Extended Essay Topics: 50+ Examples for Subject in EE

July 30, 2022

This is the complete list of Extended Essay topics on different EE subject areas. We’ve packed this guide with as many topic ideas as possible.

So if you’re just getting started with the IB extended essay assignment and you’re already stuck on topic selection, this post might help you to get unstuck.

What is an Extended Essay?

Abbreviated as EE, the Extended Essay is a required component of the IB Diploma Program for all students, regardless of the disciplines they are studying.

The objective of the Extended Essay is to offer students the chance to conduct research on a topic of their choice and demonstrate knowledge and reading beyond the classroom curriculum. The essay also provides students with the opportunity to develop abilities necessary for researching and writing in advanced learning institutions.

Students often begin working on their essay during the second term of their first year of the IB Diploma Program. They will require a manager (one of the teachers at their school) with whom they will meet on a regular basis to help them outline their research questions and lead them through the writing process.

The IB diploma program allows you to prepare and submit one draft to the supervisor for input, followed by a second, final draft. As for the length of the extended essay, you want to make sure the assignment doesn’t exceed 4,000 words.

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Extended Essay Topics

If you’re confident that you can write an extended essay yourself, and you should, you need to start with selecting the right topic for the assignment. Here are some topic ideas to get you started: 

1. English Extended Essay Topics

The following are some of the best examples of topic ideas to consider if you choose to write an Extended Essay in the English subject.

  • How the heroic couplets of the neoclassical period differed from those of the romantic period, and why classical poetry had so many rules.
  • How many different styles of poetry can we observe from the English Renaissance through modernism and postmodernism?
  • Does colonialism have an effect on modern poetry and the manner in which it evolves during the many eras of colonial rule?
  • Why has euphemism been so prominent in the English language for so long and how does this affect the lexicon and structure of the language?
  • Can we argue that, unlike other languages of the globe, English is a language of conventions and traditions with no hard and fast rules?
  • What function does slang play in the English language, and how are slang terms now preserved in official and academic dictionaries?
  • What are the primary causes of the gradual shift in the spelling of English words through time?
  • Impact of globalization on the evolution of the English language as it becomes the universal language.

We encourage you to read more about English Extended Essay for further insights.

2. Biology Extended Essay Topics

  • How do age and gender influence the photoreceptor cells in the human retina?
  • What effects does climate change have on the appearance of coral reefs?
  • An analysis of how antioxidants function in the human body?
  • Which of hand sanitizer, hand soap, or antibacterial wipes inhibits the development of E. coli the most effectively?
  • How does population density between X and X’s population size relate?
  • What is the link between the growth hormone indoleacetic acid and the growth of X?

You can read more about Biology EE here.

3. Business Management Extended Essay Topics

We put together an in-depth guide on IB Business Management EE to give you more insight about the subject.

In addition to teaching you exactly how to write an EE in this subject, the post includes some interesting topic ideas as well as their respective research questions.

Remember to check it out to learn more.

4. Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

  • What effect does acid rain have on the trees, plants, and public gardens in your neighborhood?
  • Analyze the chemical composition of various types of lava and magma rocks from across the world.
  • What kinds of chemical components are responsible for the majority of food allergies?
  • Examine the chemistry of MDMA and other “nightclub” or designer drugs in users of various ages.
  • Examine how chemical experiments and the knowledge gained from them have altered the globe.
  • How has the usage of fluoride in the community’s water supply benefited and harmed the community?
  • What chemical difference does choosing organic foods vs pesticide-treated foods have on our bodies?
  • What impact have big cosmetics manufacturers made on our contemporary understanding of chemistry?
  • What type of chemistry is involved in making generic medications cheaper than brand-name pharmaceuticals?

You can read more about Chemistry Extended Essay in this post.

5. Computer Science Extended Essay Topics

  • In what way are support vector machines more accurate in predicting ATP tennis matches than artificial neural networks?
  • To what extent are Java-generated pseudo-random numbers more predictable than C#-generated numbers?
  • How much more effectively does MP3 encoding reduce quality loss and file size than OGG in terms of algorithmic efficiency and encoded file quality?
  • How well does the binary search algorithm locate specific values among variable-sized data sets?
  • How much more efficient is Depth First Search than Breadth First Search for path finding in artificial intelligence and robot motion planning?
  • To what degree is hashing a more appropriate and efficient method than binary search for locating specific values in different-sized data sets?
  • How do Password Length and Character Variation Influence the Entropy of a Password?
  • How much more space-efficient is the AES symmetric encryption method compared to the Blowfish symmetric encryption technique when encrypting data of varied sizes and types?

6. Economics Extended Essay Topics

  • What is the connection between unemployment and economic contraction?
  • Is Alcohol Consumption Regulation Beneficial to the Stock Market?
  • Trucking Companies and the Effects of Sanctions and Trade Embargoes
  • Analysis of the Effects of Increasing Taxes on Multinational Corporations and Religious Organizations
  • What Negative Effects Will a “Hard” Brexit Have on Scotland and Wales?
  • How Will the Substitution of Fossil Fuels with Solar Power Affect the Economies of Middle Eastern Nations?
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa, deforestation and man-made disasters are the leading causes of poverty.

