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English Extended Essay Topics: 30+ Examples for Inspiration

You learned quite a lot about English extended essays so far. You know about the English EE categories as well as how to write a comprehensive essay for the subject. In the following section, we put together a list of some of the best English extended essay topics that you can focus on if you choose to write an extended essay on an English subject.

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Best English Extended Essay Topics

The following are examples of the best English EE topics:

English Extended Essay Topics on American Literature

  • When we read Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we can observe the opposition to the abolition of slavery in America via the slaves.
  • How can the American aspirations, as depicted in numerous American novels and other literary works, out to be a complete failure?
  • How can death and a love of the outdoors manifest themselves in American literature?
  • What are the key works of American literature that illuminate the failure of the American dream, absurdity, and environmental destruction?
  • How does the American author Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road show the destruction of nature caused by weaponry, which alludes indirectly to the American armaments industry?
  • How can we witness the resistance of slaves to slavery in America via numerous literary works?

English Extended Essay Topics on the Age of Romanticism

  • How did people go from urbanization back to the villages and countryside during the romantic period?
  • Why are there hints of modernism in the age’s literary masterwork, Kubla Khan, authored by Samuel Taylor Coleridge?
  • How does the English romantic period of literature vary from the American romantic period?
  • How does S.T. Coleridge defend nature during the Romantic Era through the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
  • Which poetry embodies the romantic period’s themes, such as nostalgia, escapism, and naturalism?
  • Which circumstances led to romanticism’s rebellion against classical literature?

English Literature Extended Essay Topics

  • What does Samuel Johnson’s poem about the futility of human desires from the classical age of literature convey?
  • Why did classical poetry during the neoclassical period contain heroic couplets and rhyme schemes?
  • Can we regard The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope to be the quintessential epic of the neoclassical period?
  • Why did novels and plays suddenly become prominent in post-classical literature with the development of the European middle class?
  • How does the American classic literature vary from the European classic literature? Justify the modern works of literature that are significant.
  • Can we argue that modernism and romantic poetry were written in straightforward language and do not reflect the upper class?
  • How poetry used to be a marker of class in the classic era of literature, and why lower-class individuals had no relationship to poetry.
  • Why do individuals begin to adhere to defined norms of poetry and prose when the neoclassical period begins in English literature?

English Extended Essay Topics on Renaissance

  • How does the renaissance bring about a radical shift in people’s attitudes toward literature?
  • Why William Shakespeare is regarded one of the best dramatists, poets, and playwrights of all time.  
  • Is the notion of universality in William Shakespeare’s work the cause for his international popularity?
  • What role did the printing press play in the huge growth of literature during that era?
  • What were the sociopolitical and economic conditions of the Renaissance era? Which writings best portray them?
  • Why the Renaissance is the ideal time for the flourishing of literature, and how did contemporaneous queens and monarchs support literary figures and their art.
  • What indications can be found in the literature of the Renaissance that demonstrate the growth in commerce following the invention of the printing press?
  • How is the Renaissance period linked to both metaphysical poetry and contemporary man? Can we comprehend it through the poetry of John Donne and the drama Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlow?

Poetry Extended Essay Topics

  • How poetry was the text of the higher classes in English literature during the Renaissance and Classical periods.
  • Why did the form of English poetry change significantly from Shakespearean sonnets to Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock and John Milton’s Paradise Lost?
  • How the heroic couplets of the neoclassical period differed from those of the romantic period, and why classical poetry had so many rules.
  • At the conclusion of the romantic period, when there was a fad for prose like novels among the general populace, what caused the dramatic decline in the significance of poetry?
  • Can we claim that novae rich was the reason for this dynamic movement in poetry that is reflected in literature?
  • Why does modernist poetry have fragmentation and no interconnection between the distinct stanzas?
  • From the English Renaissance through modernism and postmodernism, how many different styles of poetry can we observe?
  • Does colonialism have an effect on modern poetry and the manner in which it evolves during the many eras of colonial rule?

Extended Essay Topics on Language Development

  • Why has euphemism been so prominent in the English language for so long and how does this affect the lexicon and structure of the language?
  • Can we argue that, unlike other languages of the globe, English is a language of conventions and traditions with no hard and fast rules?
  • What function does slang play in the English language, and how are slang terms now preserved in official and academic dictionaries?
  • What are the primary causes of the gradual shift in the spelling of English words through time?
  • Impact of globalization on the evolution of the English language as it becomes the universal language.


Writing an English extended essay doesn’t have to be difficult after all. From our experience, English is an easy subject on which an extended essay is easy write. As long as you start working on the assignment early and attend all the reflection sessions, you should score top marks if not a 34.

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