Employee Grouping Essay (APA Referencing)

Based on the employees’ attitude towards work, they can be subdivided into demoralized, frustrated or encouraged groups. Depending on the classification of the employees, the productivity of workers varies greatly. The demoralized workers will tend to undertake their assigned chores slowly or ineffectively (Bremen & Davenport, 2014). For instance, I choose to illustrate this case using a colleague who seems demoralized.

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Experience of the coworker who falls under the demoralized group

The demoralized colleague exhibits particular traits. For example, the coworker typically arrive at their work station late and always have excuses for it. Additionally, the worker usually have increased levels of absenteeism, incomplete projects, and augmented conflicts with the immediate superiors and other employees (Bremen & Davenport, 2014).

Why a demoralized employee finds themselves in such situations?

The demoralized worker found themselves in the circumstances because of lack satisfaction with their salaries, absence of being engaged by the organization, lack of a profound organizational culture and absence of a strong leadership by the management.

What the demoralized workers did, or might have done, to improve their experience?

The dispirited colleague improved their situation after opening up and communicating their problems and challenges at work with the organizational administration. The worker also avoided conflicts through undertaking their chores accurately and timely.

What did their leader(s) do or not do that pushed them toward a particular group?

A leader could develop incentives to ensure a worker not only attain the organizational goals but also the personal targets such as annual salary increment and promotions. A leader will need to identify the individual employee’s needs and work towards their attainment and thus boost their moral (Dohmen, Falk, Huffman & Sunde, 2009). Regularly engaging employees positively shapes their attitude. Lastly, market analysis is essential particularly to review the wage range in the industry and thus ascertain the organizational salaries are competitive. A leader who do not engage their workers, undertake market analysis especially to review salaries or identify other means of inspiring the workers’ attitude will result to the workers being demoralized.


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