Capstone Project Ideas: 20+ Examples You Can Work On in 2023

January 2, 2023

capstone project ideas

Like the proverbial journey of a thousand miles, the secret of getting ahead on your capstone project is taking the first step.

In this case, that first step involves selecting the right topic and narrowing it down sufficiently, hence the need for an outline of some handy capstone project ideas.

At Help for Assessment, we understand the need of every student. Since you’re reading this, chances are you’re stuck with your capstone project and don’t know where to start.

This article will give you capstone project ideas in various fields that you can use to get started. We will cover:

  • Nursing capstone project ideas
  • Senior capstone project idea examples
  • BSN nursing capstone project ideas
  • Capstone project ideas for high school students
  • Technology and technical background capstone project topics.

This guide has been put together by the team of academic writing experts at Help for Assessment. We understand that capstone projects are a make or make it kind of thing, given their bearing on your graduation and future success.

That is why these experts are willing to teach you how to do a capstone project, not to mention help you with it so that you can ace your final year of school.

Choosing Your Capstone Project Ideas and Topics (From Scratch)

how to choose capstone project ideas

Instructors don't always give you the freedom to select your own capstone project idea. However, if you are free to choose one, it is a unique chance to prove yourself. 

There are simple steps to choosing a great topic idea and refining it to a proper thesis statement or research question as the case might be.

We already have a detailed guide for this here on our blog, as well as step-by-step guides on how to carry out your capstone project to completion.

In brief, however, this is how you should go about choosing the right capstone project idea.

  • Brainstorm ten or so topics inspired by your course and the material you have covered in the past 4 years. You can get these ideas from your classmates, online sources, or even from what other students have done in the past.
  • Narrow down the topics as guided by the checklist you will find below.
  • With the few remaining ideas, explore the available knowledge for each. This will help you determine how easy or challenging it will be to conduct the intensive research needed for your capstone project. If any of the ideas seems to have sparse published material, discard it. Quantity trumps quality in this case.
  • Find an unsolved problem, a solution that can be improved significantly, a new avenue of exploration, or a completely new solution you feel might work. This will be your "angle" which you will develop in the project. Remember that unlike a thesis, the goal of a capstone project is to provide a practical solution to a real-world problem.
  • Formulate a hypothesis and write down your capstone project proposal, which you will submit to your instructor for approval.

Checklist For a Good Capstone Project

checklist for a good capstone project idea

Will it meet the requirements of your degree satisfactorily? It needs to cover a significant, preferably interdisciplinary portion of your senior studies.

Is it relevant to the profession you intend to join?

Is it interesting and provoking? Choosing a fascinating topic helps capture the interest of your audience and instructor. It also helps to keep you motivated even during the rough patches.

Does it have enough research, data, or supporting material already published? A novel idea may be good at first glance, but you will have a very hard time doing the necessary groundwork. The idea needs to be doable with the available resources.

Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

nursing capstone project ideas
  • Best strategies for treating children with diabetes.
  • Shortage of nurses in (public) health care institutions.
  • Critical care practices for terminally ill patients.
  • Changing behavioral practices in society to combat non-communicable diseases e.g. HIV, Cancer, Diabetes.
  • Educating students on sexual health to prevent teenage STDs and pregnancies.
  • Patients with mental health issues - addressing stigma and care for those without autonomous decision-making skills.
  • Compassion fatigue among operating room nurses.
  • Unconventional art therapy for managing depression in youths.
  • Nurse safety in psychiatric care centers.
  • Lyme diseases.
  • Technology in nursing: reliance on ventilators during the
  • Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Point-of-care testing.

Senior High School Capstone Project Topic Examples

  • Tax breaks to religious organizations: should they be withdrawn?
  • Do students spend too much time at school? Track your own school schedule and document its impact on your social and personal development.
  • Gender inequality in sports. Tell the story of how you or a friend has been affected by gender discrimination in sports.
  • Puerto Rico’s bid to become a US state.
  • The role of robots in medicine/factories/our homes today.
  • Fashion trends through history and how they have changed the human perception of clothing.
  • Music therapy and its benefits in treating teenage depression.
  • Study the effects of Shakespeare on culture and write your own play/poem/short story.
  • Tell a story in photos, e.g, a favorite rock band, or the development of air transportation. Explore how technology in photography has transformed over time.

BSN Nursing Capstone Project Idea Examples

  • Cardiac skills among teens
  • Role of anesthesia nurses in palliative care.
  • Review of nursing roles.
  • HPV community awareness and vaccination.
  • Prevention and management of dementia.
  • The role of probiotics in preventing diarrhea caused by antibiotics.
  • Monitoring of patients with sleep apnea and/or heart conditions.
  • Professional training and development of nurses.

Capstone Project Topics In Technology

technology capstone project ideas
  • Smart object recognition in surveillance systems.
  • Software testing and quality assurance.
  • Text and voice recognition algorithms.
  • Use of customer management systems in e-commerce.
  • Recovery of deleted commercial information.
  • Online testing and evaluation.
  • Stock prediction systems.
  • Secure collection, analysis, recording, and storage of client data online.
  • Safeguarding against digital identity theft.

Capstone Project Ideas in Business and Finance

  • Franchising and management of franchises from the parent company perspective.
  • Marketing strategies of non-profit organizations.
  • Integration of e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar businesses.
  • How cash flow/liquidity impacts a company’s profitability.
  • Cross-cultural/multinational company management and policy driving.
  • Work ethic in Japan/China/US.
  • Conglomeration of major business (Walt Disney and 21st
  • Century, for example) and the effect on consumers.
  • Role of advertising in changing consumer perceptions.
  • Analysis of the commercial, regulatory (tax), and legal business environment of a country of your choice.
  • Running business/business accounting ethically.
  • Issues faced when outsourcing business processes. (pick an industry/company to focus on.)
  • Managing diversity and conflict in large organizations/companies.

These capstone project ideas are meant to be just that - ideas. They will help you get you on the right track and serve as a springing board to help launch your own.

Even then, these are only a very small sample given how wide the field of possibilities is. In essence, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to developing a magnificent capstone project.

Now What?

Developing a good capstone project idea is only part of the battle. The challenge is only beginning, and how you implement it determines the outcome. We at Help for Assessment are committed to helping you achieve your academic dreams.

Our offer is always open - whenever you want a helping hand with your project, turn it over to us and rest assured that we will not rest until you have achieved your goals.

We stand by our promise of always delivering authentic, unplagiarized work written from scratch by our professional academic writers. If you ever need to have corrections done, we will do so for free and maintain constant, friendly communications throughout.

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