50+ Best Position Paper Topics for Your Assignment in 2024

January 21, 2024

position paper topics

There’s no denying that writing a position paper is easier said than done, although the problem becomes even more compounded. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

You just need to brainstorm ideas, perform preliminary research, refine your thoughts, and you’ll get great position paper topics that you can write about with ease and excitement.

In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the right position paper topic for your paper. We’ve also included some example topics that you can pick and use right away.

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How to Choose the Best Position Paper Sample Topics 

Step #1: Brainstorming Position Paper Topics

choose position paper topics

Consult the Syllabus

If your supervisor has left it to you to choose a topic, you may want to check out the syllabus to determine the areas that are most relevant to your course as well as the interests of the professor. Read the course objective and then look at recent assignments to get some ideas.

Write Down a List of Topics 

With a refreshed memory of your recent work, get a pencil and create a list. Just write anything that comes to your mind within a limited period. It is too early to criticize yourself too much at this stage as you are just trying to get some ideas.

Narrow the List Down to Three Possible Topics

Armed with your brainstormed list, strike out less interesting ideas until you remain with 3 potential topics to work with. They don’t have to be firmly thesis statements by now. They just need to be narrower focus areas where you can explore further.

Do Preliminary Research

Using encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana or any other encyclopedia of repute, search for the most important terms in the 3 broad topics you previously outlined.

Read Newspaper Articles

Go to some of the reputable newspapers’ databases like the New York Times and Washington Post and read further about the keywords for your topic. You are likely to find current news regarding your topics.

Also, reading newspaper articles will enable you to understand if critical or new developments have taken place that you can consider writing about.

Speak with a Librarian for Assistance

The librarian is another important resource person you should contact for ideas about position essay topics. Armed with notes you have written from your preliminary research, talk with your librarian about potential topics. Ask them about unique databases or books they can suggest for your research. This will help you to get new angles about your potential topic.

Talk with an Expert

Do you know anyone working in the field that you want to research?

You can go as far as asking family members and friends if they happen to know someone. Another option is to do research online and try to find experts in the field. Once you have identified an expert, just shoot them an email with a list of questions you have or give them a call.

Which Topics Have the Highest Number of Sources?

After your research, review which topics have many critical resources and the ones that have just a few. You will need many materials to support your thesis later.

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Step #2: Refining Your Broader Topic

Phrase Your Position Paper Topic as a Research Question

Use your earlier research to guide you, and turn those broad ideas into research questions and attempt to answer it with your position paper.

Add Detail to Narrow the Scope of Your Question

You should attempt to make the question a little more specific to enable you to address the topic uniquely. This is best done by restricting the topic through the addition of conditions.

Write a Thesis Statement

At this point, you need to use your research to come up with a simple answer to respond to the question you have just created. This will form the topic of your paper as well as the idea you want to centralize the research going forward.

Based on your reading, the answer could be evident. Alternatively, you may want to check the articles again now that your topic has been narrowed.

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Sample Position Paper Topics You Can Use Right Now

IELTS/TOEFL Position Topics

Given the anxiety and stress that you may already be experiencing, it may be difficult to find a strong topic for IELTS/TOEFL position essay. Here are a few suggestions you may think of:

1. Which one do you prefer: lectures or classes with open discussions? Provide specific reasons why you agree or disagree.

2. What’s your opinion of using online sources of printed materials for research? Give reasons to support your preference.

Social Media Topics

3. There is a suggestion from some people that social media sites can be used in place of face-to-face communication. What’s your opinion? Give reasons for your answer.

4. Should textbooks be replaced with online study materials? Back your position with specific reasons.

5. Should parents control the time that their kids spend on social media platforms? Give reasons.

Environmental Topics

6. Global Warming threatens the survival of humankind. Agreed or disagreed? Give reasons for your position.

7. Should fast world countries take responsibility for ozone depletion? Why do you think so or otherwise?

8. Does reduced meat consumption have any link with conservation efforts? Give reasons to justify your opinion.


9. The benefits of attending college are greater than the costs. Agreed or disagreed? Provide reasons to back your position.

10. Should a restriction be put on private property ownership? Why or why not?

11. Banks are necessary. Provide reasons for or against this assertion

Position Topics on Health

12. Is health disparity becoming a major problem in the US? What should we do to curb it?

13. What are embryos: people or property? Provide answers to justifying your stance.

14. Was Trump right to abolish Obamacare? If so why? If not, why not?

Other examples of position essay topics for College Students 

15. Are prisoners deserving of voting rights?

16. Should the age for drinking alcohol be increased or reduced?

17. Does exposing children to violent video games cause issues of behavior?

18. Are Chief Executive Offices being paid too much?

19. Does providing condoms avoid teenage pregnancy?

Position Paper Sample Topics

  1. Discrimination in the workplace because of gender or race - what policies are there and are they effective?
  2. Government surveillance: what’s the legal position?
  3. Trump’s Wall: Will the proposed wall at the US/Mexico border curb illegal immigrants into the US?
  4. Child vaccination: What is your take about vaccination, its health benefits, and dangers?
  5. Prescription drugs: Are prescription drugs too expensive? Are they leading to increased substance abuse and acting as gateway drugs?
  6. Sport: Should college athletes be paid or otherwise be given cash incentives?
  7. People on welfare should be subject to regular drug testing.
  8. How should copyright law and intellectual property rights be upheld online?
  9. The US education system needs to be overhauled.
  10. Liberal arts education has no practical value.


  1. People automatically waive their right to privacy when they post personal content online.
  2. Parents have an absolute right to limit their children’s time online and with electronics.
  3. Social media is destroying family ties and personal values.
  4. Sending a resume online is as good as the traditional printed one.
  5. With the advent of green technology, companies with a large carbon footprint should be compelled to take green action.
  6. Drone warfare is ethical and warranted.
  7. Cyberwarfare is inevitable and essential to protect the country's digital interests.


  1. Immigration is a valuable source of diversity and talent.
  2. The identity of a person depends in a big way on their ethnic or racial background.
  3. Parents are responsible for raising children who are aware and respectful of diversity.
  4. 9/11 gives America the right to deal with terrorism from the source through direct war.

Climate and Environment

  1. Manufacturers should be held legally responsible for cleaning up the waste and pollution they cause.
  2. Human species is on the verge of extinction.
  3. Endangered species should be given similar rights as humans.
  4. There should be a legal mandate to enforce recycling to help protect the earth.

MUN Position Paper Sample Topics

  1. Human trafficking.
  2. Violence against women.
  3. Torture, rape, and abuse in times of war.
  4. Terrorism.
  5. Immigration (legal or illegal).
  6. Gun laws and illegal sale of weapons.
  7. Drugs and drug trafficking.
  8. Extradition laws.
  9. Corruption and embezzlement of public funds.
  10. Climate change and global warming.


Choosing the topic of an argumentative essay is not easy. You will need to brainstorm, check your notes, talk with an expert, ask your teacher, and generally do a lot of research to come up with a decent topic.

But once you get a good topic, everything else will fall into place. The above tips should help you arrive at a nice topic and you can also use the examples above to get some inspiration.

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