How Much Does It Cost to Write an Extended Essay? (Answered)

May 19, 2023

how much does it cost to write an extended essay

An Extended Essay demands hours of independent research, a proper outline, and a comprehensive writing process on a topic you find interesting.

Yet given the intensity of the process and the fact that you have to work on your IAs and ToK, you may need to buy an EE online. But how much does it cost to write an Extended Essay?

We charge an average of $19.99 per page to write an Extended Essay on any topic. The writer you choose will help you to choose a topic, conduct independent research, develop an outline for your work, and write all your drafts.

Help for Assessment also understands that you might be on a tight budget yet on a dire need for writing assistance. That’s why you get up to 15% discount if you’re new to our writing service.

What Factors Determine the Cost to Write an Extended Essay?

The factors that determine how much it costs to write an Extended Essay for you varies from one writing service to another. Below are the conditions we use to come up with our pricing point:

1. Complexity of the Topic

The intricacy of the subject matter can affect the cost of an Extended Essay.

Some essays involve merging two or more fields, such as a World Studies essay that scrutinizes a global issue from economic and environmental viewpoints. These types of essays may require more comprehensive research and specialized knowledge, which can increase the cost.

For instance, if an Extended Essay explores a less familiar historical event or an atypical scientific phenomenon, it may entail extensive research and consultation, which means we may charge you a little extra per page to get the work done. 

2. Length of the Essay

The Extended Essay is a 4,000 words project. Our post on the EE length explains this in even more details, so you can write to the required limit.

You need to understand that the essay doesn’t necessarily have to reach the 4,000 words mark, but it cannot exceed the set limit.

In this respect, how much you pay to have an Extended Essay written for you will vary depending on how many words you need the project to have.

If you want the essay to get to the maximum word count, it may require more research and analysis, which means that your assignment will have more pages and therefore the cost will be significantly higher.

Additionally, the formatting requirements for the IB Extended Essay are specific and may depend on the subject. Complying with these guidelines may require extra time and effort, which could also affect the average cost per page.

3. Research Process and Data Collection

Research and data collection are crucial components of the Extended Essay, and they can affect the overall cost of getting the project completed.

Some essays require primary research, such as experimentation for a Biology essay or analyzing primary sources like letters or diaries for a History essay. These research methods can be laborious and may result in higher costs.

In addition, certain essays, like those in Film, may demand access to specific films or databases that are not easily accessible, leading to additional expenses for acquiring these resources.

4. Your Deadline

Here’s the deal:

We understand how important deadlines are when it comes to writing Extended Essays. That’s why we can’t stress enough how important it is to start working on the project as early as you can.

Note that the timeframe to complete the Extended Essay can and will affect how much you pay to have the work written for you.

Given that the IB program sets specific deadlines, seeking assistance close to the deadline may result in you paying more money to get the work done. After all, that’s how last minute essay writing services work.

If you are balancing multiple assignments, such as Internal Assessments and the Theory of Knowledge essay, finding a writer who can take on your Extended Essay urgently might be more difficult. This could potentially affect the cost since the writer may require additional compensation to prioritize your essay over other tasks.

5. Writer’s Choice

The experience and expertise of the writer are significant factors to look at when determining how much to pay to have an Extended Essay written for you.

For example, a writer with specialized knowledge in the subject area of your essay, such as Physics, Visual Arts, or Psychology, may charge more due to their expertise. Similarly, a writer who has experience with the IB program and is well versed in the specific requirements and expectations of the Extended Essay may charge a premium for their expertise.

One thing that set Help for Assessment apart is that we have a base pricing based on a page-by-page basis regardless of the choice of writer. In other words, even if you choose to work with a top writer, you will only pay an additional $2 to $4 for the entire project rather than per page.

Therefore, it is essential to plan and allocate a suitable budget for the cost of writing an Extended Essay, taking into account the experience and expertise of the writer.

Final Thoughts

There are many writing services on the internet, but Help for Assessment is the best option to work with because we focus on delivering value. Plus, you can take advantage of our writing service even if you’re on a very tight budget.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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