August 11, 2021

tok exhibition prompts

The Theory of Knowledge Exhibition is a new assessment in the TOK syllabus. It replaces the TOK presentation and account for a third of the total marks for the TOK.

Assessed internally and moderated externally, the aim of the assessment is to help students demonstrate how Theory of Knowledge concepts manifest in the real world.

In addition to identifying the 3 objects for the exhibition, students have to choose one IA prompt from the 35 topics and then show the link between the selected objects and the IA prompt in a 950-word commentary.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to choose the best IA prompt for your TOK exhibition so that you can have an easy time exploring your objects and writing the commentary.

What’s an IA Prompt?

An IA prompt is an open question a student has to explore in their TOK exhibition commentary.

It’s important to note that TOK essay titles are different from IA prompts in the sense that while essay titles are subject to change, IA prompt remains the same each year.

For example, do good explanations have to be true is one of the prescribed essay titles that students has to explore in their TOK essays in 2019 and should therefore not be confused with an IA prompt.

In the context of the Theory of Knowledge exhibition, the IA prompt you choose should link back to the 3 objects and use context of either the core theme or one of the optional themes to how TOK manifests itself in the real world.

The IA prompt you choose will determine the design and methodology you use to use to arrive at your interpretation of the objects or the images of the objects that you choose for the exhibition.

How to Choose the Best IA Prompt for Your TOK Exhibition

According to the TOK exhibition guide, you have to choose only one question from the 35 IA topics. Yet given that 35 means a lot of option, it’s easy to get lost in a world of possibilities.

However, if you apply the right filter to each prompt, you’ll not only understand them better but also find an IA prompt that you can explore within the context of the core theme or one of the optional themes in TOK.

Step 1: Reading Each Prompt

Reading the 35 IA prompts one at a time can be time consuming, but that’s the only best way to know the concept behind each question as it relates to the Theory of Knowledge. Some aspects will link to just one prompt and some may have a closer link to several of the 35 IA prompts.

Step 2: Picking a Prompt

Once you have a clear concept of the IA prompts, look at them once again and then identify what would work best for you. It’s best to choose a prompt that interests you or one that has a concept that you already find interesting enough to explore. If a prompt resonates with your experiences in and outside school, go with it.

Step 3: Relating Your IA Prompt to a Theme

The IB TOK guide requires that you set your exhibition within the context of one of the optional themes or the core theme. So it’s important to make sure that the IA prompt that you choose is one that you can easily relate to the themes.

You can take this even further and explore the IA prompt in relation to real life situations. Doing so will go a long way to give you a clear idea about the objects to choose and what your exhibition should be about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more than 35 IA prompts?

No, there are only 35 IA prompts for the exhibition and you cannot add to the list. Your teacher expects you to choose only one prompt from the list and relate it to all the three objects.

Can I change the wording of the prompt?

The IB TOK guide states explicitly that you should not reword any title (question) provided in the prompt. Use them exactly as prescribed.

Where can I find the TOK exhibition prompts?

Check page 40 to 41 of the TOK syllabus guide. If you don’t have access to the guide, ask your teacher to share a copy with you. Or you can ask them to share only a list of the IA prompts in a separate document.

What’s the right way to link the prompt to the TOK course?

The new assessment requires you to explore your Internal Assessment prompt within the context of one of the core themes (language, technology, indigenous societies, religion, and politics) or the core theme (knowledge and the knower). Therefore, the best way to relate your IA prompt to the TOK course is to think of it in terms of either of the two themes.

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