30+ Medical Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

April 21, 2023

medical argumentative essay topics

Medical argumentative essay topics give you some brilliant ideas that you can explore and defend depending on the research you’ve conducted.

As with any argumentative essay topica medical related essay also requires you to take a stance and use objective, verifiable, and reasonable evidence to defend your position.

However, the kinds of topics many students pick to explore in the medical field are often quite too common.

Think of type II diabetes, cardiovascular illness, breast cancer, and cirrhosis. These are topics you don’t want to cover for the simple reason that they are too common.

In this post, we give you a list of 30+ medical argumentative essay topics that aren’t too obvious.

These topic ideas should enable you to add a new spin to your work, so that you can write a medical essay that focuses on an issue that will capture the attention of your audience (reader) almost instantly.

30+ Medical Argumentative Essay Topics  

Below is a list of 30+ essay topics that you may find interesting for your medical argumentative essay assignment:

Controversial Medical Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. The cost of healthcare in the United States of America is not justifiable
  2. Do homeless people deserve free healthcare simply because they don’t have money to pay medical bills?
  3. Unconventional medication should not be part of a state’s healthcare system
  4. There’s a strong link between poor health and poverty
  5. People should not turn to homeopathy because it isn’t more effective compared to seeking medical advice
  6. People with no health insurance cover deserve to get equal treatment at medical healthcare facilities
  7. Should the government take action against unexpected errors in medical settings?
  8. Doctors should not have the right to endorse medical products until verified for safety and effectiveness
  9. Healthcare institutions should provide opt-out and opt-in donor system
  10. There’s no true justification for the rising cost of healthcare in the United States of America

In theory, areas such as genetic engineering, diagnostics, and medical research can be interesting to explore within the medical field.

However, the assignment requires hours of intensive research, proper structuring, writing, and editing.

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Health Practices Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. The marijuana drug should be made legal worldwide
  2. TV shows on diet and weight loss don’t motivate people to improve their body image and self-esteem
  3. Is the state responsible for teaching people how to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  4. Communication authorities should impose an indefinite ban on TV shows that promote cosmetic surgery
  5. TV commercials that promote fast foods and alcohol should not be banned.
  6. It’s a waste of time to impose state regulation on fast food chains and alcohol sales as it undermines people’s freewill to food choices.
  7. Should we allow and encourage teenagers to use birth control pills?
  8. The state should not encourage the use of products manufactured at the cost of another person’s well-being.
  9. Exercise alone can’t improve your health
  10. Doctors should not ask for medical consent if they know they can save a patient from a particular illness

Medical Laws and Policies Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. Should the government declare euthanasia illegal?
  2. Doctors should not insist on providing medical treatment to minors if their parents are against such treatments.
  3. The vaccination of children against illnesses should be voluntary
  4. An organ transplantation committee should not consider an individual’s accomplishment to determine if they can receive an organ
  5. Patients should decide if they would like to use surrogate pregnancy for health reasons or on demand
  6. Is doctor-patient confidentially necessary anymore?
  7. There’s no concrete evidence that living a sedentary and lavish lifestyle is the number one cause of weight gain
  8. Should we support the legalization of abortion?
  9. Should patients with mental health conditions receive treatment in or outside of their community?
  10. People should not accept organ transplantation because of leading an unhealthy life

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Medical Research 

  1. Genetic engineering is humanly unethical and morally wrong and should therefore not be allowed
  2. Are there effective means to mitigate threats posed by medical research?
  3. There is no reasonable evidence that the Covid-19 global pandemic originated from a lab I Wuhan, China
  4. Medics should not use animals to test the effective of drugs on humans
  5. Computers used in medical research and diagnostic cannot replace doctors no matter how sophisticated they become.
  6. Should human beings be subject to mandatory medical testing without their consent?
  7. Should the federal government and health organizations, such as the UN and CDC, finance practical medical research?
  8. Do we need to have limits when subjecting human beings to absolutely necessary medical tests?
  9. The Corona virus is a biochemical weapon built in the lab to wipe out the human race
  10. There’s no sufficient evidence to prove that pills that delay aging can make the human race immortal

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics on Healthcare Management 

  1. Is healthcare management doing enough to maintain the right standards in healthcare facilities?
  2. Are privately owned hospitals managed better than public hospitals?
  3. Registered nurses should not assume the role of a physician even in the event of a serious medical emergency
  4. Human Resource Management (HR) isn’t doing enough to improve and protect the quality of healthcare
  5. Do surgeons play an important role outside their medical capacities?
  6. Are healthcare institutions responsible for the protection of the environment?
  7. The relationship between and among medical staff can affect the quality of patients of different illnesses.
  8. There’s no relationship between a patient’s medical results and a hospital’s revenue.
  9. It’s easy to improve the relationship among staff members in a healthcare facility
  10. Should medical management allow and encourage intimate relationships among the staff members?

General Medical Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. Has the American government invested enough funds to improve healthcare service for its residents?
  2. There should be as many male nurses as there are female nurses
  3. Are data management systems in hospitals accurate and safe against breach?
  4. Do prisoners have the right to access quality healthcare?
  5. Electronic health record systems have more limitations than benefits.

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