Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics: 50+ Ideas (2023)

April 21, 2023

social media argumentative essay topics

The advent of social media was for one greater cause: to bring people together and enhance interaction regardless of their demography.

Today, the internet has made it easier to connect based on social, economic, and political grounds, with people world apart connecting with the click of a button.

When it comes to social media topics that you can use in an argumentative essay, your options are no doubt unlimited.

In this post, we provide you with 30+ social media argumentative essay topics that you can copy, paste, and start exploring right away.

What is a Social Media Essay?

An argumentative essay on social media allows you to examine the impact of social networking platforms from both sides.

Like any other assignment in the category, you have to take a position on the top and then use logic, reason, and irrefutable evidence to support your claim.

The structure of the argument remains the same, so we won’t dwell much on that.

As you write the essay, you also have to consider and account for the other side of the argument and then use the strongest post or best evidence possible to respond to the counterclaims.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of 30+ topics that you can explore if your instructor has asked you to write a social media argumentative essay:

  1. Social media is responsible for the destruction of real-life communication
  2. Should the government ban Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp permanently?
  3. Is our addiction to online social networking out of control?
  4. Constant social media connection causes stress and loneliness in people
  5. Can children under the age of 18 own social media accounts?
  6. Are social media websites effective platforms for communication?
  7. Social media is the primary source of inferiority complex among teens
  8. Should Twitter introduce an algorithm that automatically filters negative and aggressive content?
  9. Does Facebook have the legal right to leave personal information of its users?
  10. Has social networking reduced the rate of unemployment?
  11. Should social network users have the right to obscure their identity online?
  12. Is our culture of online shaming and cyberbullying on Facebook and WhatsApp completely out of control?
  13. Social media makes teenagers more attracted to their physical appearance
  14. Does the use of social media make humans feel more alone?
  15. Should parents have the right to monitor and control what their teen children post on social media?
  16. The endorsements of celebrities on social media are unethical.
  17. It’s possible to have a life without social networks at this time
  18. Should emotional outburst be something we allow on social media?
  19. Celebrities are a negative influence to the young people on social media
  20. Is social media addiction at this time easy to control?
  21. Did Facebook really have to create the “Love” button?
  22. Are social media owners responsible for the excessive use of abusive language in the comment sections of their platforms?
  23. Should people with no special skills get famous and become social media celebrities or influencers?
  24. Are celebrity endorsements on social media misleading to clients?
  25. Can the use of social media for business help to boost enterprise appeal to the targeted clientele?
  26. Should human resource hire employees based on what the post on social media?
  27. Social media cannot help your business to succeed
  28. Should the government have the right to monitor and control what we post on social media?
  29. Facebook and WhatsApp groups play a huge role in promoting cyberbullying
  30. Should individuals first learn how to use caution while posting something online?
  31. Do social media facilitate or hinder actual communication?
  32. Are social media platforms undermining the democratic ideal?
  33. Which between Twitter and Facebook provides a better platform for a company advertisement?
  34. Are social media destroying the integrity of human relationships?
  35. Should we utilize social media more frequently to affect lives as opposed to impressing others?
  36. Does social media addiction enhance dopamine production in the brain?
  37. Has social media contributed to unrealistic life expectations that frequently result in depression?
  38. Has the use of social media resulted in greater time loss than any other activity?
  39. What are the harmful effects of adolescents’ continuous use of social media?
  40. What harmful behaviors have you developed because of your social media usage?
  41. Should social platform creators be accountable for harm caused by their platforms?
  42. Which is more effective, face-to-face or virtual communication?
  43. Do Family-based reality programs on social media do more damage than good?
  44. What effects do social media have on the lives of adolescents?
  45. Does it matter how many likes one receives on social media?
  46. Should social media users pay to increase their likes and views?
  47. Do social media control people’s emotions by the content they select to display?
  48. Due to social networking, personal connections are becoming weaker.
  49. Have social media decreased the company’s rate of job productivity?
  50. Which was superior, the world before social media or the world after?
  51. Should children have the permission to participate in social media?
  52. Have social media impacted the educational process?
  53. Is social media a cause of youth discontentment?
  54. What effect have social media had on the purchasing behavior of consumers?
  55. Is social media deceptive and mostly irrelevant to an individual’s development?
  56. Are social paths using social media to attract unwelcome attention?
  57. Is social media spreading deceptive images of how the world should be?
  58. Is social media responsible for a rise in adolescent suicide rates?

