Microsoft Corporation Review Essay

Microsoft is one of the prominent company in the United States. It is a technology-based corporation that focuses on the manufacture of software and hardware computer components. The company also engages in rendering a variety of services and production of consumer electronics items. Regarding revenue, Microsoft Company ranks as the world’s largest software marketer thus becoming one of the most valuable corporations in the universe (Alon & Dwyer, 2016). This paper aims at investigating the basic facts, market, products, and service that Microsoft is engaged ain.

The company’s financial position for the year 2015 reflects a consistent increase in the annual revenues. Inflated sales are attributed to various milestones that Microsoft was able to undertake. The launching of Windows 10 that connects a wide category of devices with current innovations resulted in increased revenue. The sale of tablets that have gained preference over laptops contributed $3.6 billion that comprised the surface revenue. Additionally, the restructuring of the phone business, as well as the improvement of Azure cloud platform sales, made a significant contribution to increasing the annual revenue (Alon & Dwyer, 2016).

The market share of Microsoft has been on the rise. Computer usage was amplified by more than 100 percent by the fourth quarter year after the other. In 2015, the consumer subscriptions of Windows 365 was inflated by an approximate of 10 million subscribers. Microsoft emphasizes on network marketing by ensuring compatibility between their products. Other marketing strategies involve launching of products, retaining of customer focus and ensuring brand equity (Jahromi & Shirazi, 2015).

Microsoft has a variety of goods and services that suit varying consumer needs. Software products include Microsoft Windows and Office as well as browsers such as Internet Explorer and Edge Web. Hardware products include the Surface tablets and Xbox game consoles among others. The services rendered by Microsoft entails both cloud and online services such as Microsoft Azure and One Drive (Jahromi & Shirazi, 2015).


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