September 10, 2021

argumentative essay

This is the most comprehensive guide to argumentative essay this year.

Whether you’re struggling to find topics for a variety of verticals, you’re completely new to writing the essay, or you have important questions you need answers to, you will find the information shared here quite resourceful.

We’ve been writing argumentative essays for months.

From our experience, students need more than just opinions to make their papers stand out. The essay needs research, proper structure, and reinforcement with solid evidence and acceptable reasoning.

In this guide, we’ll point you to the resources that we’ve been working on for months to help high school, college, and university students write essays that score good grades. We’ve divided the guide into sections to make it easy for you to find what you want to learn.

Writing and Revising an Argumentative Essay

Students go to high schools, colleges, and universities with no clue about arguments.

Often, they have to spend a lot of time researching and consulting to get a clear picture of what an argument looks like and exactly how to write it.

We take all the guides, written based on our writing experience, and put them together in one place so you don’t ever have to look anywhere else.

Here’s what you will learn in this section:

  • How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Assuming you have some knowledge on the topic, this guide will help you identify your stance, refine your ideas, and defend your position with objective reasoning and convincing evidence.
  • Writing Titles for Your Argument: The first sentence you’ll ever write in an argument is the title of the essay. Learn how to write titles your teachers and professors simply can’t resist but read.
  • Starting an Argumentative Essay: We solve the struggle many students have by showing you exactly how to write impressive introductions that naturally engage reader to read the rest of the essay.
  • Getting Your Argument’s Thesis Right: It’s a one to sentences section, but it can be quite challenging to put together. We teach you how to get this write in this guide.
  • Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay: The first sentence in an argument matters, but it can seem difficult to write. This guide gives you the tips to write interesting hook regardless of the argumentative essay you intend to write.
  • Learn about Claim in an Argument: Claims are statement subject to debate. This guide teaches you more about claims, including how to write them.

With these resources, it should be very easy for you to come up with an impressive essay that your teachers and professors won’t hesitate to read.

Argumentative Essay Structure: Getting it Right 

Your teachers expect you to present your arguments in a standard format.  That means you need to learn about the structure before you start writing.

Generally, every argument has three parts: the introduction, the body sections, and the conclusion.

Our team has invested time and resources to teach you about formatting so that you have an easy time working on your essay.

It’s all about presentation and making the first best impression. So you shouldn’t skip these guides if you’re struggling with formatting your argumentative essay.

Significant Issues in an Argument

You need to understand that writing an essay where you have to present claims and debate your own points of view goes beyond just presenting your stance and supporting your claims with evidence. 

You have to know the forms of arguments, other people’s points of view, and so much more.

Below are links to important issues that you should learn about right now:

  • Elements of an Argument: We take a deeper look at the four elements of an argumentative essay and explain why they are important.
  • Counterclaims in Arguments: Learn why counterarguments are important. We also look at the main reason why you should include them in your essay.
  • Types of Arguments in an Essay: This guide explores the types of argumentative essays that your instructor may ask you to write.
  • Opposing Points of View: Do other people’s stance on an issue really matter? We investigate this issue in this guide.
  • Using First Person in an Argument: Should you or should you not? Read this guide to learn when and why you should use first person pronouns in an argument.
  • Revising an Argument: Looking beyond proofreading and grammatical errors. This guide explores the academic process you should use to revise your argumentative essay.

Once you know these things, it becomes easy for you to give your essay a proper structure and direction. You end up submitting a high quality paper, which has a logical flow of ideas.

How Argumentative Essay Compares with Other Essays 

There are a few types of essays that we can compare with argumentative essays, mostly because they tend to have similar elements that overlap. Here are some comparisons worth looking at.

By understanding the differences between these essays, it becomes easier for you to know what to write and how.

Exploring Essay Topics in an Argument

Working on an argument starts with picking a topic that falls within the subject that you would like to explore.

So we’ve put together hundreds of topic ideas across different categories to make topic selection easier. Below are the links.

We hope that these topics open up your mind to the endless possibilities of the topics you could explore in your argument.

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