September 5, 2021

buy essay without getting caught

The ethics of buying an assignment online and handing it in as your own work are in a moral grey area. However, regardless of what you believe, educational institutions hold that it is wrong to purchase a paper online and hand it in as your own. You can be punished heavily if you are caught doing that.

However, with the failed education system in most countries and the pressure many students are in to complete assignments on time, it’s no wonder that students would rather buy an assignment online than fail their course.

If you opt to do that, you had better do it right to avoid getting caught and severely punished.

At Help for Assessment, we care about students in tough situations. That is why we’re here to show you how to pay for assignments online safely and hand them in without getting caught.

This article will answer questions like how to safely buy assignments online, how to find out the online essay writing companies you can trust, and how to make sure that the work you hand in is not detected as plagiarism.

We’re telling you this because as long-time academic writing experts, we have helped thousands of students with their schoolwork successfully.

Our mission is to help students graduate, which fuels our commitment of ensuring confidentiality, original unplagiarized work, and 24/hour friendly customer support. You can learn more about  how our system works.

How to Buy Assignments Online Without Getting Caught

1. Understand The Threat

Plagiarism is a serious offense that is taken very seriously in academic circles. We also frown on plagiarised work because it steals credit from the author.

And these days, technology has brought us advanced tools and techniques of catching plagiarized work.

Plagiarism checkers are a favorite tool for students who want to ensure their work is free of plagiarism.

Teachers and professors also like these tools because they help them to check on the originality of work that has been handed in.

2.Plagiarism Checkers

Some of these plagiarism checkers like TurnitIn will scan the work and keep a copy of it in their database.

It also scans all existing papers in its database and checks online to see if there is any other work with similar wording, phrases, and patterns.

The software then submits a plagiarism report detailing a percentage similarity level, highlights the similar phrases, and even links to the source where the similar content occurs.

This is good for the student, because they can check for plagiarism and ensure it will pass a plagiarism check. It is also good for teachers because it helps them ensure that only authentic work is submitted.

However, there is a danger that many students don’t think about, and that is the copy of the document that remains stored in the database. If you pay substandard essay writing services online for your work, this can become a huge threat.

3. Untrustworthy Academic Writers and Companies

In 2010, a college professor who wrote papers for students for a living wrote an article about the practice and how widespread it has become.

Needless to say, the article, published in The Chronicle, gathered a lot of attention and worldwide condemnation. He went on to write a book about it called The Shadow Scholar.

While no names were named and no student was caught as a result of the highly publicized exposé, a lot of action resulted directly or indirectly with schools taking sterner measures and states passing laws.

Investigations were conducted, and thousands of students were caught and punished. One thing is common for all those students, and that is they all used cheap, shady writing services.

These untrustworthy companies with weak security fail to store payment details, online addresses, or communication records safely and they end up leaking out. For some others, they use weak protocols in their online communication.

More often, the writers in cheap writing agencies do very poor work that doesn’t match a student’s writing style, doesn’t pass plagiarism tests, or simply feels off. If the student is not keen and submits such work, they will be caught immediately.

The worst-case scenario is that of students who find individual writers online to do their assignments for them. These individuals don’t care much about you and you have no way of vouching for their integrity.

They might fail to submit your paper, fail to keep your transaction secret, or threaten you with blackmail later so that you have to keep on paying.

It is a dangerous game, and the only way to protect yourself is to use reliable, secure, and trustworthy companies like Help for Assessment.

4. Inconsistency

Once you have been in a school for a few months and done a few essays, your instructor already knows how you write, your academic strengths and weaknesses, and identifies a pattern in your writing.

It can be subtle things such as phrases you love to use, spelling mistakes you make often, how you structure your work, and many more. There is even advanced software that checks for such patterns.

If you suddenly submit work done by a professor with a Masters yet you are a B or C-grade undergraduate student, the disparity in the quality of the work will simply be too great. Any professor will be able to tell that the work is not original.

5. Failed Deadlines

As a student’s worst nightmare, unmet deadlines are one of the worst ways to fail. Sure, your faculty may not know that you had outsourced the assignment, but you will to lose credits for entire units or even an academic year.

How do you trust a writer who is thousands of miles away who is suddenly not replying to their mail or messages, and the deadline is approaching?

Even if they take your money and fail to deliver, there is nothing you can do about it. This problem is very difficult, and unsuspecting students fall into it every day.

There are many other ways through which students unintentionally get caught. Some are more technical, such as through document metadata and online trails. Luckily, as it turns out, it is easy to avoid being caught so long as you add a bit of diligence and care.