We’ve written an in-depth guide on Economics Extended Essay, and we encourage you to check it out to learn more about the subject.

7. Environmental Systems and Societies EE Topics

The following are some interesting topics on the Environmental Systems and Societies. The X is a variable, which can be a name of any city or country you’d wish to investigate in your ESS.

  • What forest and woodland restoration strategies exist in Siberia, Russia, and one is the most effective?
  • How can human meddling in X city/country/continent produce ecological imbalances?
  • What effect does urbanization have on the bee population in X city?
  • What are the distinctions between Yosemite National Park (California, USA) and Lake District National Park (United Kingdom) in terms of dialogue efforts?
  • How much have healthcare policies in nation X affected its human population curve?
  • What impact has X’s landfill had on the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem?

You can read our ESS guide to learn more about this subject before you start working on your Extended Essay assignment.

8. Film Extended Essay Topics  

  • Relationship between IMDB ratings and several national and international film honors
  • The current transformation of masculinity as represented in Fight Club
  • Varieties of timeline modification methods in cinematography
  • Sci-fi film portrayals of scientists and the scientific method are grossly inaccurate.
  • Moving camera – inventive approaches (such as those utilized in The Matrix or Guy Ritchie’s film)
  • How can filmic approaches depict the evolution of Disney princesses from 1937 to 2012?
  • How are transgender characters portrayed in two films from distinct periods?

9. Geography Extended Essay Topics

  • What socioeconomic and urban design elements contribute to high vandalism rates in Eindhoven’s neighborhoods?
  • How does the quality of life of Filipina Foreign Domestic Workers in Downtown Singapore compare to that of Filipinas in the Philippines?
  • An inquiry examining whether Singapore qualifies as a sustainable city
  • To what degree do migratory patterns and motivations in the northern area of Thailand correspond to predicted migration movements in an LDC?
  • Comparative analysis of the provision of public services in Warsaw’s districts

Check out our complete guide on Geography EE to learn more about the subject. Make sure you check the assessment criteria part, so you can write the kind of an EE that earns you top grades – if not a 34.

10. Global Politics EE

  • The legitimacy of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq; to what extent was the invasion justified? (2021)
  • How media depictions and government information can diverge
  • How the success of a political party in one nation may affect the results in another.
  • Comparing the influence of global political trends on two countries reveals contrasting results.
  • The effect of a single crisis on the political ties between two countries

We’ve put together a more comprehensive guide on Global Politics Extended Essay. So we encourage you to check that out to learn more.

11. History Extended Essay

  • The consequences of dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • You can investigate the economic, ethnic, social, and even environmental consequences of conflict diamonds.
  • The evolution of military technology during the American Civil War
  • The post-apartheid work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Southwest Africa
  • The rise and collapse of the Ottoman Empire and its economic influence

You can get more topic ideas on this subject from this post.

12. Math Extended Essay

  • How can mathematics be used to determine the ideal distance from the try line for positioning the ball for a rugby union conversion kick?
  • In the sliding tile problem, what is the graph structure of m x n?
  • How long does it take to travel around the whole Singapore MRT network? (2015)
  • Modeling mathematics – An examination of the Richardson arms race model (2020)
  • Real-world applications of a study of differential equations of the second order
  • A mathematical examination of shock absorbers’ damped harmonic motion

Our IB Math EEguide has more insights worth checking out. So we recommend going through the guide before you start writing an extended essay on this subject.

13. Physics Extended Essay Ideas  

  • How may the design of an airplane’s wings affect its aerodynamic performance?
  • Why is it required for the wing of an aircraft to have an ‘angle of attack’? Is it impossible for the aircraft to behave the same without the angle of attack?
  • If landing gears are a cause of drag during flight, how is a Cessna able to deliver a sufficient amount of force to overcome drag?

14. Psychology EE Ideas  

  • What do we know about the connection between stress and bodily disease, and can we utilize this information to manage stress?
  • To what degree can psychology offer plausible explanations for altruistic behavior?
  • Which strategies are most effective in assisting autistic youngsters in improving their everyday functioning?
  • The difficulty of identifying particular genetic variables that might indicate an autism risk
  • To what degree can psychology offer plausible explanations for altruistic behavior?
  • How well biological (or sociocultural) variables explain the origin of homosexuality.
  • To what degree does parental discipline affect the temperament of their children?
  • Are Montessori schools, which utilize a humanistic approach to education, also consistent with cognitive theory?

We’ve put together a complete guide on Physics Extended Essay. So, check that out to learn more about the subject. 

15. Visual Arts

  • What role did national themes have in the creative activity of Russian avant-garde artists associated with the Knave of Diamonds society?
  • How did men and women’s clothes communicate National Socialist ideals?
  • How does Yinka Shonibare’s work represent the evolving importance of African art in a global society?
  • What are the origins of Romanesque architecture in Arles?
  • Are there pop art elements in the design of Pakistani trucks?

Check out this post to learn more about the topic. 

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