Biology Essay Topics: 50+ Ideas for Your Next Project

December 16, 2023

biology essay topics

A Biological essay is a technical piece of assignment that requires careful topic selection, structure, and writing. So if your teacher hasn’t given you a title for the essay, you should tread carefully when choosing topics.

In this post, we share with you a list of 50+ Biology related ideas, which you may find useful and equally interesting during the brainstorming stage. You can use the list as inspiration to come up with a topic of your choice, or you can pick of these examples and modify it to your liking.

Key Takeaways 

  • Because Biology is a broad subject, you should choose a topic that focuses on an interesting theme or an area that you’ve always wanted to explore.
  • Check the Biology assignment prompt for guidelines on what you have to do, as these are the instructions that will inform your essay.
  • Share the topic with your teacher first, so they can give you their opinion on whether it’s a suitable one to research.

50+ Best Biology Essay Topics

Below is a list of 50+ topics that you just might find useful and interesting enough to explore in your Biology essay:

Human Biology Essay Topics

  1. How does the mouse serve as a model for understanding human biology?
  2. What defines the secular trend observed in human physical growth over time?
  3. The significant role of medicinal plants in human life and health
  4. Understanding the characteristics of human biorhythms and their implications
  5. The interconnected circles of human blood circulation and the relationship between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  6. How do neurons interact within nerve centers, and what impact does this have?
  7. The influence of parental smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse on the embryonic development of a child

Controversial Biology Essay Topics

  1. What are the leading theories on how life initially emerged on Earth?
  2. Is there evidence suggesting that plants might experience something akin to pain?
  3. Can we determine if animals possess consciousness? 
  4. To what extent is animal testing essential for achieving major biological breakthroughs?
  5. What defines the concept of the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA) in evolutionary biology?
  6. Where did eukaryotic life forms originate from and what evidence supports this?
  7. Are viruses considered living entities, and why or why not?
  8. What are the fundamental theories explaining the origins of the human species?
  9. Why has the mystery of brain function remained unsolved despite scientific advancements?
  10. Is it scientifically accurate to state that a fetus cannot feel pain?
  11. What is the current understanding of the status of Nano bacteria in biological research?

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Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. How does a multicellular organism develop from a single cell?
  2. What are the defining characteristics of the regeneration process in living organisms?
  3. How does guided natural selection influence species’ evolution, and what are its implications?
  4. What structural and anatomical features differentiate mammals, using two representatives for comparison?
  5. How does catastrophe theory contribute to understanding the progression of life in nature?
  6. What are the biological aspects of pathogenesis in both animals and plants?
  7. How does self-regulation function within biological systems?
  8. Describe the processes involved in the reproduction and development of living systems.
  9. What are the fundamental organizational principles that sustain the biosphere?
  10. How do different forms of movement occur at the subcellular, cellular, and organism levels?

Cell Biology Essay Topics

  1. How do stem cells contribute to medical advancements?
  2. What pathways in cell biology offer promising approaches for treating Alzheimer’s disease?
  3. The primary research methods utilized in cell biology and how they contribute to scientific discoveries.
  4. How scientists study fixed objects and the insights that this approach provide. 
  5. The fundamental differences between DNA and RNA, and how do they function within cells.
  6. An overview of the structure and components that constitute a cell in biology

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Zoology Essay Topics

  1. What are the intricate migration patterns of birds and how do they navigate across vast distances?
  2. How primate language or communication systems resemble and differ from human language.
  3. Analyze how scientists analyze and manage the impact of invasive species on ecosystems.
  4. Explain how different species of animals communicate with each other.
  5. What historical evidence or scientific findings shed light on the domestication process of canines and its impact on their behavior and traits?
  6. Is there a correlation between brain size and the intelligence or cognitive abilities of different species?

Animal Research Essay Topics

  1. What factors contribute to the rising obesity rates among household pets?
  2. Ethical considerations surrounding the testing of beauty products on animals
  3. What cognitive functions do primates exhibit and how do these compare to human cognitive abilities?
  4. How do predators and prey adapt to their roles in the ecosystem and what strategies have evolved in this ongoing interaction?
  5. What variations exist in the vision of different animal species and how do these adaptations contribute to their survival?
  6. The implications of fishing practices on marine conservation efforts
  7. What are the consequences of removing animals from their natural habitats?

Botany Essay Topics

  1. What recent breakthroughs in plant research have significantly affected modern agricultural practices? 
  2. How do plants respond to various stressors and what physiological mechanisms enable them to adapt to adverse conditions?
  3. Elaborate on the structural diversity and different types of fungi.
  4. What recent discoveries or insights have emerged from the study of plant fossils and how do they contribute to our understanding of ancient plant life?
  5. How does the process of photosynthesis function in plants and what factors influence its efficiency and effectiveness?
  6. What are the mechanisms of genetic inheritance in plants and how do these mechanisms affect the traits and characteristics of plant species?
  7. What are some prevalent diseases or issues affecting plants and what methods are used to manage or prevent these problems?
  8. What unique characteristics define ferns, and what role do they play in the ecology and biodiversity of various habitats?

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