So, How Buy Assignment Online and Avoid Getting Caught?

1. Use reliable, trustworthy academic writing companies

This is the single most important part of avoiding getting caught when buying essays online. Make sure you use writing companies that you can trust to provide quality work every time, meet your deadlines, and be discreet about the whole thing.

Quality of work done is a pressing issue, as many cheap companies will just use spinned off work, reword articles already in their database, or cite poorly. The end result is a paper you can barely use.

One way to learn about the validity and authenticity of such companies is by reputation. Reddit, Facebook, and even Whatsapp groups with other students will tell you more about such companies..

A more reliable way is to have your work done in stages. For example, if you have a 160-page thesis you want done, first have the pre-writing/project proposal done.

Evaluate the quality of work done and the professionalism of the way your work is handled. This will help you decide on whether you want to continue with working relations or not.

You should also use companies that have native writers whenever possible. Just by checking the quality of English used on the website, you can learn a lot about its writers. And always remember, cheap often turns out to be very expensive.

At Help for Assessment, we easily exceed these baseline expectations. We use established writers, have strict quality control procedures, and focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

We want to help you, and you can trust us to do that reliably. But don’t just take our word for it; try out our services today.

2. Protect your real name and name

Your communications with the essay writing company and the writer chosen should be through email, chats, and other channels when you can use a pseudo account to hide your real identity.

When it comes to emails, use a disposable account and not your official one (obviously.)

However, once a working relationship is established and you pay for the service, you will have to use your real name and address, school, and other relevant details.

Some of this information is also present in the order details. This is the part where you have to trust the company to keep everything under lock and key so that snooping eyes can’t find out this information.

3. Read, understand, and rewrite the paper yourself

The papers and essays we write for students are not meant to be handed in as they are. Instead, you need to learn the material, understand it, and rewrite it in a new document to make it yours.

That way, you gain the knowledge you’re meant to but will have an easy time doing the assignment.

It is during the rewriting that you will give the paper your own unique voice and character so that the instructor will not be able to tell that it has been written elsewhere. If you have trouble communicating in English, it is important you do this stage as most good academic writers are almost too good at it. You might have to “dumb” it down.

Did you know that introducing a few spelling mistakes and grammatical errors helps to personalize your essay? That’s right. While instructors expect flawless work, it is often impossible for people who use English as a second language (ESL) to do that. It’s all in the name of consistency, and just in case your instructor decides to grill you.

4 Give detailed instructions with your order

When creating your order and communicating with your writer, give instructions that are as detailed as possible. Pass over the brief as given by your professor, any vocal instructions, and resources given. That way, your particular writer will customize your essay to your unique needs.

At Help for Assessment, every order is written completely from scratch. We don’t do spinning or reworking old assignments, but make sure every single essay or paper we do is original, authentic, and thoroughly researched. That is why it is important to give us all the information you have to help us structure your essay accordingly.

5. Direct communication

Keep in touch with your writer directly even after the order is submitted. Get updates of how the work is proceeding and provide additional instructions as needed, and generally assure yourself that the project is on course.

When working with large content mills, it’s always possible that writers push your assignment to the back of the tray until the last minute. With direct communication, you are assured that your deadline will be met in time.

6. Check the security of the website

Security is a big deal, and you need to make sure that the company you choose takes it seriously.

For one, the site must have an SSL certificate - that’s the “s” in https. Second, Google Chrome marks secure sites with a closed padlock icon just to the left of the site URL.

The overall design of the site will also tell you how serious the company is at maintaining a sturdy and professional site.

7. Check every paper for plagiarism

Your instructor might very well submit your paper to TurnitIn themselves, or ask you to include a TurnitIn plagiarism report with the paper.

That is why it is important to make sure the paper is free of plagiarism before submitting it and removing any highlighted errors. Other top-shelf plagiarism checkers include Copyleaks and

There are some good free checkers like DupliChecker, Plagiarisma, and Viper, although they may have certain restrictions on the number of words you can scan for free. Such checkers may also not be as powerful as the more advanced ones.

The Bottomline Is …

If you want to pay someone to write an essay for you, be careful and use only the most trustworthy sites. A team like ours at Help for Assessment genuinely wants you to pass, get good grades, and graduate successfully.

We have never had a student caught, and we offer you your money back if that happens to you. That’s how much we trust our confidentiality, anti-plagiarism, and security protocols. 

We know that it can be hard to trust us if it’s your first time working with us, but we have a deal for you. We’ll give you up to 25% off your first order so you can experience our first-class services yourself. Check out our services page here to find out more about what we can do for you.

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