Social media essays may appear easy to write, but there is just so much overwhelming information on the subject that you may feel stuck on topic selection.

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How to Write Your Social Media Argumentative Essay

Before you begin writing your essay about social media, you must arrange your themes and ideas in a manner that makes writing much easier. So, here’s how you should approach this assignment:

1. Review the Assignment’s Instructions

The type of essay needed by your instructor will influence the structure you use, so be sure you understand what you must write.

It is also beneficial to read examples of other students’ work, which some tutors may provide. The samples will help you to write a high quality social media essay on a short time.

2. Choose a Topic that Interests You

This may be the most difficult step if your professor does not give a list of potential subjects to investigate. To aid you in narrowing down potential themes for your essay about social media, we have given you some example topics that you can explore.

If you don’t find any of the topics we’ve shared with you to be a good fit for your assignment, simply do additional internet search for more ideas. Alternatively, you can get ask your friends to share some additional ideas with you, especially if they spend most of their time on social media.

3. Research Your Topic

Personal perspectives and experiences may be significant, but you should support them by high-quality scientific evidence. Social media is an important academic field, so there should be enough research materials to help you write an argumentative essay on the subject that you choose.

If you are required to write an essay about social media and its impact, for instance, you should learn about the good and negative effects of social media.

4. Focus on the Main Points

These may contain your ideas, research results, and other pertinent data. Note any fresh ideas that occur to you about your selected topic.

Create an effective thesis statement. What will be the most crucial concept in your essay, based on all you have read? Do you wish to compose an essay about the downsides of social media? Or have you discovered that social networking is significantly more beneficial than most people believe?

Writing a thesis statement that limits the scope of your essay lays the groundwork for its organization.

5. Countercheck Your Points

Recheck your points to determine if any of them do not support your argument. These deletions will assist you in ensuring that your essay is well organized and focused. If you wish to discuss bullying on social media, for instance, you should not include a separate section on the educational uses of social media. Irrelevant remarks may confuse the reader and lose you a few additional points.

6. Write an Essay that Makes Sense

Create section headings that match to your primary points. Writing the titles of each part will assist you in arranging your arguments in a logical fashion. This will guarantee that your essay has a natural flow and is interesting to read.

If certain elements don’t appear to belong together in one area, rearrange them or replace them with relevant assertions.

A conclusion for an essay about social media should summarize your arguments and demonstrate how they support your thesis. Do not include any new material at this point, as doing so may confuse your readers and make your essay appear incomplete.

Tips to Write a Good Social Media Argumentative Essay

The following are some tips that you can use to write a good argumentative essay on social media:

Choose a Topic of Interest

Don’t a topic from your gut. And just because a topic looks good from the face value doesn’t make it a suitable option for your argumentative essay assignment.

Consider choosing a topic that interests you. It can be something you’ve spent a lot of time research lately or an issue you’ve always wanted to explore further.

If you do that, you will have an easy time researching your topic and defending your position on the social media issue you wish to address.

Include Examples in Your Essay

Your readers are interested in knowing why you’ve taken a stand on a given social media issue, even if they don’t currently hold that position.

An interesting way to capture their attention and solidify your position is to include relevant examples in your essay.

These examples should not only be relevant but also be things they can easily identify with or relate to.

For example, if your topic is on “Social Media causing unproductivity at workplace”, you can give relevant examples that show how it creates distraction and lack of attention tom details in workplace.

Use an Outline to Write the Essay

There’s a lot you can write about social media, but you can be sure that most of it is going to be either irrelevant or quite too obvious.

If you want your essay to grab the attention of your professor, use an essay outline for prewriting.

We can’t even start to explain how valuable an outline is. It’s such a powerful framework that lets you organize your thoughts in a logical order.

It also allows you to think those points through and determine whether they’ll be relevant for your social media essay.

Get Social Media Argumentative Essay Writing Help

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