Thinking Sociologically About Baltimore City (Essay Help)

From the survey, Freddie Gray’s neighborhood and Ronald park area are seen to be two different worlds apart. In the survey, the poverty level in Freddie Gray’s Neighborhood is very high compared to Ronald park area. At the same time, there is a big gap in the income levels; the income level in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood is less compared to the one in Ronald park area. Additionally, the number of youths who have reached high school education in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood is very few as compared to Ronald park area. Also due to less income, the number of youth reaching college education in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood is few as compared to Ronald Park Area (Bureau, 2013).

In comparison with the sociological conflict theory, the origin of conflict theory is as a result of discrimination in the education systems. This is where the white folks have dominated the body of education. Therefore, the African-Americans were prohibited from pursuing education. This is evident in the survey since it is seen that the level of income among the dominated African American community where Freddie Gray lived is less compared to the Ronald Park Area where the majority were the White. As a result of competition for power and wealth, the African American community ended up not pursuing higher learning as it is evident in the survey. Moreover, due to the increased level of poverty due to low income, conflict arises in the form of criminal activities and at the same time selling of drugs and drug substances increases.

Structural functionalism theory stresses how communities work together to form a stable community or reasons why communities fall apart. The survey shows how the African American communities and the white communities are separated. The statistics indicate that the two communities do not work hand in hand to form a stable and successful community. As a result, the resources in the community are not evenly distributed. Since the two communities do not cooperate, they do not form a stable community. In the survey, there is indifference in the level of poverty and the level of income. If the two communities established unity among themselves, there would have been no indifference in the society and as a result, the level of income and education would have been in the same bar. Moreover, the African American community and the White community are seen to live in different places; this shows that the structures of the society are not stable.


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