20+ Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

May 31, 2023

argumentative essay topics for high school

The first step to writing a high school-level argumentative essay is to determine what topics interest and singling out an idea that would be worth exploring.

In our experience, choosing arguable and educational topics tends to be challenging for most students than writing the essay itself. So we’ve put together a list of 20+ topic ideas to make it easy for you to get started right away.

Key Takeaways

  • Having to look through a list of revenant topics can take much of your time, but it’s a worthwhile approach for identifying an area to focus on.
  • Topic selection can be an intense process, but preliminary research can go a long way to help you choose the right area to focus your effort and attention.
  • Once you have a suitable topic in mind, you can use the academically approved structure to write the essay. 

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20+ High School Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of 30+ argumentative essay topics that are interesting enough to explore if you’re at high school level:

Easy Essay Topics about Environment

  1. Should we aim to eliminate single-use plastics?
  2. To what extent are humans accountable for global climate change?
  3. Do electric cars truly live up to their environmental claims?
  4. How does vegetarian food affect the environment?
  5. Is the United States taking sufficient measures to combat global climate change?
  6. Can nuclear waste be securely stored?
  7. 10. Is the US making adequate efforts to decrease CO2 emissions?

Technology Essay Topics for High School Level

  1. Social media is harmful to high school children and always has grave consequences.
  2. Does technology make people more dependent, and if so, how significant is this issue?
  3. Should we consider the Internet as a public utility, and what are the implications of such a designation?
  4. Students must not have the permission to have phones in class let alone bring them to school.
  5. Should there be a legal age limit for social media use?
  6. Should the United States increase its investment in the space program?

Essay Topics that Focus on Human Ethics and Society

  1. Is the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports justifiable or unethical?
  2. Should the government abolish death penalty or maintain it as a form of punishment?
  3. Is censorship of art and media necessary for society or an infringement on freedom of expression?
  4. Should social media platforms be liable for the spread of fake news and misinformation?
  5. Is homeschooling a better alternative to traditional public education?
  6. Is the government responsible for providing healthcare to its citizens?
  7. Should recreational marijuana use be legalized or remain illegal?
  8. Is affirmative action necessary for promoting diversity in higher education and employment?
  9. Should the minimum wage be increased or kept the same?
  10. Is gun control an effective solution for reducing gun violence in society?

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to School

  1. Does the school dress code discriminate against certain genders?
  2. Should school uniforms be mandatory for students?
  3. Is a year-round school calendar better than the traditional one?
  4. Is homework an essential part of a student’s education?
  5. Should teachers be flexible with accepting late assignments?

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Interesting High School Essay Topics

  1. Should flag burning be permissible?
  2. Can parents face legal consequences for their children’s truancy?
  3. Do social media have a negative impact on relationships?
  4. Should the government mandate businesses to prioritize diversity in hiring?
  5. Do you support raising the minimum wage?
  6. Is college education necessary for everyone?
  7. Is climate change a significant and genuine threat?
  8. Do wind farms provide benefits to the environment and the economy?
  9. Is it unsafe to use DNA for genealogy purposes?
  10. Should parents have the right to refuse medical treatment for their children?
  11. Is the US falling behind other countries regarding education?
  12. Do the actions of a nation’s leader influence the actions of its citizens?
  13. Should schools be required to provide art courses?
  14. Should all new vehicles be electric?
  15. Will AI have a positive or negative impact on the world?
  16. Should schools permit certain types of personal expression?

General Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Are e-readers inferior to printed books?
  2. Should college education be free for all?
  3. Do you think beauty standards should be more inclusive?
  4. Are all college majors equally valuable?
  5. Is social media harmful to children?
  6. Has technology redefined the concept of magic?
  7. Is climate change the most significant global threat?
  8. Should everyone have access to free healthcare?
  9. How effective are anti-discrimination laws in protecting disabled students?
  10. Is an online degree as valid as a degree from a traditional university?
  11. Is it a conflict of interest for a professor to require their students to purchase their own book?

Science Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Is social media exacerbating the mental health crisis, despite its potential to connect people?
  2. Are social media companies responsible for addressing the negative impact on their users?
  3. Should there be more regulations governing social media influencers?
  4. Is it appropriate to ban the use of Photoshop?
  5. Is modern technology enabling us to become more self-sufficient or more dependent? (While YouTube provides a wealth of knowledge, we rely heavily on GPS for navigation…)
  6. Does technology facilitate or impede modern-day communication?
  7. Is technology helping or harming the development of social and communication skills?
  8. Should the government allocate more funds to space exploration or focus on addressing issues on Earth?

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