September 10, 2021

Writing an argumentative essay isn’t as easy as completing a personal statement.

Even if you believe that you hold a strong position in the context of the subject, your effort to persuade an audience can easily fall flat if you don’t if you don’t structure your argument properly. 

Often, argument demands that you make a claim, and then use reasoning and evidence to support your position.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to write an effective claim for an argumentative essay in a way that makes sense. 

What Is A Claim For An Argumentative Essay?

A claim in an essay is a statement of truth subject to debate that appears in the thesis of your argument. It must exclude known facts and personal feelings and, at the same time, leave room for debate.

In arguments, claims seek to convince, prove, or persuade readers to agree with your point of view.

It can’t be a personal opinion, or have a link to how you feel about a subject, or a suggestion of something that’s already morally right.

Instead of explicitly suggesting that you’re right, make your claim bounded up for inquiry within the given subject.

Moreover, a claim shouldn’t be just a statement that doesn’t communicate a message. It should move an audience to do or think in a certain way while giving them logical and sufficient reasons to do so.

Types of Claims In Argumentative Essay

Since a claim is what drives your argument, you need to make sure you choose an appropriate type to use. 

Depending on the topic in the essay prompt, there are 5 types of claims that you can use in argumentative writing.

Claim of Fact

A claim of fact deals with the validity of a given statement. It examines whether the statement is true or false.

Claim of Definition

Instead of just giving a dictionary explanation of what you’re talking about, take this even further by giving your personal explanation without sounding either biased or emotional.

When dealing with a claim of fact, pay close attention to the information you provide. In an argument, even a claim of definition should be debatable.

Claim of Cause and Effect

In a claim of cause and effect, you have to do two things extremely well to make the essay valuable.

First, describe the cause of an event, a topic, or situation. Second, explain the impact or effect of the issue in question has.

Claim of Value

A claim of value focuses on the significance of the topic in question.

Claim of Policy

In a claim of policy, you have to communicate two things to an audience.

First, you need to give them a reason why they should care. Second, let them know what they should do after reading your argument.

How to Write a Claim for an Argumentative Essay

You now know what a claim in an essay is, and you’ve probably already picked the type of claim to use in your argument.

So here’s how you can write an effective claim that will get your audience to consider your position and read the rest of the essay.

Explore the Essay Topic

Your instructor will either provide a focus topic or ask you to choose one. Either way, explore the topic and narrow down to ideas that you can easily argue.

If the subject is about global warming, for example, you can choose deforestation as the focus topic. Then present reasons and evidence on why it’s the main cause of the problem under investigation.

Ask a Question

Since narrowing down to a specific subject allows you to dig up tons of useful points for your central argument, you should come up with a few reasonable questions to help you come up with a relevant claim for the essay.

It’s best to come up with a central question that summarizes your thoughts, and then you can give a short, precise response that summarizes your stand.

Determine the Goal of Your Paper

To determine the purpose of your argumentative essay, take a step back and look at the topic your instructor wants you to focus on.

Then, come up with a claim that will challenge the opinion of your reader regardless of what they hold true.

As you write your claim, make sure to explicitly define your stand on one main idea or issue.

Of course, you’ll discuss multiple issues in the assignment. However, these multiple aspects should all tie down together to address the main theme mentioned in the thesis statement.

Don’t Hesitate To Take A Unique Approach To The Topic

If you read a few argumentative essay samples online, you may notice an element of similarity in the way many authors approach their claims.

They either state arguable facts and move forward or write a blunt claim altogether. While there’s nothing wrong with such a usual approach, it's unlikely to grab the attention of your reader. 

Taking a different approach means writing your claim in a way that makes it both sustainable and interesting.

Combined with an argument distinct from what a reader would consider as obvious, you can keep them glued to the essay to learn more about the topic under investigation.

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