June 11

Hospitality Operational Analysis & Planning


Project description

Hospitality Operational Analysis & Planning Report Brief

Students will investigate an actual food and beverage operation. It may be an independent restaurant or part of a national/international chain. The research will highlight the differing characteristics of the operation and will allow students to appraise and identify a range of critical issues relating to the quality, productivity, and procedural systems, focusing on both consumers as well as operational demands. This will lead to the use of a variety of analytical tools and conceptual models to highlight those areas of the operation which are successful and those where remedial action and most importantly recovery is required.

  1. Learning Outcomes
  2. Analyse hospitality operations and suggest solutions to problems within the business
  3. Understand the factors both internal and external which impact on company/ unit productivity
  4. Demonstrate and develop an in-depth knowledge of the tools available to efficiently monitor a range of hospitality operations.
  5. Identify and locate a range of information required to make positive changes to the operational systems

Your report should be clearly structured and demonstrate the following

  1. The characteristics of the operation and its positions within the market. This should include the product /service range and key positioning features investigation of the customer experience and the use of systems or tools to measure customer satisfaction.
  2. Clear knowledge and understand of operational systems analysis
  3. An appreciation of the operations performance allowing for an insight into both effective performance and systems failures Based on the operational analysis, propose solutions for positive change and objective justification for a change.


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