Music Argumentative Essay Topics: 25+ Ideas for Inspiration

April 21, 2023

music argumentative essay topics

Music is no doubt the best go-to stress buster for all of us. No wonder if you look around you, you’ll see people listening to music from all kinds of music devices you can name.

From Mp3 players and smartphones to PA systems and car stereos, the world around you is no doubt almost fully musical in form.

With news lyrics, celebrity gossips, artists, and new musical hits appearing on YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Spotify every day, there’s no limit to the number of argumentative essay topics on music.

From Robert Matthew Van Winkle fast rap to Dax hip-hop tunes, finding the right essay topic to explore just got easier. In this post, we give you a list of 30+ argumentative topics from which you can choose an appealing title to give your essay a fresh, breathtaking spin.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

The following is a list of 30+ music argumentative essay topics that you can consider if you have no idea where to start – or if you need a title to start working on right away:

  1. Is pop culture an evergreen vogue or a temporary fad?
  2. Can we term fusion music as actual music?
  3. White rappers are giving a bad name to the rap music genre
  4. Pop music is worthy enough for our ears than rap music
  5. Jazz music is dying out
  6. Can we use music as treatment for mental health disorder?
  7. Music influencers are a waste of time
  8. People should not allow the playing of music in the realm of politics and political campaign
  9. Digital music formats will completely wipe out physical copies from distribution
  10. It’s impossible to enjoy music without understanding the lyrics
  11. Metal music has a very bad influence on people’s behavior
  12. EMD is pure noise, not music
  13. One doesn’t need to have musical training to write lyrics and sing as natural talent is enough
  14. Should School students should study music instead of learning how to dance
  15. Is music an effective means of drawing in potential customers to a new product?
  16. Music has the power to increase an individual’s level of productivity
  17. Music isn’t as addictive as movies and television series
  18. Children can learn music faster than adults
  19. Music producers are not doing enough to promote musicians new to the industry
  20. Are parental warning labels on music videos really necessary?
  21. Music can’t affect a student’s ability to read and complete their homework
  22. Social media presence and celebrity stays hugely contributes to the rate of an artist’s success.
  23. Should companies incorporate music in their marketing campaigns?
  24. Existing laws cannot stop people from realistically copying music
  25. Music doesn’t help the world become a better place
  26. Do music award events influence the type of music that many people listen to?
  27. Music award shows create hostility among musicians more than they inspire creative art
  28. Music should be a mandatory subject in literary school
  29. Music producers are responsible for the moral degradation that stem from the production of explicit music
  30. Can the entertainment industry prevent
  31. Do certain genre of music, such as rap and hip-hop, generate violence?
  32. It’s unethical to copyright traditional music
  33. Can we borrow music from international artists without necessarily attributing their work?
  34. Should the social controversies about a musician influence our decision to listen to their music?
  35. Do musicians choose the genre of music depending on the instruments used?
  36. Movie and TV production industries pay musician more for continuous use of their work.
  37. Is music of the future generation will be more annoying than the current
  38. Music that’s used to present bad and harmful ideologies should be banned
  39. The advent of internet music has made physical music stores completely irrelevant
  40. Music can help a person to mediate and find a greater purpose in life
  41. Is listening to music more entertaining than watching movies or playing the 21st century video games?
  42. Music genre has a limited number of tune variation
  43. Is music without lyrics pure?
  44. Should YouTube ban the publication of X-rated music completely?
  45. Classical music is better than other music genres.
  46. Companies such as Spotify and Deezer should stop charging people a monthly subscription to listen to music.
  47. Offline music apps are a waste of time in the current internet-powered world.
  48. Are piano music sheets relevant in the production of modern music?
  49. Politicians use music as propaganda in political races.
  50. Music has a positive impact on modern society.
  51. Traditional old school music is better than modern music.
  52. The production of explicit music videos should banned.
  53. Is there a connection between different music genres?
  54. Classical music doesn’t play any significant role in the production of music today
  55. International music is better than local music
  56. Does the ability to play piano automatically makes one an expert in writing music sheets?
  57. There’s no connection between social class and music genre
  58. Does music have a negative influence on society?
  59. X-rated music has a negative effect on a listeners brain
  60. Music is way better than other types of media
  61. Music has more influence on culture than poetry does
  62. Is writing music an art?
  63. Writing music doesn’t reflect the way an artist thinks in their daily life
  64. Do women play an important role in the production of music?
  65. Women play a great role in the production of music
  66. Modern pop music is badly written compared to the pop music of the 60s.
  67. Celebrities who release music but have no musical talents should not be promoted to be as famous as professional musicians.
  68. Violent lyrics in music plays a role in building a violent society
  69. Are parental warning labels on music still relevant today?
  70. Music band that have been inactive for years should not come back

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