Dissertation Topics in Finance: 50+ Examples for Inspiration

May 9, 2023

dissertation topics in finance

Finance is an interesting field to study that deals with how humans obtain funds and how they handle the investment.

As a student taking a master’s degree or Ph.D. course in finance, you’ll need to write a dissertation project before graduation.

What’s a better way to start the project than to look for the best dissertation topic in finance?

Unfortunately, choosing the right topic fast can be quite a big challenge, in part because finance is a wide subject that covers different areas.

While the rule of thumb when it comes to picking a topic for your dissertation is to identify an area you’re passionate about, the topic you select must be relevant, manageable, and useful with respect to a career path in finance.

We want to make your work easier with this guide, so you can have an easy time working on your assignment. B

elow you’ll find 50+ examples of topics related to finance. With that many choice, it should be easy for you to identifying one interesting topic you can explore further in a 100 to 300 pages long dissertation.

Dissertation Topics in Finance: 50+ Examples for Inspiration

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dissertation topic in finance.

At the end of the, though, you need to make sure that the topic you choose falls within the area of your expertise and is interesting enough to explore. Here are 50+ ideas to get you started:

Ethics in Accounting Dissertation Topics

Accounting is a profession that, by its very nature, requires a higher level of trust and ethical code of conduct for better financial reporting.

Many questions have emerged from the increase in ethical scandals in accounting, and some of these require further studies. Some of the topics to consider in this area include:

  • Profits vs. whistleblowing in the workplace What is the best course of action?
  • Banking on Ethics: A Look at Ethics in the Banking Profession
  • Managers’ judgment has a role in financial reporting.
  • Using accounting methods to reduce tax liabilities. Isn’t that unethical?
  • Can accounting control systems ever prevent all occurrences of company fraud and unethical behavior?
  • Transfer pricing and tax avoidance Methods for teaching ethics to university accounting students that work.
  • Is an auditor’s independence only a perception or a reality?
  • Accounting, ethics, and the missing links: a case study from the United Kingdom
  • Contradiction in action: An broadening of the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • The Ethics of Tax Evasion as Perceived in the United Kingdom

Internet Banking Dissertation Topics

The debut of internet banking changed the way individuals and businesses manage their transactions.

These days, it’s easy to send and receive money right from the comfort of your home, and this practice alone has made online banking quite significant.

If you’re focusing on internet banking, your dissertation can focus on any of the following topics:

Best practices for online banking and transactions in terms of security.

  • Future Internet banking advancements in the United Kingdom.
  • Will Fintechs be there in the long run?
  • Internet banking services in the United Kingdom vary greatly: A comparison study.
  • How have the internet and mobile banking altered the corporate landscape?
  • Is digitization causing havoc in the financial industry?
  • Internet banking usage: A comparison between young and old people
  • A comparative assessment of digital innovation in the banking business in Europe and the United Kingdom.
  • The economic and financial consequences of internet banking

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

Microfinance has a wider audience, which is why there’s more effort in place to enhance its growth through banking and corporate sector.

Here are some topics that you can investigate:

  • What are the barriers to the establishment of a fully-fledged microfinance sector in the United Kingdom?
  • An investigation on the influence of microfinance in emerging economies.
  • Microfinance is becoming more popular in the UK banking business.
  • Considering the fast growth of international microfinance.
  • Access to financial services for the poor, including microfinance and microcredit: A Eurozone empirical study
  • Factors that influence the success of microfinance institutions.
  • Is microfinance empowering women all across the world?
  • How crucial is credit and other financial services to economic development and investment?
  • A strategic study, debate, and suggestions for assessing the demand for collective investment plans in the United Kingdom.
  • Microfinance’s influence on poverty reduction and economic growth

Alternative Investment Dissertation Topics

Financial market is more volatile now than ever before, and that alone prompts many investors to consider alternative means of spending their money.

