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Do you find IB difficult and overwhelming? Our IB experts can help you understand your assignment, ease the difficulty of the diploma program, and put you in the better position of getting a 34.

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If you’re looking for help with the ToK essay, Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and ToK Exhibition, place your order today, and one of our IB specialists will help you get the work done.

The IB program is one of the most complicated frameworks in the education space. Our study on IB difficulty shows that it has the highest dropout rates compared to the Advanced Placement, with the dropout rate being as high as 50%.

We studied and created content on IB long enough to know why students dropout out, with at least 7 out of 15 students dropping the program after the first year. The program demands a lot of work, which many students find difficult and stressful.

We understand that sticking to the program requires patience, demands a lot of work, and you must have self-discipline to score good grades. However, you’re going to need help somewhere along the way, or you might find yourself quitting the program after one and a half years.

Help for Assessment is here to help you with your IB task, regardless of how complicated you think the work is.


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The Types of IB Tasks We Can Help You With

Help for Assessment is versatile and all-rounded. We can help you with all the IB tasks, so you can worry less about the difficulty of the program and focus on scoring good grades instead.

We can help you do:

1. Theory of Knowledge Essay

About 1,200 to 1,600 words in length, the Theory of Knowledge essay is, by its very nature, a comparative essay, which discusses an issue that you can compare and contrast with information and knowledge.

To write a TOK essay , you’ll need to:

The Theory of Knowledge essay isn’t a random collection of far-fetched ideas. Every piece of idea you introduce in the assignment should be factual enough to explain the key concepts in detail.

One thing about TOK essay is that it’s so hard to write that you can easily fail to get the full marks. You have to be a creative, clear, critical thinker, with the ability to write on knowledge issues. However, many students dread this assignment because they just can’t seem to get it right.

We’re here to help. We believe that you don’t have to drop the IB class simply because you don’t have the ability to demonstrate knowledge issues. So, if you have no idea how to get the 1,200 to 1,600 words TOK essay done, get in touch with us for help.


Hire our IB experts to help you work on your ToK essay from scratch.

2. IB Internal Assessment

IB Internal Assessment is a lot of work. Over the course of the two years in the program, you’ll have to write essays, complete CAS hours, create presentations, and write exams.

For example, the IB Economics subject requires 3 commentaries (or essays) within the two years of the diploma program, and your teacher is the one to assess and grade them.

To do well in your IAs, you’ll have to spend time researching and reading a lot. In some cases, you’ll have to consult your teacher and classmates. What’s more? Some subjects, especially in Higher Level can be so hard to get your head around that you might feel like dropping the IB program altogether.

Giving up on the program because of the intensity of the IAs isn’t a reasonable solution. The best thing to do is to seek professional write my IB service to help you get the work done.

Help for Assessment has the right team to work with. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you ease the intensity that comes with the IB IA.


Hire our IB experts to help you work on your Internal Assessment tasks.

3. Extended Essay

The IB Extended Essay is an independent, self-directed, 4,000-word assignment mandatory for all students in the diploma program.

Written under the supervision of an IB teacher in your school, the EE assignment requires that, in addition to writing the essay, you must attend all the reflection sessions, as these will reflect in your final grades.

You have enough time to do your EE, and your supervisor is there to guide you throughout the period.

However, you’re still going to have other projects to complete, including the Internal Assessments, Theory of Knowledge Essay, and the TOK Exhibition. So, the best thing to do is to seek for help outside your classroom, especially since the EE is an independent, individual-based project.

At Help for Assessment, we help students understand their EE better, even if they’ve selected topics they found difficult later in the course. In the end, they submit highly comprehensive Extended Essays that earn them the best grades.

You don’t have to struggle with your EE. Reach out to our IB experts and we’ll point you in the right direction by writing you an EE that you can use as a reference to work on your final paper.


Hire our IB experts to help you work on your Extended Essay from scratch.

4. IB TOK Exhibition

Introduced to the IB in August 2020, the TOK Exhibition is an independent assignment that takes the place of the TOK Presentation. To be first examined in May 2022, the exhibition requires students to explore how TOK manifest itself in the real world.

The TOK Exhibition introduces relational concept, which teaches IB students how to relate knowledge acquired in the classroom to the world around and beyond.

The foundation of the exhibition project is on knowledge and the knower , in which case you’re the knower who has to maintain a link to their IB leaner profile .

TOK Exhibition sounds interesting in theory, but it’s a technical project from a practical point of view. To do well, you have to:

It’s an overall challenging project, particularly because it’s a new concept to many IB students.

The best part is:

You can get professional help with your TOK exhibition. Whether you’re not sure about the IA prompt you’ve selected, you’re struggling to choose and relate the three objects, or you just can’t get yourself to write the commentary, we’re here to help.

Help for Assessment IB experts have done 100+ TOK exhibitions already, with 98% success rate. So if you order from us, you’re sure to get a high quality TOK exhibition commentary done and delivered to you on time.


Hire our IB experts to help you work on your exhibition project from scratch.

Get Help from Real Experts

Help for Assessment has been quite instrumental in helping all IB students understand their assignments. Not only do we have a database of resources that every student needs to learn more about Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Internal Assessment, we also have writing services for each type of the subject area that IB focuses on.

Our goal is simple:

We want to point you in the right direction, to help you understand every aspect of IB so that you never have to worry about the complexity of the program.

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