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June 6, 2024

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Writing is an art that demands in-depth research, confidence in expression, and the ability to articulate ideas in a logical format. So when it comes to research proposal writing, you have to demonstrate the attributes of a skilled writer while expressing the significance of the research issue you would like to investigate.

Unfortunately, writing a research proposal from start to finish isn’t as easy. It’s an uphill task for some students, not to mention that there’s hardly 100% guarantee that a professor can approve a proposal. 

To boost your chances of scoring top makes and getting your idea approved for further research, it might be best if you hire a research proposal writer. At Help for Assessment, we have a team of talented writers who can help you get the work done with a higher level of professionalism and precision and have the work delivered to you on time. 

What is Research Proposal Writing?

Research proposal writing is about giving a brief overview of the planned research project. The final document explains what a research project is, what it will involve, what it will require, how you will execute it, and what you want to accomplish.

Like a blueprint, a strong research proposal functions as a strategy that you can follow methodically to complete your study successfully.

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How Our Research Proposal Writers Work

Writing a research proposal can be hard if you’re not familiar with the process. Fortunately, our research proposal writers can help you get the work completed in the shortest time possible.

Here’s how we do it: 

1. We Start with Topic Selection

Choosing a single topic among tens or even hundreds of options might be intimidating, but our writers have mastered the art of topic selection and can help you get it done fast. 

When it comes to topic selection, we often suggest picking an issue about which you feel strongly attached to or an area you wish to investigate further. The topic can be about an issue that captivated you in class or it might be something new altogether.

If you are enthusiastic about anything, it will be easier and more pleasurable for you to suggest that topic so we can explore it further in your research proposal.

The objectives of a study project must be very explicit. Therefore, we try to be as specific as possible without drawing any prior judgments or prejudice. However, we recommend that the topic you wish to investigate be one for which there is adequate previous research data to do an in-depth analysis.

When helping you to choose a topic, we also consider how the area of research can influence your career in the future. After all, it’s always good to look well into the future, and selecting the correct topic for a research project proposal may provide a solid foundation for your career.

2. Writing an Abstract

The abstract is a one-paragraph, 300-word summary of the full study. It outlines the scope of the research proposal project’s objectives.

The objective of an abstract is to describe.

Although your objective is to persuade the reader that your idea is worth pursuing, we will not attempt to sell it to them. We just make the abstract as concise without sacrificing clarity.

To help you with the abstract, we start by creating a brief paragraph that describes the scope of the entire project. Then, we provide a brief background to assist readers understand the project in its entirety. For more clarity, our writers go as far as to describe and argue briefly about the primary issues that your research proposal intends to address.

In addition, it is prudent to inform the reader on past research on the topic. This will provide a smooth transition into the project’s rationale and objectives. In the abstract, we describe your study methodology and findings in conclusion.

The abstract resembles a concise summary of the entire project, which is precisely what it is. You must paint a clear image for the reader who lacks the time to read the entire project. It also includes the key findings of your investigation.

3. Plan Your Studies

Some assignments require extensive reading, while others need you to go even further and collect primary data. The information is available online, but getting relevant sources to use takes hours of research and reading.

Many students tend to slack or give up at this point, but then this is where our research proposal writers come in. We help you to develop a plan for your study and find reputable and pertinent sources for your research proposal.

4. Outlining and Writing the Research Proposal

By the time we complete planning your study, we’ll have a clear idea of what to include in your research proposal. The next step is to create an outline for your project and use it to organize the most important points (and information) in a logical manner.

However, keep in mind that not all research proposals have the same format, as distinct entities have their own styles.


Similar to the start of an essay, the introduction of a research proposal intrigues and engages the reader, with the objective being to demonstrate the significance of your research.

Review of the Existing Literature

In this section, we will examine the existing studies and materials upon which you want to build. It gives context for your study and explains to your audience why you are conducting the project.

The primary objective of this section is to provide missing links in the current material, confirm what has been hypothesized, or emphasize what is already known.


How will you acquire the necessary information and data for your research? For a class assignment, it is preferable to demonstrate to your instructor that you have mastered the principles taught by utilizing the research methods you have learned this semester.

If the research project is your own, we may select the methodologies that provide it the most credibility. Additionally, we must identify primary and secondary sources to help with the project.


Here, we will include the precise titles of the books, journals, papers, and other sources that you consulted for your study. We will include them in APA, MLA, or other appropriate forms. We will use APA for social sciences and MLA for research proposals in humanities.


The length of a research proposal project varies depending on the subject and the instructions issued by your teacher. However, it’s typically between 4 and 8 pages or 8,000 words.

In writing, the humanities utilize the past tense, but the social sciences utilize the present tense. The sciences frequently use past tense to describe events.

Why You Should Hire Our Research Proposal Writer

1. Timely Delivery

Most students have difficulty meeting deadlines. When you have little time but need to present a high quality, professor-approved research project, all you need to do is hire us. We work around the clock to guarantee that you never miss a deadline or incur fines.

2. Expert Writers

In our pool, we have some of the most extraordinarily skilled authors. Numerous of them possess Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even Doctoral degrees. They are familiar with creating a research proposal. Thus, you can rely on our professional writers to develop a faultless research paper that will get an immediate approval.

3. Our Work is 100% Original

When you engage us to compose your research proposal, you can be assured that it will be authentic and distinctive. We place a premium on originality, and we do not allow any form of plagiarism. Before submitting your work, our skilled editors confirm that it is original and free of plagiarized language.

4. Proofreading

To produce a faultless piece of writing, our editors proofread and edit the work. When you receive the assignment, you will simply be required to submit it. The work you receive from us is error-free and suitable for submission to your professor.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

We cannot predict when a client will want our services, if there is one thing we have learnt over the course of our many years in business. For this reason, we have a large team of customer service representatives that are committed to assisting you with any issue. You may contact us by email or chat whenever you need assistance.

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