact has digital technology had on domestic violence?

Business Law Dissertation Topics

The law dissertation topic you choose in this category will vary depending on the program you chose. In general, though, the laws will often focus on business establishments and development, in both public and private domains.

Here are some important topics to consider in this area:

  • The Advantages of International Business Contracts: A Comparison of English Sales Law and the CISG
  • An examination of the opportunities for business corruption in international law.
  • Arbitration proceedings in the modern United Kingdom and the significance of LexMercatoria
  • An examination of the most important ethical considerations in business law in the United Kingdom.
  • How critical is it for SME managers to be aware of local business laws? An investigation is underway.
  • Ethics valuation by bankers in commercial law?
  • An investigation into legal nudges and SME managers.
  • Understanding international business transactions and their implications for domestic laws.
  • The historical components of common law are being traced.
  • An extended essay on international law in relation to loot boxes.

Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

This area of study focuses on issues that affect human beings with respect to civil laws as well as their legal protection. You will examine existing policies and frameworks that address human rights and clearly show their impact on human lives.

Here are some dissertation research topics to consider in this area:

  • An exploratory examination of the most important aspects of international human rights law.
  • What are human rights, and who is in charge of them?
  • How has international human rights education shaped this discipline’s legal domain?
  • How does human rights law contribute to global international relations?
  • International human rights law and the case of unaccompanied minors: a look at the transnational borders that are involved in this situation.
  • Cultural rights and transnational attitudes: a debate about the impact of globalization on national cultural rights in the United Kingdom.
  • Who protects international human rights laws at the national level in the United Kingdom?
  • Conflicts between armed groups: who suffers and who benefits? A look at international human rights and political warfare.
  • A viewpoint on culture, democratic rights, and international human rights—a case study of the United States.
  • A look at the similarities and differences between US and international human rights law, as well as areas of contention and recommendations for harmony.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

Family law is a huge and equally sensitive subject, and in the context of a dissertation, there are quite many topics that you can explore in this area.

You’ll need more than just the topic here. To be very precise, you’ll need to formulate a specific research question, find relevant sources to argue you case, and use legal terms relevant to family law when writing the dissertation.

Here are some topics that you might want to explore in this area: 

  • Is child labor a major global threat?
  • Dealing with male domestic violence victims: a case study of gaps in family law
  • Qualitative insights into reforming cohabitation legislation
  • Conflicting factors in shared residence orders: a case study
  • A current approach to relocation law: a critical examination of the problem areas
  • When does the state have the authority to intervene in the private lives of families for the sake of the safety of children?
  • Divorce financial division issues: lessons from an American case study
  • Choosing the residency arrangement for children after parents divorce: a critical examination of fundamental concepts and legislative gaps
  • A qualitative examination of the legislation governing forced marriage.
  • Combating rising divorce rates: a critical examination of loopholes in divorce legislation
  • A critical examination of how married women’s property rights have evolved through time.
  • Examining single parents’ motives for adopting children: a qualitative examination of present legislation
  • A critical examination of problematic areas in domestic abuse legislation.

Company Law Dissertation Topics

  • A critical examination of the legal and governance limitations on excessive executive director compensation in England and Wales and the United States of America from the standpoint of corporate governance.
  • An examination of the non-executive director’s role in the corporate legal systems of England and Wales and the United States of America.
  • What are the reasons for and against stakeholder theory and how valid are them today?
  • An evaluation of the need for mergers and acquisitions legislation change in England and Wales in order to improve stakeholders’ knowledge and help the achievement of long-term economic stability.
  • A comparison of the regulation of public corporations in England and Wales and the United States of America.

EU Law Dissertation Topics

  • What impact will European Union law have on the recognition of Parliamentary Sovereignty in the UK in the aftermath of Brexit?
  • What are the important components of EU legislation that the UK should want to preserve in the aftermath of Brexit?
  • Is an EU Constitution required in light of the direct effect of EU legislation and the acknowledgment of state accountability in individual Member States?
  • How has the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950 aided in the worldwide acceptance of human rights?
  • What are the most major difficulties in the EU between social policy and trade, and what attempts have been made to reconcile them so far?


There you have it, a list of 30+ law dissertation topics that you can improve and explore in your dissertation project. It’s important to share your topic with your supervisor first, so they can help you to determine whether it would be a good topic to explore.

To be clear, this is by no means an exhaustive list. You should therefore use it as an inspiration to help you find the right topic that you be more comfortable exploring.

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