IB Economics IA Topics: 30+ Ideas and Examples for SL & HL

April 18, 2024

economics IA topics

Have you brainstormed for or searched for presumably interesting IB Economics IA topics but came out empty? We have some interesting ideas for SL and HL compiled for you.

The most important step when it comes to an economics IA is to choose a suitable area of study.

Choose the right economics IA topic and you’ll have an easy time working on your assessment from start to finish, and possibly increase the chances of bumping up your grades.

See the topics below to get started.

IB Economics IA Topics

The following is a list of topics to consider for your internal assessment in economics:

Global Economy

We can define global economy as an interconnection of economic activities that take place between one or more countries. Global economy deals with globalization, international trade, international finance, and global investment.

  • Globalization: Globalization focuses on the processes that connection national and regional cultures, economies, and societies through communication, immigration, transportation, and trade.
  • International Trade: The focus is on the exchange of goods and services between two or more countries at a lower opportunity cost.
  • International Finance: The focus is on the rate at which countries can transfer money between or among each other. The ease in money transfer these days make international finance one of the most important features of the global economy.
  • Global Investment: Countries focus on investment strategies not restricted to specific geographical boundaries.

Below are some topic ideas to consider if you wish to write an IA on Global Economy: 

  1. The financial impact of the world wars
  2. The significance of the global ecological economy and the contemporary trade system
  3. The economy of the third world and ways in which it might be improved
  4. Globalization's effect on economies all across the world
  5. The significance of protecting the history and culture of our planet in the context of economics
  6. The significance of the influence of institutional economics
  7. The topic of international commerce and the development of it
  8. The economics of agriculture in relation to the global food system
  9. In the context of today's global economy, overexploitation

Health Economics

Coursera defines health economics as a study that looks to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and equitable to all.

Economist who study health economics examine how insurance companies, corporations, healthcare providers, and government agencies contribute to the overall health of the people.

The following are some health research topics that may be a good fit for your IA in economics: 

  1. The economy and the regulations around newly developed healthcare technologies
  2. The influence of financial considerations on the decision-making process in the healthcare industry
  3. The economics of complex healthcare systems, including the resources and the talent
  4. The financial aspects of individualized medical treatment
  5. The profitability of the patient: implications for both economics and ethics
  6. Problems with both healthcare logistics and the economy
  7. There is a correlation between the economics of healthcare and the level of patient pleasure
  8. The economics behind the creation of drugs
  9. The economics of providing healthcare in times of crisis
  10. Concerning the finances of mental healthcare

Social Economics

According to an article published by Investopedia, social economics is a branch of economics that studies the relationship between human’s behavior and economics.

Social economics, or socioeconomics, focuses mostly on the connection between economic activities and social processes in a given society.

Below are some topic ideas if you choose to write an internal assessment in this area: 

  1. The contemporary perspective on the socioeconomics of property
  2. The organizations that rely on volunteer labor and their socioeconomic standing
  3. Questions of location arise in the context of socioeconomic interactions.
  4. The fishing and hunting industries from a socioeconomic perspective
  5. The practice is considered from a socioeconomic point of view.
  6. The importance of ethics and morals in the field of socioeconomics
  7. The relationship between socioeconomic position and mental health
  8. The socioeconomic standing of underrepresented groups
  9. The ever-changing socioeconomic landscape of catastrophic disasters
  10. An analysis of tourism from a socioeconomic perspective

Microeconomics IA Topics 

  1. What role do environmental taxes play in fostering long-term growth?
  2. Is there any evidence that technical advancement has a detrimental impact on the economy?
  3. Does time spent on social media increase the risk of developing mental illness?
  4. When compared with other lifestyle choices, how does smoking affect a country's productivity?
  5. To what extent does the creation of new pharmaceuticals benefit society?
  6. How does people's involvement in the work force affect the economy and government spending?
  7. The opportunity cost method is useful because it helps people make better decisions.
  8. How do businesses make use of the long-run average cost curve when making long-term plans?
  9. Is there a list of financially perceptive actions that can ensure a company's long-term viability?
  10. In what ways does it benefit economies to make the most of their natural resources?
  11. An evaluation of the supply and demand elasticity of entrepreneurial activity and its worth

Macroeconomics IA Topics 

  1. Examining the steps taken to address economic inequality set back by the coronavirus crisis.
  2. What Implications Does the Termination of the Coronavirus Mortgage Forgiveness Program Have for Current Homeowners?
  3. What Impact Has the Biden Administration Had on the International Economy
  4. The Exorbitant Cost of U.S. Higher Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis
  5. Is There Enough Economic Justification to Regulate Social Media?
  6. Possible Repercussions of Large Tech Companies Pouring Money Into Green Energy
  7. Coronavirus and the Need to Conserve Cash Use The Financial Sector's Transition to Digital Currencies
  8. Joblessness is rapidly approaching levels last seen during the Great Depression.
  9. Is there a correlation between monetary policy shifts and subsequent changes in the standard of life for the working class?
  10. How can we safeguard employee benefits while still preserving the natural world?

How to IB Choose Economics IA Topics

Determining what economics topic to write about doesn’t have to be difficult. Then topic can be about social economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, behavioral economics, or even environmental economics.

Given the wide scope of the subject, focus on your interest, choose relevant sources, and double down on engagement.

  • Focus on Your Personal Interest: Choose a topic that interests you the most. The topic can be an issue you studied in class and you have been thinking about or an issue you’ve always wanted to explore.
  • Ensure You Have Access to Relevant Sources: Your sources must be reliable and current.
  • Double Down on Engagement: Pick a topic that requires more than just numbers and tables. If the topic allows you to double down on engagement, go for it.

What Does IB Economics IA Require?

The IB Economics IA requires you to choose a topic that most appeals to you, conduct research, and write a comprehensive assessment not exceeding 2,200 words.

Once you pick a topic, look for an article that focuses on a recent even in respect to microeconomics or macroeconomics.

As long as the topic you select has enough research materials, you should have an easy time putting the assessment together.

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