How Much Does It Cost to Write An Argumentative Essay?

September 12, 2022

how much does it cost to write an argumentative essay

When it comes to writing an argumentative essay, you’re investing either your precious time or money to get the project done. So how much exactly does it cost to write an argumentative essay

Professional essay writing companies charge $50 to $70 per page for a well written and evidence-backed argumentative essay. The length of the essay, spacing, deadline, writing agency of choice, revision frequency, and level of education also determine the cost of writing the paper.

Factors that Determine the Cost to Write an Argumentative Essay 

With so many factors and time going into writing, it’s easy to see why essay writing must never be cheap in the first place.

Writing agencies invest a lot of time and resource into research, writing, and proper citation, with the goal being to ensure you get an up to the standard paper that your instructor can review and approve at first glance.

However, it is not just the time that goes into the writing and the resources used in the research that influence the cost of the essay.

The following are additional factors.

1. Essay Writing Agency 

We reviewed a dozen essay-writing services and the one thing we were keen to note was the differences in their pricing.

From the data we have after analyzing close to a dozen samples of academic writing platforms, there was a small difference in the cost charged across the board.

However, the small discrepancy was still significant in determining how much you’d end up paying if you choose to work with a writing agency instead of doing the work yourself.

In other words:

How much you pay one academic writing agency to write an essay isn’t the same amount you’ll pay another company to do the same job. 

From our analysis, many companies charge between $30 and $50 per page, which is quite reasonable considering the amount of research that goes into the work, not to mention the time spent on the task. 

We at Help for Assessment fall in the middle. We’ve optimized and made our pricing model as flexible and affordable as possible, while still keeping an eye on the quality of the essays that we write.

2. Length of the Essay

The length of an essay will directly influence how much you pay for the writing, or how much time you spend to do the work yourself.

Argumentative essays are 4 to 6 pages long (5-paragraph essay), with the former being the most common length that we’ve seen from the 6000+ essays that we’ve written so far.

Using the $30 per page average that we ended up with our analysis, it would cost you around $120 for a 4-page essay.

The cost goes up as the number of pages increase. Which is to state that for a 6 page argumentative essay, the cost would be close to $180.

3. Spacing of the Document

A double-spaced essay is 275 words per page, and a single-spaced document is 550 words per page.

So as far as the cost of the essay based on spacing goes, there doesn’t seem to be a very big difference.

In other words, ordering a one page, single-spaced, 550 words essay is the same as requesting a 2-page, 550 words essay. That means you pay the same amount for the same number of words.

Most argumentative essays are around 2,500 words, with anything below 2000 words considered as “under explaining” your point.

4. Deadline of the Paper

When we talk about the deadline of an argumentative essay, we refer to how urgent the assignment is – or how fast you want the paper completed.

Based on the pricing chart below, the amount you pay depends on the urgency of the essay.

cost chart 1

The tighter the deadline for the argumentative essay the more fee it will attract.

If you are on a budget, it’s best to choose a flexible deadline. However, make sure you hire the best writing team so you can get the best value for your money.

5. Level of Education

If you take a closer look at the pricing plan on the table below, you’ll notice that the cost of writing an argumentative essay varies depending on the level of education.

cost by HfA

This is a common attribute across the board, with the higher the level of education the higher the cost of writing the essay.

6. Revision Frequency of the Paper

The target market expects revising an argumentative essay to be free, and while that’s always the case, our findings is that there’s always a limit fixed to this.

To be clear, some essay writing agencies have an unlimited free revisions policy, others can revise your paper for free but with time limits.

At Help for Assessment, for example, we make sure the argumentative essay that we write for you is up to the required academic standards.

However, we do understand that you may need some adjustments made to your paper.

If that’s the case, we’ll revise the paper for free, provided you request the revision within the first 14 days after receiving your paper from our editorial team.

Any revision submitted to us after the 14th day, that is the 15th day and up, will attract a revision fee of a certain percentage of the total cost of writing the paper from scratch.

7. Discount or Promo Offers

Promo offers aren’t run frequently, but they also determine the cost to write an argumentative essay. Not to mention they can save you some cashback and get your argumentative essay written at a fairly discounted price. 

We’ve seen some essay writing agencies provide promo codes that provide at least 15% discounts to new as well as registered customers, and this gives you a mean to get the essay completed for cheap.

As good as discount coupon codes are, especially since they save you money and get you a well-written essay when you need it the most, these offers can only last for so long.

That’s why we don’t offer them in the first place.

Instead, we at Help for Assessment do two things to make sure you get a high quality argumentative essay at the best price possible:

  • We’ve optimized our pricing plan for this kind of essay to be as affordable as possible to all education levels
  • We automatically apply a 25% discount to your order, as long as you’re new to Help for Assessment.

So click here to place your order with us and our team will get straight to work.

Can Help for Assessment Write My Argumentative Essay Fast?

Yes, our editorial team can help you get argumentative essay help

You can try our argumentative essay writing service by clicking the button below

For what it’s worth, our essay writing service is the best in the market, mostly because we not only have the most competitive pricing plan but also we deliver your paper on time so you can submit it to your instructor before your deadline expires.

When you buy an argumentative essay from us, you’ll get: 

1. Plagiarism Free Paper

Our writers will write your argumentative essay from scratch. Our editors will proofread the essay word by word to make sure it meets our editorial quality standards.

And if you would like us to provide you with a plagiarism report from Turnitin or Copyscape, just let us know and we’ll do so. 

2. Unlimited Revisions

Our writing service also includes unlimited revisions. So if you need a part of your essay changed, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll make the changes for you.

Note that the revision policy applies only if sent within 14 days of placing an order.

3. Free Formatting 

We do not charge you for essay formatting. Our editorial team provides this for free.

We simply make sure we use the required formatting standards to make your paper meet the expected academic standards. 

4. Timely Submission

We know just how important meeting the deadline is to you.

That is why when our team gets down to work, we make sure we keep an eye the deadline. We deliver the work on time so you can submit the essay before your deadline expires. 

5. Order Tracking

We’ve built our system to be as user friendly and easy to use as possible. That‘s because we want to make sure you have an easy time navigating our system.

In particular, our technical team has built our platform to make order tracking easy.

So you can place your order, edit your briefs, see progress, and download your paper once it’s completed.

6. Reliable Customer Support

Our customer support team is readily available to answer any question you may have about your order and about Help for Assessment.

Send us a message, and we’ll do our best to get back to you in the shortest time possible. 

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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