The Global Nature of Human Resources (Essay Help)

Administration of worldwide working arena is more diverse than the local workspace. In this light, for an organization to be prosperous in the international workspace, it must ensure diversification of its human resource management strategies regarding international assignments (Bohlander & Snell, 2004). This paper explains how to handle the transition to and from foreign assignments and how to set up a program that uses foreign assignments indicating the critical element that needs to be included.

Transitions To and From Foreign Assignments

Before the employees of many organizations become expatriates or go for foreign assignment countries, they are given cultural education. On completion of the international assignment, the repatriated workers face a cultural shock (Stone, 2013). This is because of the transition to the foreign way of life and a quick embarking on the former culture. As such, the repatriates should be involved in a cycle meeting that is supposed to brief them on the changed aspects of the organization such as the promoted individuals. Further, the series of meetings are significant since they are supposed to act as re-orientation in the organization.

A program that uses Foreign Assignments

To set up a program that uses foreign assignments, an organization should consider various vital components. In the first place, the organization should comprehend the culture of the host country to ensure that their worker can comfortably integrate to that culture through the appropriate training (Stone, 2013). Secondly, the organization should also consider the cost in the host country. The cost of efficiently living or working in the host nation could be extremely high thus inconveniencing the organization. Lastly, the organization should identify and comprehend the ethical standards regulating the international workspace depending on the line of work engaged by the organization and also the accentuation of the general values of integrity.


Numerous organizations are commencing programs that use foreign assignments especially as a result of globalization (Bohlander & Snell, 2004). In this case, it is vital for organizations to understand the global dynamics regarding international assignments. The global dynamics in connection with foreign assignments include considerations such as morality in the worldwide workspace and cultural training among others.


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