Capstone Project Discount to Save Money on Writing

February 12, 2024

capstone project discount

Is your budget so tight that you can’t pay more than a few dollars to have someone do a capstone project for you? You can hire Help for Assessment at a discounted price to get the paper done for you.

We focus on in-depth research, proper structure, helping you understand your work better, and meeting deadlines. Even at discounted prices, our writers and editors ensure you get high quality papers written for you.

How Much Discount Do I Get?

Help for Assessment offers a 10% discount to all new orders. You should take advantage of this offer if you have only a few dollars, pounds, or rupees to spend.

The project is 20 to 30 pages long. Some can be 50 to 60 pages long double-spaced. If you order a 30-page paper on Help for Assessment, the total cost comes will be between $389.7 and $1,200 depending on the urgency. If we apply the 10% discount to your order, you save between $38.9 and $120, again depending on the urgency of the project.

Our idea with the discount code isn’t necessarily to get you just to pay for our services. Rather, our intention is to make our writing services accessible to everyone, including those who are on a tight budget.

Does Help for Assessment Offer Coupon?

Yes, Help for Assessment gives you a 10% discount on your order in the form of a coupon code. This code is only accessible only to you when placing an order.

coupon code help for assessment

It’s important to note that our coupon codes expire immediately after you apply them, meaning you cannot use the same code if you wish to place another order in the future. We apply an expiration time to every code to ensure our business runs smoothly and to control possible spam attacks.

We do not make our coupon codes public on third-party websites. So searching for such an option online won’t yield you any results. What we do instead is to issue the discount at the time of order. In other words, you have to ask the support team for a discount code, especially if you’re new to Help for Assessment.

How Do I Redeem My Coupon?

Here’s how to redeem the coupon code:

  • First, click here to go to the order page.
  • Complete your order details, making sure you provide all the necessary information about the capstone project that you would like is to write for you.
place order on help for assessment
  • Ask the support team for a 10% discount code. The person on the live chat will generate a code for you at the back end and send it to you. 
  • Input the under the Enter the coupon code and click Apply section. 
  • Click Safe checkout.

The overall amount you pay for the writing service should now be 10% less than what you would have originally paid. This is a great way to save some money and still get a high quality capstone project or capstone proposal written for you.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

At this time, Help for Assessment only takes payments through PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card. We look forward to adding additional payment options, such as Stripe, Payoneer, and Apple Pay, in the future. For now, our system works flawlessly with PayPal and Card integration.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal or financial information. We use a secure encryption protocol to process every transaction, so your details are always safe with us. At the same time, the amount you pay for the project is usually 10% less if you have a coupon code from our customer support team.

Can I Pay 50% Upfront and the Balance After Work is Complete?

Help for Assessment doesn’t accept payments in installment at this time. While we would have loved to allow you to make payments in two divisions, we prefer you make full payments for a smooth operation of our platform.

One of the reasons why we don’t allow customers to make two rounds of payments is that we have to pay our writers for the work that they’ll do. Academic writers generally don’t start working on any order unless they receive a payment for the work. This has always been a tradition from the very beginning and it’s probably something you already know.

Second, we’ve built our system such that we can see your order on the writers and editors’ end once you make a full payment for your order. Outside this limit, we can’t see or work on your order, and we do not take any responsibility if your work delays or goes past the deadline. To be on the safe side, buy a capstone project online by paying for it in full.

Do You Have a Partial Payment Plan? 

One of the questions we get so often is whether the Help for Assessment agency allows customers to make partial payments. The short, simple answer is that we don’t.

While we would have loved to accept partial payments on our platform, we don’t do so to prevent personal conflicts that would otherwise lead to legal dispute. Ideally, we recommend that you pay for your order in full or order a few pages at a time depending on what you can afford to pay. 

Also, keep in mind that we take upfront payment. You have to pay for the order in full before we start working on it. This has been our approach to work for 6+ years, and we intend to keep it that way even as technology continues to thrive.

How Can I Order a Capstone Project on Help for Assessment?

We have a detailed process on how to order a capstone on Help for Assessment. We strongly suggest that you check that out to understand how our system works and how you can get the most out of it. The purpose of the post is simple. Our intention is to get you from knowing nothing about how our system works to getting the most out of it in no more than 10 minutes.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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