30+ IB Business Management Extended Essay Topics

June 8, 2024

business management extended essay topics

In this post, we give you a list of potential business management topics suitable for an extended essay report.

You also learn how to choose the best idea to explore, even if you don’t have enough time left before the first meeting with your supervisor.

The ideas we share with you here should cut down the brainstorming time, so you can get down to writing as soon as possible.

Business Management Extended Essay Topics

Don’t worry if you don’t have a business essay topic yet for your EE assignment. Below are simple and equally interesting examples to get started:

Small Business Management 

  1. The planning culture suited to small or privately held businesses.
  2. Managerial business counseling techniques
  3. Discuss the management techniques for small firms
  4. Analyze the relationship between innovation and microbusiness growth

Financial Management 

  1. Aspects of business management in mechanical engineering pertaining to finances
  2. How to administer the financial data system
  3. Why every organization needs a risk and insurance management policy
  4. How to administer taxes and income for large businesses

Motivation and Human Resources 

  1. The significance of motivation and social media in achieving an accurate understanding of job objectives
  2. Should businesses give greater recognition to persons of color, or would this have the opposite effect?
  3. What obligations do managers have for their employees?
  4. How can remote employees develop workplace trust and mutual respect?
  5. People despise their employers for no apparent reason, or because they force them to do things beyond their comfort zone?
  6. What characteristics should a competent manager possess?
  7. Should businesses provide equal opportunity for all employees?
  8. Why is fostering a happy environment in the workplace so important?
  9. Mention workplace sexual harassment protection procedures.
  10. Why do some businesses impose clothing rules on their employees?

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 

  1. Is it moral or bad to obey the company's policies when they contradict fundamental human principles?
  2. What impact does the black market have on legal businesses?
  3. Should businesses consider the incorporation of patriotic educational efforts and sessions into business education?

Leadership and Management 

  1. What distinctions exist between managers and leaders?
  2. How does your management push you to improve your work performance?
  3. What are leadership and management talents, and what are their distinctions?
  4. Discuss business management fundamentals and practices.
  5. Evaluative quantitative methodologies applied in management.
  6. The significance of corporate communication to good management
  7. Why computer apps are crucial for every management
  8. Considerations related to cooperative management.
  9. The role of public relations in controlling a company's reputation
  10. Discuss the elements of purchasing and inventory management

Good Business Management EE Topics 

  1. How does the stock market respond to catastrophes?
  2. Does the legalization of marijuana in various countries and/or states have a direct effect on the economy?
  3. Has the introduction of smartphone-based convenience businesses such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb had an impact on the market?
  4. To what extent has the digital infrastructure supported traditional businesses during Covid-19?
  5. What is the effect of tourism on the economy of your country in light of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  6. What is the effect of population control in China on business and economy?
  7. To what extent is the government responsible for the successful operation of businesses in your country?
  8. How effective is the control of the diamond market by DeBeers in keeping the prices of gem-quality diamonds high?

While these topics are for inspiration, you can pick one and modify it to your liking. You’ll then conduct research based on the business management EE guidelines and write your report thereafter. 

How to Choose Business Management Extended Essay Topics

The marking scheme used to grade extended essays gives us a clue on what a good topic for business management should look like. You should choose a topic that:

  • Is Relevant to Your Career: Is the topic relevant to a career path you intend to pursue after school? If the topic touches on something you can apply to solve a real-world problem, it’s probably a good one to explore.
  • Is Interesting: The topic should be captivating not only to you but also to your audience. If you and your audience can draw parallels with the topic, you’ll have an easy time writing the business management EE.
  • Has Real-life Examples: Examples such as your favorite grocery store, parent’s business, and restaurants are not public knowledge. Therefore, choose a topic for which you can use major business events and examples known to your audience.
  • Encourages a Unique Approach: Use a controversial or unique approach to your topic. Doing so can easily capture the attention and the interest of your audience.

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