Some of the sectors investors are willing to tap into due to high returns and less volatility include mutual funds, private equity, and hedge funds.

This sector still requires more investigation, especially since alternative investments don’t correlate to the current stock market. Some topics to consider include:

  • Index and mutual funds are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Hedge Funds: A new investment option for institutional investors and an entry into the retail market.
  • Hedge funds: are they risk diversifiers, return enhancers, or both?
  • Experiment evidence for investment diversification in alternative investment vehicles.
  • An assessment of the function and performance of UK capital markets as an alternative source of funding to banking.
  • The regulatory interference and enforcement authority in alternative investments.
  • The causes for the continuing rise of hedge funds and their implications for the UK financial market
  • The UK’s private equity market and numerous investors
  • Private equity investment in the European Union: Prospects for the Future

Accounting Standards Dissertation Topics

There’s a higher demand to maintain strict and high standards in accounting practices in many countries.

Yet these standards have raised a number of important questions that existing studies haven’t addressed. So several ideas that you could focus on in your dissertation include:

  • What is the standard for reporting on sustainability?
  • An examination of the likely effects of Brexit on the UK’s accounting standards and framework.
  • How have changes to the Companies Act and the Corporate Governance Code changed the function and duties of UK accountants over the last decade?
  • An inquiry into accounting outsourcing from the UK’s point of view.
  • An examination of accounting outsourcing from the standpoint of the United States.
  • Is the existing set of accounting standards meeting its goals?
  • The balanced scorecard: “Holy Grail” for law firms?
  • The growing demand for social and environmental information disclosure: Implications for large organizations

Retail and Commercial Banking Dissertation Topics

Retail and commercial banks may be on the decline, but they’re still an important part of the banking industry.

That’s so especially since they continue to play a big role in reaching out to semi-urban and rural populations that need financial services.

This segment of financial study focuses on examining how the baking sector has changed to accommodate the constantly changing demands of banking on the different segments of the economy.

Here are some topics to focus on in your dissertation:

  • How have banks influenced the growth of SMEs in the United Kingdom?
  • Change agents in the European Retail Banking Sector: An Analysis and Implications for Local Commercial Banks
  • Changes and preferences brought about by customer needs are driving the evolution of retail banking.
  • Inventory management in mobile banking: A case study of underdeveloped nations
  • In the UK banking business, what is the link between equity, pricing, and performance?
  • Financial services to the rural population: a study of retail banking problems in the United Kingdom
  • An examination of how information technology has revolutionized financial services in the United Kingdom.

Cryptocurrency Dissertation Topics

Cryptocurrency is currently more than a lucrative class of investment in the digital economy. It’s an area that has attracted the attention of many investors all over the world.

Despite its popularity, Cryptocurrency doesn’t have sufficient academic research yet, and therefore there’s a need to read and research further into the field.

If Cryptocurrency is your area of study as a finance student, here are some dissertation topics to consider:

  • Are we ready to demonetize the globe with cryptocurrency?
  • How to calculate risk and return in the crypto finance industry.
  • Is the cryptocurrency market influenced by technical analysis?
  • Are cryptocurrencies suitable for swing trading?
  • Is it feasible to make cryptocurrencies less volatile by employing a derivative strategy?
  • Are the returns on the cryptocurrency market sustainable?
  • What is the investing potential of other alt currencies in the face of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s dominance?
  • Cryptocurrency asset price. Do the standard theories apply in this case?
  • Why are banks so adamantly opposed to digital currency?
  • Cryptocurrencies are compared to other asset types.
  • What role do derivative goods play in crypto currencies?


If you’ve scanned through the topic ideas that we’ve given you in this guide, you’ve more than likely realized that there’s a lot to explore. So whether you’re interested in cryptocurrency, accounting, retail and commercial baking, or other areas of finance, you should find the right topic to explore in your research.

The goal is to choose a topic that interests you, but you also need to make sure it’s within your area of study. When in doubt, talk to your instructor. 

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