Global Politics Extended Essay: Structure and Writing Tips

September 3, 2022


Global Politics Extended Essay focuses on a political issue that revolves around the distribution of power and operation within social organizations.

Further, the essay examines how people think about and engage in matters that directly and indirectly affect their lives.

To write a comprehensive Global Politics Extended Essay, you need to choose an EE topic in Global Politics within your lifetime, structure the assignment accordingly, and plan your writing process.

In this post, we’ll look at the structure of the Global Politics Extended Essay and some tips that can help you write a good EE in the subject.

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IB Global Politics Extended Essay Outline

The following is a description of the parts of the Global Politics EE outline in the order in which they should appear:

Title Page

Include the following information in the title page:

  • A clear, focused statement of your research (EE title)
  • Research question
  • The subject, which is Global Politics in this case
  • Word Count

The title page isn’t part of the word count for all the Extended Essay assignment, including the Global Politics.

Table of Contents

Although the table of contents is important, IB doesn’t include it in the overall word count. Include al the pages in your Global Politics Extended Essay with numbers for each page.


The introduction of your Extended Essay should be at most 350 words.

Here, you tell your reader what your research is about and how intend to conduct it. In addition to writing about your target audience, demonstrate how interesting and valuable your research is to them.

Mention your research question and explain why it’s an important question to investigate within the content of the Global Politics subject.


An Extended Essay in Global Politics is not a research paper. So the methodology part should be short and precise. Don’t exceed 450 words.

To write the methodology more effectively, consider diving this section into sources and tools.

Method Section 1: Sources

You should include the sources for your primary and secondary research in this section. State why the sources are important to your research and mention their limitation.

Method Section 2: Tools

Mention and explain the areas of Global Politics used in your Extended Essay. If required, conduct an analysis of discourse and comparative studies, media reviews, and quantitative analysis as additional research techniques.

In addition to explaining the techniques relevant to your research, mention the limitations of the tools you used in your investigation.

Body Section (About 2,800 Words)

You’ll build up your Global Politics Extended Essay in the body section of the outline. It’s here that you share your research, data analysis, evaluation, and discussion.

Remember, the best way to write an Extended Essay is to start early, and it’s not an exception for Global Politics. Starting early gives you enough time to explore arguments related to your research question.

Your Global Politics Extended Essay must be analytical in nature, not descriptive in form. As you write, link back to your research question in each paragraph to demonstrate that your writing answers the research question.


The conclusion part of your Global Politic Extended Essay ties your discussion in the body part in about 400 words.

Reiterate the best insights made in the body section, and make sure you don’t include new ideas in this part of the Extended Essay.


The bibliography should be at least 3 pages of the sources you’ve used to write your Extended Essay. Note that examiners don’t include the number of words in this section to the overall word count.


While the appendices section isn’t part of the word count, it’s necessary that you include it in your Global Politics Extended Essay.

You should aim for 3 to 4 pages max.

Tips for Writing a Good Global Politics EE

1. Formatting

We’ve given you a comprehensive outline for the Global Politics EE already.

Something to add to that structure is the right paper formatting. Use the Times New Roman font, with 12 points for readability.

Also, each page must have a number and your work should be double-spaced.

2. Research Question

Choose a research question that you can easily explore and comfortably document in the essay.

You have many options here, but at least make sure the question you pick isn’t too narrow or too broad. As with every other EE, such as World Study or Economics, your topic and therefore research question should be on an issue you can explore within the respective word count.

3. Reflection

You need to take your reflections seriously.

These are about 18% of the total EE marks, which play a part in improving your overall EE grades.

We have a guide on how to write Extended Essay reflection.

Go check that out and implement exactly what we’ve suggested in that guide.

If you follow that to a tee, we’re confident that you will score the full marks for the reflections.

4. Citing Sources

Your IB teacher wants to be sure that you did your research before writing the Global Politics Extended Essay, and the best way to demonstrate that is by citing all your sources.

An average page should have at least 5 sources.

You can cite your sources in MLA, but feel free to use other citation formatting – especially what your teacher specifies.

5. Word Count

The Extended Essay, regardless of the subject or topic you wish to cover should not be more than 4,000 words. A Global Politics is not an exception.

IB teacher generally don’t assess anything beyond the initial word count, so be careful with this.

Another important thing to keep in mind as far as the length is concerned is that charts, images, and tables aren’t included in the word count.

6. Abstract 

It’s important NOT to include an Abstract in your EE, or any other Extended Essay assignment for that matter.

The new IB EE Guide clearly states that students should not include an abstract in their Extended Essays. So take note of that as you structure the essay.

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